13 Dark Green Crystal Names: Gemstones Images

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13 Dark Green Crystal Names: Gemstones Images

Are you looking for dark green crystals? Maybe you like this specific color or want to use them as a fashion accessory. Don’t worry, we got you!

Even though crystals are becoming more and more famous nowadays, they have been used for many centuries. I don’t think that anyone today can still say that crystals don’t work.

They have proven to help us improve our lives overall. From healing health issues to helping us attract positivity into our lives, they will help you in so many ways that you don’t even know.

Let’s now take a look at these 13 powerful dark green crystals and why which one is so unique.

13 Powerful Dark Green Crystal Names and Properties 

Dark Green Crystal Names and Properties

Dark Green crystals are often associated with nature, healing, growth, abundance and balance.

Most green crystals are tied to the heart chakra with the added benefit of dark green crystals holding and harnessing the metaphysical properties of their light counterparts as well as their own.

In this article below, we will explore 13 different well-known, powerful, dark green crystals and their properties.

But, let’s also see how they can benefit and affect your life spiritually, physically and emotionally. 

1) Jade

green jade

Jade in shades of green is a crystal of health, luck and abundance.

With its element being Earth and chakra being the Heart it is a powerful stone for healing your heart and uplifting your energies.

t carries powerful harmonious and prosperous energies and is great for every day use. 

Spiritually, it is known to be a lucky crystal great for manifestation and tapping into the abundance frequency. 

Jade is good for healing and strengthening bodily systems (lymphatic, immune, reproductive, nervous).

Green Nephrite Jade is great for physically healing heart related ailments. Whereas Jadeite is great for the regeneration of tissues, high blood pressure as well as post-operative healing.  

Also, it is great for emotional healing and will encourage you to enjoy and appreciate the small things in life. 

2) Malachite


Malachite is a powerful protective stone, known to transfer and ground both positive (overwhelming) and negative energy into the earth

Also known as the “Midwife Stone”, it is great for female reproductive related problems such as cramps, painful labor and menstruation.

Will provide strength and vitality throughout physical healing.

Spiritually, it will help you enhance your intuitive and insightful abilities. Encourages spiritual growth by highlighting anything stopping you from achieving your destiny.

Malachite is a stone of transformation that will help you facilitate deep emotional healing.

It is also a great crystal for helping you express and embrace your creative side, while also helping you break ties and release negative emotional patterns. 

3) Bloodstone


Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a great stone of purification and courage.

As its name suggests it is a powerful healer and cleanser and will dispel negative energy or influences from around you. 

Spiritually, it is a great energy cleanser and will assist anyone going through a spiritual awakening by helping you overcome any related challenges or blockages. 

This stone is amazing when it comes to healing blood related issues and ailments. It is also great for releasing toxins and assisting organ health. 

Emotionally, it will help you stay centered and calm when you encounter obstacles. Perfect for those with an aggressive or stressful nature

4) Emerald


Emerald is known to be a stone of successful love and growth

Is a powerful stone for shifting one’s consciousness towards healing and prosperity. It also helps you connect to divine energies and spiritual beings

Physically, it’s a great crystal for balance and growth. It will help you improve the function of many organs such as kidneys, livers, eyes, and heart.

It is said to have antiseptic qualities and abilities and the ability to help those struggling with their memory

Emerald, helps you to embrace your more nurturing, compassionate side. Is great for those who need help calming their temper. It will enhance your need and ability to truly live life to the full. 

5) Moldavite


Moldavite is a form of Green Tektite, formed when a meteorite impacts Earth. Because of this, it is believed to have extremely powerful spiritual and extraterrestrial origins.

It is an extremely rare stone! And is coveted by many.

But, I would suggest not forcing it to come into your life. It is known to be extremely overwhelming and can either devastate or positively impact your life.

Moldavite increases your intuition. Will help facilitate your connection to your guides while providing awareness and intense spiritual experiences. 

It is an activation stone, so do not use it if you are not already balanced and healthy. It also promotes deep, intense (sometimes painful) emotional healing. It will surface any suppressed feelings or emotions.

Also check here some crystals similar to Moldavite.

6) Dark Green Aventurine

green aventurine

Dark green aventurine is a very positive crystal of prosperity, luck and healing

It is perfect for those who are looking to develop and deepen their own spirituality and spiritual awareness.

If you find yourself losing focus on your journey, through meditation or prayer then this is the crystal for you!

But, it will also help strengthen your organs by promoting their proper function. Its energy will flow through your physical body and pin point the organs that are not happy and healthy.

This stone is a very uplifting crystal and will help those strugglin with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and many more mental health related issues. 

7) Aegirine


Aegirine is a great crystal that will help you work with and align all of your chakras.

If there is any stagnant, harmful or negative energies within or around you then it will help clear and remove them. 

It wards off psychic attacks. Aids in spiritual journeys towards enlightenment. Is great for karmic understanding (see and understand universal lessons). 

Physically, it helps the body process and eliminates any toxins. But, it is also great for increased energy. It also protects from EMF radiation. 

Aegirine also enhances your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, by destroying negative thought patterns and overcoming any self-doubt. 

8) Amazonite

amazonite green edited

Amazonite is known as the stone of ‘truth’. It will help facilitate open, positive communication. Known to open the third eye and increase your intuition.

It is also great for balancing your feminine and masculine energies. 

Amazonite will assist you with connecting to higher energies, knowledge and truths. It will align your physical body with your spiritual one

It also helps to clear energy from the nervous system. Through an elixir, you can use it to rectify calcium related issues. 

Emotionally, it’s a great “feel better” stone as it is very calming and soothing.

9) Green Tourmaline (Verdelite)

Green Tourmaline

A beautiful dark green version of Tourmaline is one of the most prolific stones for self-healing and visualization. It also carries the powerful unique ability to help grow and heal plant life

Spiritually, it is the ideal stone for those looking to work with, learn from and channel from nature. 

Also, it stimulates cell functions and reproduction. Is great for your eyes, heart, thymus, and immune system. It can even aid in weight loss. 

Green Tourmaline, will help ease and quiet your mind by reducing the frequency of emotional flare-ups and panic attacks. Overall, it is great for your emotional well-being. 

10) Gaia Stone

Gaia Stone

Gaia Stone aka Green Obsidian, is one of those crystals that harmonizes and balances all of your chakras. Also known as the crystal of Mother Earth and will help you connect with its energy and the divine. 

It is believed to help bring forth prosperity in one’s life and is great for developing psychic abilities (particularly clairvoyance and telepathy).

Some people also use it as a tool for recalling memories and past life experiences. 

If you place it on your third eye, it helps relieve pain and reduce migraines. While, at the same time, healing past traumas by breaking negative emotional ties and bonds. 

11) Garnet (Uvarovite)

Uvarovite garnet

If you are struggling with feeling insufficient and lonely, then Garnet is the crystal for you. It is a powerful emotional tool for clearing away self-doubt and feeling like you are not enough

Spiritually, it will help you open and receive messages and paths from the universe.

But, it will also aid you in facilitating and developing spiritual relationships and connections (think soulmates bonds and twin flames)  

Garnet is also good for heart and lung related conditions, promoting health in both. It is known to physically strengthen the heart

Emotionally, it is a very calm and peaceful stone that will help you heal emotional wounds. 

12) Chrysoprase


Chrysoprase energizes your heart chakra and is a great stone of prosperity and the promotion of love

This stone will induce powerful meditative states by bringing light and universal energy into your life and physical self. 

Physically, it has strong detoxifying capabilities (is said to remove heavy metals from the body). Helps with general health and recuperation from illness. Is also said to enhance fertility. 

But, this sone is much wanted because it helps you heal your inner child.

It is a great stone for balancing your emotions, peaceful sleep, healing and overcoming fear-based emotions and will bring light into your shadow self. 

13) Kambaba Jasper 

Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper is a beautiful stone that promotes emotional balance and spiritual awareness.

But, in general, it is known to be a very warm and calming stone. If you are looking for harmony within yourself hold this stone and feel its powers almost instantly. 

Nebula Stone is known to activate psychic abilities and enhance one’s awareness and intuition. 

While physically, it is known for purifying the physical bodyit promotes healing on a cellular level. It is also great for breaking chemically addictive patterns and behaviors.

This is also a very grounding stone that promotes feelings of safety, support and encouragement in order to aid in one’s emotional growth. 

Are there other dark green crystals?


Yes, of course! There are so many other, lesser-known dark green crystals and gemstones and more that are being discovered every single day.

Below are 3 more powerful, dark green crystals that you may not have heard of:

1) Prehnite 


Prehnite is a great crystal for those who are restless or nervous.

It will help you let go and be able to release and receive information and emotions that will help you on your emotional journey. While also promoting forgiveness.

Spiritually, it is a great stone for connecting you to the universe and helping you trust in your own abilities.

Use it to help offer a more reflective and calm mindset in order to solve problems.

Physically, it will help you release toxins from your body and will help balance your circulatory system. It is said to carry the harmonious energy of “feng-shui”.

2) Wavellite

Wavellite: Wikipedia

Wavellite is said to have a calming and soothing energy that can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

If you are someone who struggles with making choices and decision-making then this is a great crystal for you. It is also said to increase intuitive and psychic abilities.

It will help you connect with your inner wisdom and gain insight about the world around you.

As a creative person, it will help you with your ideas, express yourself easier and boost your imagination. Physically, it will help you preserve good health

3) Chrysoberyl

Green Chrysoberyl

Dark green Chrysoberyl is an extremely rare crystal that can sometimes be known as “cat’s eye”.

it is known to stimulate the heart chakra and promote a relationship and connection with divine energies. If you are someone who is looking for insights into higher perspectives then this crystal is your you.

It is said to help you with clarity, focus, and the ability to redirect and refocus one’s energy. Physically, it can help improve and aid the function of your heart and circulatory systems. It will also help boost your immune system!

Once you have found the one for you, know that you can use them and explore their abilities in so many different ways

  • Meditation;
  • Plant growth;
  • As jewelry;
  • In your environment;
  • Elixirs (be sure that the crystal isn’t harmful of toxic for you when ingested).

Final Words

Based on the individual properties and abilities of the crystals on the list above, we can see that dark green crystals are the perfect crystals for those undergoing emotional, physical and/or spiritual transformations and changes.

Particularly when it comes to matters attuned to the heart and the heart chakra.

But, while their physical presence and appearance may not feel as powerful as others at first trust and believe that they are extremely powerful.

Maybe you just need to be honest about your mental state, wants and needs when working with these crystals.

This article provided only a few of the many wonderful and powerful dark green crystals out there. Remember that when choosing a crystal physical connection, knowledge, history and research play an important role.

At the end of the day, choose the ones that feel right for you.

Before you leave, also check here some light blue crystal names and images.

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