11 Crystals For Front Door Protection (Entryway)

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11 Crystals for Front Door Protection (Entryway)

In this article, we will be discussing the 11 crystals to use for front door protection. You can place any of these crystals in the entryway to keep your home free from harm. 

You might be wondering if this is really necessary! Well, if you desire to keep your environment serene and free from negative energy, it is pertinent to have one or more of these crystals in your front door.

You don’t need any additional magic, rituals or spells. The energy from these gemstones is strong enough to bring the protection you need

Read on to find out about these crystals.

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What happens if I place crystals in my entryway?

entry door protection

Placing crystals on your entryway ensures that your home is not just beautiful and appealing. It also provides the following spiritual benefits:

  • It offers spiritual protection from negative spirits;
  • Placing crystals in your entryway wards off evil arrows targeted at you or your family members;
  • When you place crystals in your entryway, it ensures that your environment goes through periodic spiritual cleansing and purification;
  • Another thing that happens is that your environment will be spiritually charged. This also helps you to become more spiritually sensitive. 

Hence, the need for placing crystals in your entryway cannot be overemphasized.

Read on to find out the different crystals you can use for protection.

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Are there crystals to protect my front door right now?

fluorite in tree

Yes, there are crystals for protecting your front door right now

These are powerful gemstones imbued with natural energy and strong enough to defend your home from any form of negative spiritual penetrations. 

If you need a stone right now, then, I have 11 best solutions for you. All that is needed is for you to pick the one(s) that resonates with you or can provide what you desire.

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11 Best Crystals for Front Door Protection

many bracelets and necklaces

In this section, we will discuss the 11 best crystals for front door protection.

From the title of this section, it is clear that these crystals will work only when you place them in your front door or on your entryway.

Keeping them in your home will reduce their effectiveness

Having established that fact, let us explore these crystals and understand why they are so powerful. 

1) Amethyst


The metaphysical properties of this stone make it valuable enough to offer spiritual protection against negative spirits.

Amethyst has been used in the past to expel spirits from a body. In the same way, it can be used to expel negative spirits from your environment. 

This is why you should have one in your entryway for spiritual protection.

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2) Labradorite

close up black labradorite

This unique stone is also specially designed to not only beautify your life but also to keep negativity away from you.

If you notice a constant pattern of negative and ugly events in your life, then, it means that you need labradorite

Spiritually, this gemstone creates an invisible barrier around your home. This barrier serves as a spiritual shield, which keeps out negative energy from your home. 

I have this stone on my front door. Amazingly, people are always fascinated by the glow that comes out of it.

Beyond its supernatural qualities, it also beautifies your entryway. 

3) Ruby

red Ruby

One of the consequences of negative energy, or spiritual attacks is poverty, money loss, wrong investments, and so on. This is where Ruby comes in

The moment you place this stone on your front door or in your entryway, it blocks off every form of spiritual attack causing loss of money

The energy from ruby keeps your home free. It also opens you up to a world of wealth and abundance.

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4) Malachite


Are you planning to receive a lot of visitors? Then, you need malachite on your front door. 

This stone will ensure that anyone coming to hurt you will not be able to fulfill their desires. It neutralizes any form of evil powers and also purifies the people coming into your home. 

Also, if you visit a place like a graveyard or a hospital, malachite ensures that the negative energy you contact at those places will not follow you into your home

Therefore, if you are looking for a spiritual cleanser, this is a stone to place at your front door.

It protects you from negative energy and also purifies anyone coming into your home. 

5) Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli stone

This stone is known as “the crystal of peace”.

Placing it in front of your home ensures that everyone in your household experiences inner peace.

The moment you observe constant bickering among the members of your home, it might mean that negative energy is ravaging the minds of everyone. 

Get a lapis lazuli and place it on the front door. Once this is done, peace will be restored.

Furthermore, everyone will be cleansed and purged of the negativity causing disagreements and chaos. 

6) Black Tourmaline

working with black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a shiny black stone, which is believed to possess protective powers. It also helps the user to become spiritually grounded. 

Becoming spiritually and emotionally unstable implies that you have been exposed to negative energy. It could also imply that you have become too vulnerable

However, with black tourmaline, all of these problems will be solved. Placing this stone in your entryway keeps your mind stable.

It ensures that you are not spiritually vulnerable. Also, it keeps negativity out of your home. 

Its beautiful and shiny surface also graces the front of your home. 

7) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal
Clear Quartz

This stone has the spiritual power to absorb negative energy in your environment. It is like a magnet that pulls negative energy into its core. 

A lot of people claimed that their clear quartz broke after a while, which implied that it had taken in too much negative energy. 

Well, for this to have happened, it means that the fake clear quartz was bought. 

With the original clear quartz stone, you don’t need to worry about this. It will never break or crack open!

Just ensure to keep the stone charged often and also purify it every 4 days

By placing clear quartz in front of your door, you are insuring yourself against every form of negativity.

8) Citrine


This crystal is believed to be associated with the power of the sun. In the spiritual world, the sun is seen as a ball of fire, which consumes negative energy and evil spirits. 

Therefore, keeping this stone in your front door burns off any form of negative energy trying to invade your home.

Additionally, it attracts wealth and good luck in your life

9) Jade

Green Jade
Green Jade

Have you noticed a constant pattern of sickness? If yes, then, it is time to place jade on your entryway. 

The power of this crystal ensures that you are kept safe from sickness. It also provides healing to your chakras, emotional life, and physical health. 

Spiritually, this stone wards off negative energy and provides healing for you or any sick member of your home. 

10) Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Amongst the list of stones in this article, obsidian is the most commonly known crystal for protection. This might probably be the first stone on your mind.  Well, you are right!

Placing obsidian in your front door can provide immediate protection from negative spirits, evil forces, attacks from friends, and so on. 

It also has a back-to-sender function, which sends back attacks to their senders. It ensures that you are unscathed by any evil attempt from people. 

11) Jet


The spiritual benefit of using Jet is that it provides inner strength for you. Also, if you feel vulnerable, try using this stone.

Your chakras will be healed, and your spiritual life will be fortified against any form of attack.

Furthermore, this stone brings good luck, healing, more opportunities, and goodness to your life.

It does not only purge your environment but also brings good things into your life.

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Can I use more than 1 crystal to protect my entryway?

meditation with crystals

Yes, you can use more than 1 crystal to protect your entryway

However, don’t use more than 3 stones. The reason is that your entryway will look spooky and unwelcoming if you use too many crystals – especially of varying colors and sizes

Therefore, as much as using more than 1 crystal is great, don’t choke your entryway with a lot of these stones.

Should I start placing the crystals right now?

jewelry natural stone crystal

Yes, you can start placing these crystals right now. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the stone(s) that resonates with your desire;
  2. Get them from a reliable source;
  3. Hold them in your hand and create an intention for protection;
  4. Place them in your entryway. It does not have to be visible. You can place it under the welcome carpet, in your flower vase, and so on. 

Once you follow these steps, your stone will start working immediately. 

Final Words

Protect yourself right now! Leverage the power of crystals for protection. This is the best and easy way to secure your home. 

As we have discussed in this article, the 11 above mentioned crystals are potent charms that repel negativity and ward off attacks. They also bring good luck to people’s lives. 

Therefore, make use of them right now. 

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