7 Crystals Similar to Moldavite (More and less Intense)

Rita Smith
7 Crystals Similar to Moldavite (More or less Intense)

Whether you’re a greenhorn to the world of crystals, or you’ve been around crystals for years, moldavite is a crystal you want to pay attention to.

They’re a rare form of Tektite. Tektites are natural meteoric glasses of some sort.

Their combination with minerals where they hit the earth eons of years ago, is what gives them high energy that can be deployed for healing and other purposes. Moldavite is the rarest of the tektites. 

Their deep green color also makes them unique, unlike other tektites. It’s known for its steep frequency and intense vibrations.

In the past few decades, Moldavite has gained massive popularity and this only contributes to its rareness

Moldavites are used for transformation, self-discipline, self-discovery, good luck, divine connection, improved mental health, depression, etc.

In this article, we’ll tell you 7 crystals similar to Moldavite that are almost as intense as this stone.

Why should I try some alternatives to Moldavite?

bunch of crystals

As immense as the properties of moldavites are, their rarity is also intense. One can almost get frustrated trying to own a moldavite. 

A downside to its rareness is that it causes an increase in its price from time to time. And since the demand for it isn’t reducing, the price will most likely continue to rise.

This has made several people look out for alternatives to Moldavite.

They look for crystals or stones that can also possess the properties that Moldavite possesses. And this has proven to be capable of sufficing for the rareness of Moldavite. 

Several people have also claimed that they needed an alternative because of the high frequency and intense vibrations they feel anytime they hold the Moldavite in their hands.

Some claimed that they felt a burning sensation in their palms as they held the Moldavite, and others just became too energetic and restless as a result of the energy overload. 

Also, due to the rare nature of Moldavite and its high price as a result of its rarity, there are several fakes around that some people are parading as Moldavite.

Imagine getting something that’s rare at a very steep price and yet it’s a fake. It’s not a pleasant thing. 

Any of these reasons is good enough a reason to want to try some alternatives to Moldavite.  

Is Moldavite Intense?


I believe I’ve answered this under the previous heading. 

Yes, moldavite is very intense. This crystal could be too intense for even the few folks who can get it.

So, rather than expose themselves to the vibrations of moldavite, they go for the alternatives

People have felt a burning sensation on their palms as they held moldavite. Some have felt a tingling sensation, this is for those whose chakras are strong enough already to be able to accommodate moldavite.

And there are just a few people with chakras strong enough to handle the mighty energy of moldavite.

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7 Crystals Similar to Moldavite: Excellent alternatives 

7 Crystals Similar to Moldavite

Having seen the excellent qualities that moldavite has. Having seen what it has to offer in terms of energy, healing, and transformative properties.

You’d agree with me that it’s a must-have crystal

If one wouldn’t own moldavite for one reason or the other, then one should get alternatives. Some even go as far as combining two different crystals to be able to effectively function in place of moldavite. 

Below are seven crystals that can be used as alternatives to Moldavite:

1) Malachite

Like moldavite, malachite also has a profound shade of green pigmentation. Several crystal healers would suggest Malachite in place for Moldavite without blinking an eye

Both Moldavite and Malachite are connected to the heart chakra. Malachite is also great to wear daily for physical and psychic protection.  

Malachite is deeply transformative. It helps you to get rid of negative things from you and helps you become a better person altogether.

It serves as a detox for negative energies around and within you, hence speeding up your growth. It can trigger big changes in your life. 

Malachite also has some healing properties that one would find also in Moldavite like rapid healing, removal of toxic energies, replenishment of inner strength, boosting confidence, and consequently helping you to embrace change

2) Aurelite

One of the properties of Moldavite is that it facilitates divine connection and psychic connection.

Aurelite is a good alternative in this regard. It improves your strength of intuition and sponsors the development of good character. 

Aurelite is a crystal that possesses an energy that can serve as a connecting bridge between you and the psychic and divine realm. This instills calmness and confidence into your life. 

Aurelite is also known to work with the paper chakras, causing stability in thoughts. Hence, it sponsors controlled emotions, you won’t have unnecessary outbursts of any kind of emotion

This saves you from saying the wrong things and offending people

Like Moldavite, this crystal helps eject any form of toxic energy and hurts in your heart, like hatred, unforgiveness, and pain. Therefore, there’s hardly any better way to get a deep reflection on the past. 

3) Labradorite

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral, a transformative crystal. Just like Moldavite, it aids transformation and change for people.

It helps to navigate through changing times with ease and hope. 

Just like Moldavite, it helps in self-discovery, it helps you as you steadily transform into your true self.

It gives you the courage to weather the storm that comes with change and new horizons. 

It also increases your awareness of divine connection, clears up worries and anxiety, inspires your imaginative powers, and steadies your moods. 

4) Amethyst 

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals in the world. Amethyst enhances psychic abilities just like Moldavite.

It helps you not to have horrible nightmares, as it expels every dark energy around and within you. It’s a great crystal that facilitates emotional healing. It dispels anxiety, worry, and grief. 

Amethyst can be found in large quantities in Africa and South America. Seeing it’s more available than Moldavite, it’s relatively cheap and affordable to people, unlike the Moldavite crystal.

5) Blue-green Kyanite 

Kyanite mostly exists in blue and black shades. However, varieties of blue-green kyanite look a lot like Moldavite, not just in physical appearance but also in properties and energies. 

Kyanite is also a high-vibration crystal, not as intense as Moldavite though.

It’s also connected to the heart chakra. It helps clear and align your energy channels such that there’s no hindrance to the flow of energy in your body. 

It also gets rid of toxic attachments, and you get spiritual clarity as a result of this. 

6) Lapis lazuli 

Lapis lazuli is a stone that fosters relationships on different levels, it promotes calm and good energy in friendships.

It can help lift the mood of people around you, especially those in our close circle. 

In the workspace, this crystal draws in favor, promotion, and success

Lapis lazuli, just like Moldavite, is very desirable. A lot of people want to have it. It’s a crystal that symbolizes royalty, honor, wisdom, and truth. 

It encourages self-reflection, and it makes you more aware of your inner truths, just like Moldavite. It prompts you to confront issues and seek your true self. 

7) Lemurian Quartz  

Lemurian Quartz crystals are popular in the world of crystals as the Master healer.

It is connected to all the chakras and all zodiac signs

These crystals like moldavite can help you with attaining inner peace and connecting with the Divine. They assist you in connecting with your soul’s essence and vitality.

It’s a crystal that’s symbolic of angelic presence

With the right knowledge, these crystals just like Moldavite can be effectively used to clear out toxic energies around you. It helps people overcome spiritual solitude and deep-seated sadness. 

This crystal helps us to become one with the earth as well as with ourselves.

I believe you will love this article with the differences between crystals and gemstones.

What is the best crystal like moldavites but less intense?

amethyst stone

The major reason why you’re considering alternatives to moldavite is because of the intensity of the vibrations of moldavite.

Then below is a list of crystals whose vibrations are lesser than that of Moldavite:

  • Amethyst;
  • Blue-green Kyanite;
  • Malachite;
  • Labradorite;
  • Selenite.

Any of these crystals are less intense than Moldavite. You can use them and enjoy their properties. 

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Can I use more than one alternative from this list?

pink coral blue crystals

Yes, you can. However, it’s not advisable to combine two of them at the same time.

Seeing that the vibrations that they’d emit would eventually be equal or even more to that of Moldavite. 

So, you can use different alternatives at different times, just be careful when you want to use two or more together and be sensitive to your body’s reactions so you can be on top of the situation. 

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Final Words

To put it succinctly, Moldavite is one of the most powerful crystals that helps with the awakening of lives, healing of the body, and transformation too.  

However, they’re the rarest of the crystals you’d find around. They’re also soft and are thereby not durable to easily make into things. 

It’s therefore wise to use moldavite alternatives.

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