9 Black Obsidian Combinations: Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, etc

Rita Smith
9 Black Obsidian Combinations: Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, etc

Black obsidian is one of the most powerful crystals in the world. It has been used for thousands of years to enhance psychic abilities, increase healing power, and protect against negative energy.

Combining Black Obsidian with other crystals amplifies your ability to manifest what you want in life while also acting as an amplifier for other blessings like divine protection or healing energies.

How about some different fun combinations? Amethyst + obsidian creates a dark purple color that can help keep your mind focused on what matters most in life.

Garnet & black obsidian create a beautiful greenish hue, And citrine + black opal creates an orangey-yellow color which will have you feeling creative!

Can I combine Black Obsidian with other crystals?

Black obsidian

Black Obsidian is a powerful stone, but it also works well as a companion to other crystals.

Because of its unique properties and connections to the earth, combining black obsidian with other stones can help you get the most out of your healing experience.

Learn here how you can wear black obsidian on a bracelet.

Black Obsidian is said to be good for focus and concentration, which makes it great for meditation or yoga practice (as long as you don’t mind feeling like you’re being watched).

It’s also said that Black Obsidian helps us see through falsehoods that we might be holding onto; this allows us to let go of things that no longer serve us or are unimportant in our lives.

This makes Black Obsidian perfect for clearing negative energy from around yourself!

Why should I combine crystals?

Crystals combination

Combining crystals is a fun way to take advantage of each stone’s properties and energy.

You can combine them in different ways, depending on your intention. For example:

  • You can combine two stones with different colors or energy levels to create beautiful combinations:
    • Rose quartz and tourmaline (red/blue);
    • Black obsidian and bloodstone (black);
    • Blue kyanite and pink tourmaline (purple).
  • You can also combine two stones with similar properties but different colors by choosing one that’s predominantly white or clear instead of dark-colored ones, such as obsidian or onyx.

Using crystals combinations will bring out their full healing potential!

9 Best Black Obsidian Crystal Combinations

Black obsidian

Black Obsidian is one of the most powerful healing stones on earth.

It’s used in crystal healing to balance and clear your energy field, but it can also help you release negative emotions like anger and frustration.

It’s also important that you learn how to proprely charge and cleanse a black obsidian.

If you’re looking for a crystal combination that will help you overcome any obstacles in your life, look no further than this list!

1) Black Obsidian and Clear Quartz together

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Black Obsidian and Clear Quartz are a wonderful combination for any situation you may find yourself in.

These two stones have many qualities that can be used to help you during times of stress or anxiety, but they are also very helpful on their own.

Black Obsidian is a stone of protection and grounding, while Clear Quartz helps balance your energy field by bringing clarity into your life.

Together they help to clear negative energy, protect against psychic attacks and get you back to the center after being pushed too far out by illness or other traumatic events.

2) Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz together

Rose Quartz stone
Rose Quartz stone

Black obsidian and Rose Quartz are a great combination for those who want to work on clearing negative energy or for those who have been holding onto their emotions.

Black obsidian is known for its grounding qualities, while rose quartz helps you release them.

Together they help you focus on what matters most in your life, which can be very helpful if you’re trying to let go of something that’s been bothering you for too long.

Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz together are also known to work well with other crystals, such as Labradorite (red), Hematite (brown), and Malachite (green).

3) Black Obsidian and Amethyst together


Black Obsidian and Amethyst are powerful combinations that can help you release negative energy from your life.

Use them together to cleanse yourself and clear out stagnant energy, allowing you to be more open.

This crystal combination is also great for meditation and spiritual development, as they amplify each other’s energy frequencies.

4) Black Obsidian and Selenite together


When you combine Black Obsidian and Selenite, they help you achieve balance in your life.

They will ensure that your energy is flowing properly and that you can make good decisions.

These two stones can help you stay calm when faced with stress or pressure, allowing you to focus on what matters most in your life.

Black obsidian helps us stay grounded during stressful times by bringing order into our lives.

It also helps us deal with anxiety by clearing negative energy from our surroundings which can then be replaced by more positive energy generated through meditation or other forms of spiritual practice like prayer or yoga.

5) Black Obsidian and Fluorite together

Spiritual dangers of Fluorite

Black Obsidian and Fluorite are both stones that have a high vibration.

They both enhance the flow of energy, which makes them great for meditation or other activities where you want to clear your mind and focus on your goals.

Black Obsidian is one of my favorite crystals for enhancing intuition because it helps you more easily tune into your inner knowing.

It can also help decision-making when combined with other crystals or stones that amplify their effects (like smoky quartz).

Fluorite is fantastic at helping you see all sides of an issue before making a decision, especially if there are different perspectives involved.

Such as different groups within an organization or family members who disagree on something important but need each other’s input before reaching any conclusions about how best move forward together as a group.

6) Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline together

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are two of the most popular stones. They work in perfect harmony, which can be seen by the fact that they’re both black (the color of obsidian).

They both have a high vibration and can help you transform negative energies into something positive.

Black Tourmaline helps you release negativity from within yourself, while Black Obsidian grounds you so you can stay centered on what matters most—yourself!

You’ll feel calmer, more balanced, and more focused once these two crystals have been added to your life.

Using them together is simple: put one around each wrist or neck area where there might be tension or stress for it to dissolve away naturally over time as part of daily practice until it becomes second nature for us all!

7) Black Obsidian and Bloodstone together


Black Obsidian and Bloodstone are a powerful combination regarding healing, protection, and spiritual growth.

The two stones have different properties that complement one another.

They each have their unique healing properties, but they can also amplify the other stone’s powers if used together.

You can use this combination in your spiritual work or as an amulet. It works especially well near the body’s energy points (chakras).

8) Black Obsidian and Citrine together

Citrine crystal

Black Obsidian and Citrine are a great pair for those who want to balance their crystal collection’s masculine and feminine energy. They work together to release negative energy, so you can use them as protection when you need them most.

Black Obsidian is often used in healing circles, as it has been known to help with issues such as:

  • PTSD/trauma (in addition to its ability to clear negative thought patterns);
  • Depression (it can also help people who suffer from self-doubt).

9) Black Obsidian and Tiger’s Eye together

Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye

Black Obsidian and Tiger’s Eye work together to help you achieve balance in your life.

Black Obsidian is a stone that helps you gain clarity while also helping to calm the mind and body. Tiger’s Eye brings added energy, which can be very helpful when trying to find balance in your life.

Together, these stones create an excellent combination for people who want more focus on their goals or activities.

What is the best Black Obsidian combination?

Using Black Obsidian

A Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz combination is your best bet. It’s a great pairing because of their many positive effects on each other.

You can also check here for more obsidian combinations.

Here are my favorite combinations and why I believe they work so well together:

  • Rose Quartz: known for its soothing, healing properties that can help balance one’s emotions and bring calmness to mind. This makes it a perfect companion for Black Obsidian, which helps balance your energy field (the aura).
  • Black Tourmaline: known for its protective qualities, so when you pair them up with Black Obsidian, you can expect an increase in protection from negative energies that may try to affect either of these stones during use or after wearing them for some time!

Can I combine Black Obsidian with other crystals?

Black obsdian and rose quartz

Yes, you can combine Black Obsidian with other crystals.

You may want to do this to enhance the properties of your Black Obsidian and make it more effective for healing or protection from negative energy

The best combinations include: rose quartz, tourmaline, and selenite.

Final Words

Black Obsidian is a beautiful crystal that can have many different meanings depending on what it’s paired with. You might wonder which of these combinations would work best for you, especially if you don’t know much about crystals or stones!

This list shows some of the most popular varieties so you can decide which would make sense for your life path. The final word here is that Black Obsidian is a powerful protector and cleanser, but it can also be combined with other crystals to cleanse and protect your aura.

The best way to use this stone would be by placing it in a pouch or drawstring bag (which you can find at most metaphysical stores), then carrying it around wherever you go.

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