9 Opal Stone Benefits: What Is Opal Good For?

Jorge Silva
9 Opal Stone Benefits: What Is Opal Good For?

Illustrious by our world’s timeless upper classes and known as the tears of Zeus’s defeat, Opal is believed to be able to reassemble the most shattered of hearts. This is because this is a healing stone.

This crystal is thought to be a robust amulet of luck and protection. As Opal attracts good Karma and also, for that very reason, it is a great stone to use in manifestation.

This stone, which is released to us in various colors, is named after the Sanskrit word “Upala” which, in turn, names Opal for what it really is, a gemstone.

And it is this versatile stone, both for its coloring and for its properties and benefits, that we are going to explore today.

Are There Benefits Of Using Opal Gemstone?


Well, the portion of the information that I have already given about this stone, although brief, already answers this question very well.

So not only are there benefits that are evident from using Opal, but they are also immense and eclectic. So, in summary, the benefits of Opal cover:

  • Emotional healing, of course, because it houses our central energy, that is our heart chakra;
  • Activating and cleaning Anahata, this stone is also very good for artists, as it enlivens the most creative skills we have;
  • Can be used to awaken love in our lives and also make us more receptive people to it and the human being.
  • After all, Opal is renowned in certain cultures for taking care of the health of our eyes, thus sharpening our eyesight and alleviating tired eyes.

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What Is Opal Good For Spiritually?

cleanse Opalite

With regard to the spiritual sphere and also based on the information that has already been released, we recognize that this stone is rich in spiritual benefits. Namely healing and emotional balance.

Which, until now, has been the most current aspect of this debate.

However, we are going to make other privileges sprout in your knowledge, as is the case of the bond with divine energies that this crystal offers us.

It also helps with spiritual awakening, facilitates manifestation and regulates the agreement between our intuition and desire with this practice.

And, finally, the improvement of our spiritual wisdom and intuition.

Ultimately, not only does Opal heal certain emotional and spiritual injuries, but it also helps us to evolve on a spiritual or emotional level as well.

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Metaphysical Properties Of Opal

Blue Opal Crystal

As with its color palette, Opal’s metaphysical properties also vary in all aspects.

But, let’s talk about the most fundamental ones, also embracing some mentions that have already been made so far.

Let’s start with the mentions, in this case, emotional healing, the regulation of the chakras and the spiritual awakening in which Opal supports us with another of its properties that will now be new, protection.

This crystal is believed to promote our emotional well-being, also somewhat through the alignment of the Anahata with which it is strongly associated.

In addition to these traits, Opal encourages our creativity by opening our minds to creative and innovative ideas, evoking deeper, more passionate and intense links with regard to relationships.

And, finally, as a result, it offers us harmony and balance in various fields

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9 Spiritual Benefits Of Using Opal Stone

Opal earrings

In general, Opal is a stone of amplification and healing, of light and purity. Being ruled by the planet Venus, therefore it figures many aspects such as passion and desire.

Therefore, we discern that this queen of precious stones does not receive its title by chance and as it also has the capacity to recover us physically.

So, this stone walks side by side with us in the course of our spiritual directions.

As a result, I have gathered 9 spiritual benefits promoted by the use of this crystal.

But, before proceeding, we have to be aware that the spiritual properties of crystals depend a lot on how they resonate with us, with our energy and with our intentions and that its good performance, in everything depends on the way we treat our stone.

So now, let’s move on to listing the 9 benefits.

1) Instrument Of Manifestation

Being na amplification stone, Opal becomes a solemn instrument of manifestation.

As it furthers our ambition and desires with the powerful energy of the universe, it then strengthens and amplifies our designs.

By creating thus a favorable energy for the achievement of these goals and ambitions.

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2) Mutation and Spiritual Reform

It is believed that there is a certain correlation between Opal and mutation and spiritual reform.

This is because these two concepts are precisely one of the benefits that I indicate to you today.

Presumably, this stone enables us to release habits and patterns that hinder our well-being and growth. Therefore, positive changes such as personal and spiritual maturation are possible.

3) Spiritual Shield

Opal, like almost any other crystal in the field, serves as a spiritual shield.

However, this stone shields us from negative energies, situations and even identities, nevertheless, it does so by building a dome of positive energy around us.

Therefore, while safeguarding us from negative influences, it promotes our well-being.

4) Aura Purging

As previously mentioned, Opal is a stone of light and purity. In view of this and naturally, it proves to be a great tool for purging our auras.

In this regard, we benefit from this crystal as it aligns and organizes the energies of the energy sphere around our matter, which consequently enables our good cheer and harmony.

5) Spiritual Uplift & Inspiration

Renowned for the uplifting feeling it gives its wearers, Opal also inspires and uplifts us spiritually.

Therefore, this stone prospers our spiritual experiences, bringing in its energy a high sense of calm and harmony, euphoria and affinity, either with ourselves, with our superior self or with superior and divine realms.

By collaborating with us, it helps to obtain a better established and meaningful connection with divine energies.

Opal then allows us to align with the current of our universe and also to reach higher degrees of our consciousness.

Naturally, all these aspects support us in our spiritual practices, namely in meditation and manifestation.

7) Emotional Healing

Throughout this matter, we have been alluding to the healing properties of the Opal in the emotional sphere, but we do not yet debate how powerful it can really be in this respect.

This stone allows us to forgive and offer us balance and emotional stability through the dismissal and healing of the trauma of our past.

8) Sharpening Intuition

One of the most basic spiritual benefits of most crystals is the refinement of our psychic abilities, namely intuition.

Therefore, we can then ensure that the Opal stone provides access to these spiritual skills and that, in addition, it helps us to believe in our intuition, wisdom and guidance.

9) Spiritual Perspicacity

The fact that Opal helps us in personal healing makes us receptive to this sharpening of our abilities.

Which consequently offers us spiritual perspicacity and a greater capacity for discernment.

This aspect converts us into people who are able to evaluate and observe the spiritual field around us more clearly, allowing us the possible connection with superior realms.

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How Can I Enjoy The Benefits Of Opal?

Opalite crystal

The methods that exist to enjoy the benefits of Opal are substantial. However, the most profitable are those in which the crystal is framed in our daily lives.

More precisely through the use of jewels that contain the stone that resonates with you, in this case, Opal.

In a very similar way and alternatively, we can also carry only the crystal in our pants pocket, wallet or purse, so the energy of the crystal will continue around us.

Another method that we can use is the decoration of our common living space through pieces composed of this stone. In this way, its energy will be proliferated throughout the area and our intentions will be constantly remembered.

Promptly, there are a range of practices in which we can also introduce Opal daily, such as meditation. In this case, during the meditation, we would either hold the stone in our hands or we would place it in front of us to stay in the energy that sharpens our psychic abilities.

In addition to meditation, Opal can also serve as a support tool in energy healing rituals such as reiki sessions.

By keeping the crystal close to the body, we manage to align the central chakras.

Final Words

All in all, Opal is a high vibration and screaming stone. For this reason, it also ends up being one of the crystals that most resonate with people.

But that does not mean that the experience of these people with this powerful stone is the best. After all, it all depends on whether we charge and cleanse the crystal correctly and whether we are using the stone in the way that makes the most sense to us — not the way we read in this or any other article because, in principle, it is viable information.

In the spiritual world the options are limitless and with Opal we have to be open to new experiences.

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