What Does Purple Mean on a Mood Ring? 9 Meanings

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What Does Purple Mean on a Mood Ring? 9 Meanings

Purple is a color that can have many different meanings. It has been described as the best color for a mood ring because it contains so many different shades.

The meaning changes depending on the shade and how dark or light it is. It can be used to represent love, intelligence, peace, and others.

It’s also a royal color. If you are wearing purple today, what does your mood ring say about your current state?

  • A lavender or pale-lilac hue means that you may feel good and relaxed.
  • A soft, rosy-purple shade indicates contentment.
  • A bright, deep-purple shade might mean frustration with yourself.

Purple color in a mood ring could show one’s mood change from good to bad or vice versa.

For instance, if a person was feeling content and their purple tint began turning pinkish red, then this could indicate that their feelings of happiness were fading away quickly.

What is a mood ring?

Mood ring

A mood ring is a type of jewelry that changes colors based on the wearer’s body temperature and hence, their mood.

It consists of two stones in a gold-colored metal band and can be worn on either the index finger or the middle finger.

Jeweler Joel Pasha created the original mood ring in 1973 to monitor his daughter’s changing emotions.

It wasn’t until 1979 when it became popularized as a fashion accessory when toy maker Tomland contracted with Quinton International to distribute them

A true mood ring will turn green if the wearer’s pulse rate is normal, and it will turn black if it exceeds 140 beats per minute. 

Purple shades are usually calm or happy, while red shades are angry or sad. For example, bright purple is often seen as a peaceful color.

If someone wants to find out what someone else’s mood might be at any given moment, they should look at their hand and see what color of the stone is there.

My mood ring is purple right now; it’s a bad sign?

Purple mood ring

It can be tough to know what your mood ring color means! Here are the nine meanings for purple in a mood ring.

Purple is the color of tranquility and spirituality.

If you are feeling a lot of stress, take some time out.

Purple can also indicate that you have an idea in mind but don’t know where it will lead or that you need to make a decision.

You might not even understand how you feel about this issue. It could mean you’re trying hard to suppress a thought because it’s not worth thinking about.

What does purple mean on a mood ring?

What does purple mean on a mood ring?

Purple is the color that signifies love on a mood ring. This can be interpreted in many ways, such as love for yourself or others.

Purple also represents wisdom and spirituality. It is also associated with health, healing, and a sense of purpose. 

This color has been associated with royalty for centuries due to its ties to kings and queens. 

Purple is often linked to romance because it’s usually found in flowers like lilacs.

Dark purple:

Dark purple can signify that you are feeling torn.

One part of you wants to do one thing, and another tells you to do the opposite.

This color can also mean that you are feeling defeated or could feel hopeless shortly.

If this color appears when your mood ring is at its coldest, it can mean that someone has been talking about you behind your back, and it’s taking a toll on your mental health.

Light Purple:

Light purple means you are feeling tranquil and calm. You are in the mood for a deep conversation or a quiet night at home watching a movie.

Light purple can also mean you need time to relax and recharge.

You may feel drained from all the hustle and bustle around you. It’s important to take time for yourself every day to keep your energy levels high!

9 Meanings of purple color in a mood ring

Light purple mood ring

A mood ring color chart that explains the many shades of purple and their meanings in mood rings.

Purple is one of the most diverse colors in the entire rainbow, which means that no two mood rings with purple on them will ever be exactly the same.

Which type of purple your mood ring turns depends on how happy you are, and no one’s happiness can be boiled down to any one thing.

For this reason, the meanings of purple in a mood ring can often differ depending on the person wearing it – and even depending on what they’re wearing it over!

1) Royalty

Purple is a color that often represents royalty, and for a good reason.

This deep, dark shade has an air of distinction, making it the perfect color for weddings, graduation parties, or any other formal event.

It’s also a color that signifies wisdom and spirituality.

2) Power

Purple is a color that can be used to show feelings of power, control, and dignity.

It can also be used to show emotions of responsibility and contentment.

The color purple has various meanings depending on what shade it is.

3) Luxury

The mood ring colors are one of many things that determine your mood.

How you dress, what you eat, and who you surround yourself with all play a role. Your mood rings can help you to see how your surroundings affect your mood.

They are also a great way to see if people around you are telling the truth about their feelings.

If someone says they are happy, but their mood ring is purple or red, they might be lying or feeling unhappy for some reason, even though they don’t want to admit it.

You could be, too, when you’re just trying to make other people feel better.

4) Creativity

Purple is the color of creativity. When you’re feeling stressed and need a break, take some time to sit down and brainstorm new ideas or sketch something. You’ll feel refreshed when you’re done! 

Purple is also associated with spirituality – when things are going wrong, it may be time to meditate on what you want your life to be like.

You may need to ask the right questions.

5) Wisdom

Purple is often associated with royalty, creativity, and spirituality.

People feeling sad might be drawn to the color because they see it as calming.

Individuals feeling anxious may find purple uplifting because it is seen as a color that contains nerves and provides peace. 

Individuals feeling stressed may use purple to help them focus on the tasks at hand or to distract themselves from the things that cause stress.

6) Dignity

Purple is the color of dignity.

It symbolizes wisdom, protection, and spirituality.

It is a good color to wear when you want to project a feeling of stability, security, and balance.

People wearing purple might be dignified, wise, or spiritual.

7) Independence

Independence is the most commonly associated mood ring color with purple.

It symbolizes a need for solitude, introspection, and self-reliance.

Independence is one of the colors with no negative meanings, so it’s often seen as a positive color.

8) Magic

Magic is a word that resonates with most people. It’s the idea that anything is possible, and as you grow older and wiser, you see just how true this is.

You start to realize that so many things in life seem impossible, but with just the right amount of faith, they can become possible.

Purple has often been associated with magic because it symbolizes creativity and spirit.

9) Spirituality

Purple is the color of spirituality and provides spiritual enlightenment.

When you feel spiritually drained, wear a purple mood ring to lift your spirits.

Heavy metal fans like wearing a purple mood ring because it represents the song Purple Rain by Prince, which was written about an old friend that had passed away from AIDS.  

Artists like Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh, fascinated with this deep hue, also used purples as their favorite colors to express creativity and individuality.

What does it mean when a mood ring turns purple in 3 seconds?

Mood ring changing color

When a mood ring turns purple, it can mean that the individual feels happy or excited.

The hue can also signify a sense of insecurity or a lack of self-confidence. It could also indicate that someone is feeling sad or depressed.

When worn on the middle finger, purple can signify sexual arousal and interest in intimacy.

On the other hand, worn on the pinky can represent feelings of sadness and emptiness. If it appears as part of an argyle pattern, then this color might signal high levels of creativity.

If there are two colors next to each other – red and purple – then this might be interpreted as an indication that the wearer has intense feelings for someone else.

Is purple a good color in a mood ring?

Positive colors in rings

Purple is the color of royalty and luxury, two luxuries that are hard to come by these days.

As such, it’s not surprising that purple is one of the most popular colors in mood rings.

However, many people need to learn what the different moods mean when they see a ring with purple in it.

Let’s look at some meanings to help you better understand what your mood ring might be telling you.

Purple is also often associated with love and spirituality, so it may tell you that you feel romantic or spiritual.

It can also indicate a sense of introspection or self-awareness on your part.

Final Words

A mood ring is a type of horoscope, which means the rings can be used to tell the wearer about their future.

Generally, mood rings are made out of a special thermochromic liquid crystal that changes color depending on the person’s body temperature.

After such a heat-induced color change, it will reflect the wearer’s emotional state. The following are nine meanings associated with purple in a mood ring based on interpretations by jewelry sellers and customers.

Faithfulness/Integrity/Sincerity: If you’re wearing purple for no particular reason, you should think about what these three words mean because they could represent one of them! If not, consider getting something else in place of this shade.

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