17 Crystals for Releasing and Letting Go (They Really Work!) 

Jorge Silva
17 Crystals for Releasing and Letting Go (They Really Work!) 

When we are going about our daily lives, living and loving and working towards our own personal successes, we may hear the phrase “let it go.”

This phrase is a small phrase with big intentions and big meaning. Letting go or letting “it” go is an important skill that every single one of us can develop. But how?

It will always involve working through trauma and pain. You can and will connect with your guides and angels during this process, whether you realize that is happening or not.

There are many tools that can help you to release something back into the Universe when it is no longer serving you. Enter the world of crystal healing.

This world is one where you can hold something tangible in your hand in order to work with the non-tangible things that are vexing you.

Use this guide detailing the 17 best crystals for releasing and letting go when you need to free yourself of the pain and trauma in this lifetime. 

5 Best Crystals for Releasing 

Spiritual benefits of using Rose and Clear quartz together

When you think of releasing things in your life, you are making the decision to rid yourself of something that is no longer serving you.

It may be something that never did, and you are just coming to this realization. Or, it may be something or someone that once had a place in your life and now needs to be released.

This is like spiritual trash cleaning. Put it all in a trash bag and send it back into the Universe to be managed appropriately by higher sources that can do this for you

Use these 5 crystals to get there.

1) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz and other crystals

Clear quartz is the master of all releasing tools in the world of crystal healing. It is even called a Master Healer.

Quartz stones have a way of removing negative energy in your homes, vehicles, lives, and even around your technology.

When you use clear quartz for release, you will find you have more patience, fewer emotional blockages, and a cleansing of the soul that confirms you have released what you need to succeed.

2) Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a stone that purifies in its own way. This stone will absorb negative energy and provide protection while it does that.

You will find more peace and less anxiety when you add black tourmaline to your collection. This is a grounding stone that also helps you to feel more confident about big decisions.

Before you use this stone, read the Black Tourmaline side effects.

3) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

This is one of the most exciting stones you can add to your crystal healing garden.

This is a stone of wisdom and one that will help you to harness the answers you need in your life.

Become more creative, release negative emotions that are weighing you down, and protect yourself from negative energy with the lapis lazuli stone.

With excess trauma in our lives, we need to learn how to take more control of every decision. That can be accomplished with the lapis lazuli.

Before you use this stone, read the Lapis Lazuli side effects.

4) Carnelian

carnelian stone

Carnelian is an orange stone that corresponds with the orange sacral chakra.

This is our chakra that promotes and strengthens confidence or tells us when we are feeling powerless and afraid.

The carnelian stone helps you to restore the inner gifts that you need to restore in order to feel motivated and empowered in your life.

When you have energy blockages that you want to release, the carnelian can help. This stone will also help you to have more fun in your life, which is an important step in gaining more confidence. 

5) Cordierite


Cordierite is a gentle stone that brings with it wisdom and guidance.

With this wisdom, you will have more hope in your soul and in your daily life. Hope is an important component of releasing negative things in our lives.

When you feel hopeful, you are not as focused on trauma as you are in those times when you are not so hopeful.

This is a strengthening stone that helps to show you the light at the end of the tunnel, and the light beyond the tunnel.

With hope, you can leave negative things behind you and move forward. 

5 Best crystals for letting go of the past 

Using Black Obsidian

Whether we realize it or not, the past weighs us down. We all try to work through the most negative events in our lives or leave them in the past.

Sometimes we prefer to forget them entirely. If we have not resolved these issues within ourselves, and truly released them into the Universe, we will always suffer trauma from them.

Forgiveness of Self and others is key here, and also very difficult. Try any of these 5 crystals that can help

1) Black Obsidian 

Black obsidian

The black obsidian is a stone that cleanses your aura and helps you to stay grounded. The past is an extremely painful thing to deal with for most people.

We are all humans and have all made mistakes, or been hurt.

The black obsidian helps you to move past those mistakes and hurt by grounding yourself in the now and the joys you have created in your life in the present.

Read the side effects of using Black Obsidian.

2) Pink Calcite  

Pink Calcite

Pink calcite is infamous for helping you to process emotions.

We hear that phrase all the time and may even use it ourselves, “I just need to process this. Pink calcite can help you to do that.

This stone will help you to bring emotions to the surface and let them go in a healthy way. The end result is more peace in your life, and a more positive energy flow. 

3) Aquamarine   


The aquamarine is a healing crystal that helps you to let go of past pain.

This stone is known for helping you to strengthen your inner reserves of courage and helping you to move on. You will find a sense of calm and peace when you use this stone.

That peace and sense of calm gives you the strength to say no to the old memories that are hurting you today.

This stone is also connected to the throat chakra which can help you to be more authentic in expressing your “no” and letting go.

4) Morganite   


Morganite is among the more gentle crystals and helps to support you and warm your energy flow.

This stone helps to bring more healing and compassion in your life, and you will feel it within first.

You need to forgive yourself and your role in certain situations before you can move on.

Morganite helps you to release attachments that are weighing you down so that you can tap into that natural resource of forgiveness that we all have. 

5) Smoky Quartz   

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a stone that helps you to stay in the present. This is a powerful healing stone that will help you to release or neutralize negativity within you.

This stone also helps you to be more honest with yourself, but in a compassionate way that does not create more trauma. 

7 Best crystals for getting over someone 

The spiritual powers of Rose Quartz

You know what they say, breaking up is hard to do. The world of crystal healing can help you tremendously here. These 7 crystals will help you to let go and release unresolved feelings and pain after a breakup:

1) Rose Quartz   

Rose quartz stone

The rose quartz stone is one where you can experience emotional healing, and also attract more love into your life at the same time.

Rose quartz is renowned for healing and heart work, and helps you to love yourself.

When you love your self, you become more attractive to others instantly. This can help you to experience much more comfort after a loss of love.

2) Apache Tears   

black obsidian onyx

Apache tears is a crystal stone that helps you grieve a lost relationship effectively.

This stone is good for any kind of grief, but can help you to understand the loss you are experiencing now, and how to stay present.

When you are using Apache Tears, you can find that anger and resentment are feelings that come to you more slowly than usual.

Use this stone to prevent yourself from holding back from being your best possible self.

We lose ourselves in relationships, and this will help you to find yourself again, an important component of breaking up with someone. 

3) Amethyst   

Two amethyst crystals

Amethyst is a stone that helps you to find your inner wisdom. This is a stone that helps you to connect with your spirit guides and angels.

With amethyst come answers and perspective. We all have questions after a breakup.

This stone will help you to find the answers in a way that is compassionate and peaceful.

Is your Amethyst turning white and clear? Read this article.

4) Malachite   


One of the most difficult things about every breakup is that we are left with so many questions. We want to know why and how and what is next.

The malachite stone answers the question of “what is next”.

This stone helps to keep you grounded, but it also helps you to see the hope in the future.

Malachite could be dangerous, read this article with the side effects.

5) Rainbow Moonstone    

Blue Moonstone
Blue Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is a beautifully colored rock that brings your intuition within reach.

We are no longer simply wondering what has happened within our relationship. When we use rainbow moonstones, our hearts and our intuition guide us gently to the answers.

This stone is most beneficial for helping you to find the next step, whatever that may be. 

6) Orange Calcite 

orange calcite

Orange calcite is a happy stone. This stone helps you to find your inner child, play or have fun more, and be more confident in your life.

This stone is one that will help you to find your own inner healing from the loss of a relationship by having more fun.

This is a “girl’s night out” kind of energy or a “night with the guys.”

The importance of these events is that they help you to remember that you can still have fun in your life without another person that is now gone. 

7) Chrysoprase 


Chrysoprase is a healing stone that can help you to feel more love.

After a breakup or loss in a relationship, it can be very difficult to find the energy you need to just move on every day.

Putting one step in front of the other feels difficult. Chrysoprase helps you to do that. It helps you to love yourself, and release self-hate. 

Can I also use these crystals for emotional blockages? 

woman with headache

All of these crystals can be used to heal yourself from emotional blocks. Emotional blocks will prevent you from moving forward.

These are like construction blocks, where you have to take the long way around a big mess. After a breakup, grief, or trauma of any kind, you need to take the long way around.

When you do, you move past those emotional blocks and move forward to your next destination.

Can I also use these crystals for self forgiveness? 

crystal healing practice

Yes, you can and you should use these crystals for self-forgiveness.

That is what letting go does for you. It helps you to know and understand that you can make mistakes, and move past them.

Forgiveness of self is among the most important skills you can gain in your journey. 

Can I use more than 1 crystal? 

fluorite and clear quartz

You can always use more than one crystal through any act of Self love.

And when you are working through a breakup, you need self-love. The first thing we go to inside when we are newly single is, what is wrong with me?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you!

Use as many crystals as you can to release those negative thoughts and move past the pain

Final Words 

Releasing pain, trauma, and loss and letting it go into the Universe is an important part of life.

It’s an important step in every journey of Self-love. Use every one of these 17 crystals for crystal healing when you need to let go.

Create a new ritual for each of them individually, or combined. Letting go is an exciting journey in itself. Try it with these crystals today. 

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