7 Crystals To Lower Blood Pressure (With Images)

Jorge Silva
7 Crystals To Lower Blood Pressure

Millions across the world are affected by high blood pressure. Without taking the necessary precaution or medication, it can lead to severe health problems.

Now, it is true that proper medical care is the best way to treat blood pressure. However, you can make use of alternative means like crystal healing for this purpose

You might be surprised to read this! This was how I felt when this shocking revelation came to me. 

You can work on your blood pressure through the use of certain crystals. 

In this article, we will discuss the 7 powerful crystals you can use for your high blood pressure

Read on to find out more about this. 

It’s possible to lower blood pressure with crystals?

crystal healing practice

Yes, it is possible to lower blood pressure with crystals

Before we talk about this, I believe that it is best to first discuss what causes blood pressure.

Afterwards, we will attempt to see if there are crystals powerful enough to deal with the causative factors of high blood pressure. 

High blood pressure can be inherited. That is, it can be a genetic condition, which is prevalent in a bloodline. 

Also, this medical condition can be caused by unhealthy lifestyles like not engaging in any physical activity like exercise, and so on. It can also be caused by refusing to take healthy foods

One of the common causes of high blood pressure is stress.

When you exert too much pressure on your body, it is possible to experience high blood pressure. If this continues for a long time, it can worsen and lead to dangerous health conditions. 

Another cause of high blood pressure is overthinking or anxiety. When you think too much or are anxious about something for a long time, you are prone to developing high blood pressure. 

These are some of the reasons for high blood pressure

Now, each of these reasons can be dealt with by crystals. Amongst all of the reasons/causes listed above; stress, overthinking, and anxiety are the prevalent reasons for high blood pressure. 

In the world of crystals, there are gemstones with therapeutic properties, which can deal with these kinds of issues. 

Therefore, treating high blood pressure with crystals is a good option

This is not to demean or advise against taking medical care. You should go for a check-up and take medications.

However, you can also make use of crystals. 

What are the best crystals to lower blood pressure?

making crystal bracelet

Many crystals can deal with blood pressure. However, there are outstanding crystals with almost-instant results.

I am going to disclose these crystals in a minute. But let me quickly talk about the things you should look out for in crystals

Before choosing the crystal to lower your blood pressure, pay attention to the following qualities. Ensure one or more is/are present in the selected crystal of your choice:

  • The stone must have therapeutic properties: It must be powerful enough to relax the mind and keep you in good composure;
  • The crystal must also have grounding properties: This means that the crystal you will choose must be strong enough to maintain your emotional balance;
  • You should also pick crystals that help you to sleep: This is important if you suffer from sleeplessness or nightmares;
  • For those living a sedentary life: Go for crystals with extremely high vibrational frequencies. These crystals make you agitate and pump you with the energy and eagerness to work. 

Once your crystal has one or more of these qualities, it is good enough to lower your blood pressure.

If you need to sleep better, try Selenite crystals under your pillow.

7 Best Crystals to lower blood pressure

rose quartz crystal necklace

In this section, let us discuss the 7 best crystals to lower your blood pressure. Trying to check if your crystal has all the necessary properties and qualities might be stressful. 

With these crystals, I will disclose in this section, you will successfully lower your blood pressure and begin to live healthily henceforth.

Let us discuss these stones right away.

1) Lepidolite


Lepidolite deals with the most prevalent cause of high blood pressure, which is stress. It possesses metaphysical properties to alleviate stress. 

If you go through stressful activities during the day, it is best to avoid such. However, if it is unavoidable, then, you should have lepidolite with you all through the day.

The spiritual powers of this stone ensure that your mind is not stressed.

It also keeps your body in a state of rest, which is a great way to gradually lower your blood pressure. 

Therefore, lepidolite is the perfect crystal for stress relief during the day.  You don’t have to perform any spell or ritual. 

Keeping this stone close to your body does the trick. 

2) Bloodstone


Specifically, this crystal helps you to stay spiritually grounded

When you lose your connection to mother earth, you will begin to feel disturbed. Also, your emotional state will be disrupted, which can inadvertently lead to high blood pressure

The grounding properties of bloodstone make it a perfect choice of stone to lower blood pressure. 

Wear this crystal as a pendant. If you can find a bloodstone bracelet, it is also a good choice. 

You can also keep this crystal in your bag, or your pocket. The same energy is still generated nonetheless. 

With Bloodstone, you will remain connected to mother earth, which helps you to maintain your emotional balance, and lower your blood pressure.

I believe you will love this article with 21 crystals for begginers.

3) Amethyst

Leave amethyst

The power of amethyst is responsible for calming your nerves whenever you are agitated

High blood pressure can be caused by agitation, surprises, or anger. With the use of amethyst, you can insure yourself against such. 

The calming and soothing properties of this gemstone ensure that your mind is calm all through the day. 

It helps you to attain a sense of inner peace and calmness believing that everything will be fine. 

4) Aquamarine

Aquamarine ring
Aquamarine ring

With this crystal, you will remain positive. Negativity breeds worry. When you become over-worried, your blood pressure will shoot up. 

This is why you should have an aquamarine crystal. It eliminates all forms of negativity from your mind.

It increases your energy levels and protects you from becoming vulnerable to depression, anxiety, worry, and so on. 

The power of aquamarine is prevalent in its effect on the mind. No matter what goes on around you, this crystal sends signals of happiness and laughter to your mindwhich keeps regulating your blood pressure

Therefore, if you are battling with negativity, which has increased your blood pressure level, it is time to use aquamarine. 

5) White Beryl (Goshenite)

White Beryl
White Beryl (Goshenite)

Spiritually, this stone increases your heart rate and jolts you with energy. If you live a sedentary lifestyle and need a jumpstart, white beryl is the best choice

Using this stone pumps you with positive energy, and douses you to work. With this, the risk of suffering high blood pressure due to a lack of physical activity is eliminated. 

6) Moonstone

Black Moonstone
Black Moonstone

Are you suffering from insomnia? Do you find it hard to have a good sleep at night? Is this the reason behind your high blood pressure?

Then, you should make use of moonstones. Connected to the moon’s energy, this crystal has the power to grant you a good sleep.

It will heal you of your sleep problems and restore peace to your body system

7) Jasper

red jasper crystal
Red Jasper

Lowering your blood pressure is also possible with jasper crystal. It promotes relaxation, brings mental clarity, and helps you to stay emotionally grounded and stable. 

This crystal also heals your chakra systems and aligns them with the core of your being

How can I use these crystals?

meditation with crystals

You can harness the power of these crystals by doing the following:

  • Practice meditation with these crystals: Practice relaxation or breathing exercises with these crystals. Doing this releases the energy for your blood pressure;
  • Create a crystal grid with these stones and lie in the center: Ensure that you arrange them in the proper order. The energy from them flows into your body and heals your chakra points. This eventually brings about a reduction in your blood pressure;
  • Moon baths and crystal baths Place the crystal in warm water for 2 minutes and bathe with it. Doing this relaxes your body system and lowers your blood pressure. 

You can also wear the crystal you chose as a piece of jewelry of have it in your home or work place.

It’s important to keep it close to you for as long as possible, especially at the beginning.

Can I use more than 1 crystal?

working with crystals

Yes, you can use more than 1 crystal.  It is best to use more than 2 crystals at once.

This releases an enormous amount of energy, which instantly calms your mind and begins to reduce your blood pressure. 

Also, select these stones based on your needs. Combine them as you deem fit. You will still enjoy the same spiritual and therapeutic benefits.

Final Words

High blood pressure should not be ignored. It can be deadly if not taken care of. 

Before you go for a medical check-up or seek alternative solutions, make use of crystals as remedial options. These stones are powerful. Their healing powers will amaze you to the core. 

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