Rutilated Quartz with Black Tourmaline: 7 Spiritual Benefits

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Rutilated Quartz With Black Tourmaline: 7 Spiritual Benefits

If you’re someone who’s into the fascinating world of crystals and spirituality then there’s no way you have not heard of the Rutilated Quartz.

This natural gemstone, carrying a combination of Rutile and Quartz, is often referred to as ‘Angel hair’.

So, staying true to that, the Rutilated Quartz is an angelic gemstone, shielding one against the world’s negativity in all aspects.

Today, the gemstone we’ll be putting the Rutilated Quartz together with is the equally magical Black Tourmaline.

However, we’ll be discussing their spiritual benefits in just a moment.

First, let’s find out whether the Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline can go together or not?

Can Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline go together?


To answer this, we will need to first understand the basics of both the gemstone’s properties and powers.

So, like we have established, the Rutilated Quartz is an angelic crystal and so is the Black Tourmaline.

Despite its rich dark black color and glass shard like edges, it is one of the most effective and powerful stones when it comes to fulfilling an individual’s protection.

This protection covers all the negative aspects in one’s life whether it’s mentally, physically or spiritually.

Therefore, since both the stones have roughly similar dynamics, it would be pretty safe to say that they definitely can go together.

This powerful combination must equip the person with a shield to block off all negative vibrations headed their way.

7 Benefits of using Rutilated Quartz with Black Tourmaline

Benefits of using Rutilated Quartz with Black Tourmaline
Rutilated Quartz

There are a plethora of reasons why you should definitely be using both these powerful gemstones together and, to your surprise, we haven’t even scratched the surface of their mind blowing spiritual benefits yet.

So, enough beating around the bush, now let’s get to the good stuff. Here are 7 spiritual benefits of using Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline together:

1) It’s an environmental cleanser

Both the gemstones combined make for an excellent environmental cleanse because of their insane negative energy absorption properties.

It helps clear auras contaminated with harm, destructive forces and can even help guide unwanted people away from where you reside.

Thus, keeping away all bad occurrences from the environment you’re present in.

2) Amplify your thoughts

The Rutilated Quartz is well known to help raise the amplification of energies from other stones, therefore, providing an excellent source of amplification for the Black Tourmaline emitting vibrations that may help aid with thinking more clearly and help improve your decision making abilities so that you can make better decisions much faster.

It helps the mind come to peace because of the clearance from unwanted thoughts and worries, resulting in you being more decisive in exactly what you want and do not want.

3) Turn negative thoughts into positive ones

Are you constantly having negative thoughts?

Whether it’s about work life, financial situation, family, relationships or future goals, negative thoughts creep into our lives no matter what and it’s a part of human nature.

However, since the Black Tourmaline’s properties are amplified by the Quartz, it can channel negative thoughts totally away from your life or completely transform them into positive ones.


With the right intention of use, this is one incredible power that these gemstones are capable of together.

4) Deal with phobias

Do you have overwhelming fears in life that obstruct your path and you might want to gain control over them?

The magical combination of Rutilated Quartz with Black Tourmaline can absolutely help one cope with the phobias they might have in life, whether they’re genetically present or have developed through past trauma, especially the ones linked to fear of dark and enclosed spaces.

The Black Tourmaline also may help you repel anxiety and keep you at peace even in stressful or triggering circumstances.

5) Keeps you well rooted

Harmoniously being a mix of the crown and earth chakras, both these gemstones combined provide you with a warm sense of security on this earth.

The security that allows you to embrace who you actually are, seek what you want to, walk your own path and be honest in every aspect of life.

This property is excellent for aligning you with your goals in life and makes you feel at comfort spiritually.

They will keep you present and centered to your reality, thereby staying true to their respective chakras.

6) Aids with sleep and nightmares

Are you someone who severely suffers with bad sleep because of chronic dreams and nightmares?

It is estimated that around 5-8% of the world’s adult population experiences nightmares on a daily basis.

However, Tourmalinated Quartz or just the combination of both Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline put together may help you put an end to your nightmare problems.

Like we have mentioned before, these gemstones protect against negative energies and putting them under a pillow before sleeping can actually help repel your nightmares as well.

7) Improve bonds and social life

Since both these gemstones and especially Rutilated Quartz clear negative auras, it can also allow you to experience drastic change in your bonds with people and your current social life whether it’s:

  • Maintaining friendships;
  • Love;
  • Family;
  • Relationships;
  • Or work life.

Since you’re free of all negativity, it will begin to draw more people towards you who feel safe and love being around you because of the curving past bad occurrences vibe that you give off.

Can you cleanse Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline together?

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

So, moving forward, we have already discussed how harmoniously both these stones work together for arming an individual with protective shields in all areas of life.

Since both Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline have similar dynamics, there’s definitely no reason as to why they cannot be cleansed together.

Now we’ll quickly be walking you through the care and maintenance of these gemstones because as you already know they absorb negative vibrations and frequencies, so cleansing them frequently is crucial to make sure their magical powers still remain.

However, be mindful that if you fail to cleanse, it might totally be possible that the gloom and evil they’ve sucked up from your path may begin to be emitted back at you.

So, since both Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline are pretty resistant gemstones, they can even withstand a rough cleanse compared to others that may rust or possibly begin to dissolve.

There are a few ways you can cleanse and recharge your crystals for improved performance.

Putting them under running water is one popular method and not only does it clean the dust and grime on the surface of the stone but water is also said to neutralize unwanted vibrations.

Nonetheless, soaking in salt overnight or leaving it beneath a full moon’s light works equally well.

How to use these two crystals together?

Rutilated Quartz
Rutilated Quartz

Since we’ve already established that both these crystals CAN be used together, now let’s talk through the how part.

But first, can two crystals be paired to make things worse?

Fortunately no, most crystal combinations and especially the Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline in this case would be a harmonious pairing.

Just keep in mind that crystals themselves do not intend to bring good or evil, instead they just have different frequencies, being both high or low.

Consequently, this particular combination of Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline is a peaceful and grounding one.

Just keep them together in a small box of yours, however, many people believe that their crystals shouldn’t be kept enclosed in a plastic one because it won’t allow the crystals to emit their frequencies properly.

Wooden bowls kept in the open is another viable option as it will allow for the stones to work their magic freely.

Many people also prefer keeping them at their work desks since it protects against negative energies vibrating off of your electronics or try putting them together in a small breathable mesh bag under your pillow to help you ward off bad dreams.

Final Words

Coming to a conclusion, both Rutilated Quartz and Black Tourmaline gemstones have astonishing spiritual powers.

Whether you’re going through a rough patch in your life or just in need of guidance and healing from the negativity in life, both these stones fulfill similar but unique purposes, consequently creating balance between your crown and earth chakra.

This raises one’s energy field deflecting unwanted external invasion and helping you feel more connected with the world as well as with yourself.

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