Evil Eye Necklace Meaning: Benefits of All Colors

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Evil Eye Necklace Meaning: Benefits of All Colors

The evil eye can also be worn as a necklace. The common variant of evil eye jewelry is the bracelet. This has been worn for centuries before the advent of the evil eye necklace. 

This necklace has its spiritual meanings and benefits. It comes in various colors, which also have their spiritual meanings and benefits. 

In this article, we will explore the world of the evil eye necklace by identifying its spiritual meanings. 

Furthermore, we will come to understand if it is spiritually beneficial to wear this necklace or not. 

Therefore, if you are interested in wearing the Evil eye necklace, but don’t know its spiritual meanings and benefits, read this article till the end to find out.

What is an Evil Eye necklace?

Evil Eye necklace

The evil eye necklace is a pendant or charm that is adorned with the evil eye symbol. Unlike the bracelet, this is worn around the neck.

Now, the patterns and designs might vary based on extra impressions and color variations. However, it still holds the same power and spiritual significance

Across the globe, the concept of an evil eye bracelet has been embraced for centuries.

It has been seen as a sign of protection from bad luck and a spiritual shield that wards off negative stares from jealous and bitter people. 

The origin of this necklace can be traced to ancient Mesopotamia, where it was discovered to be a powerful symbol of protection

In today’s world, a lot of people wear the evil eye necklace not just for spiritual reasons alone, but also for its aesthetic quality – due to the added creativity in the carving of this symbol.

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Spiritual Meaning of an Evil Eye Necklace

Evil Eye Necklace

In the spiritual world, an evil eye necklace is seen as an amulet of protection.

When you wear it, this means you are making enough effort to protect yourself from the negative effects of vulnerabilities. 

Spiritually, beyond the protective power of the evil eye, this necklace also represents responsibilities.

As long as it sizes your neck, it is a sign that you are capable of handling the responsibilities around your life. 

However, the moment you notice a sudden tightness in the necklace, then, it is a sign that you have to drop some things in your life. It means you are trying to do things that are above your mental capacity. 

Furthermore, the spiritual meaning of an evil eye necklace talks about good luck. When you wear it, people believe that good fortune will come into your life

Dreaming about wearing an evil eye necklace indicates that something good will soon happen in your life.

When you dream of receiving this necklace as a gift, it is a sign that the spiritual world is watching over you, and supporting all your decisions and actions.

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Benefits of Wearing an Evil Eye Necklace

Evil Eye Necklace

As I stated earlier, there are numerous spiritual benefits and meanings of wearing an evil eye necklace

To further understand this, it is best to look into the various color variants of the evil eye symbol. 

Spiritually, colors speak various messages in their unique tones

Therefore, I have discovered 9 different colors of this symbol with their unique spiritual meanings and benefits. 

Read on to find out the benefits of wearing an evil eye necklace.

Blue Evil Eye Necklace:

The blue evil eye necklace restores peace and mental balance

It is mostly beneficial to those going through pressures in their lives. With this special evil eye necklace color, your mind will be full of peace even if things are difficult naturally. 

Spiritually, blue represents the ocean! It is also a reflection of the clear sky, which depicts peacefulness. 

Gold/Yellow Evil Eye Necklace:

The gold/yellow evil eye necklace is associated with the sun. In the world of spirituality, the sun is seen as a symbol of positivity and hope

This is why the spiritual benefits of wearing a gold/yellow evil eye necklace span around positivity and hope. 

This special bracelet encourages people to not open themselves up to negative energy. 

It floods people’s hearts with positive vibes alone

Red Evil Eye Necklace:

The major spiritual advantage of wearing a red evil eye necklace talks about passion. 

For those who find it hard to become passionate about their life goals and pursuits, this might be the best amulet to use. 

Through the evil eye necklace, you will become passionate again

The red color is symbolic of fire. The fire is a symbol of burning passion

Therefore, if you wear an evil eye bracelet, you are infusing yourself with a passion and desire for growth and fulfillment. 

Green Evil Eye Necklace:

The green evil eye necklace brings prosperity into people’s lives. It represents an abundance of luck, wealth, and good fortune. 

Furthermore, the benefit of wearing this special necklace affects our health.

If you are sick, wearing a green evil eye necklace speeds up your healing process. It brings about a quick recovery

Orange Evil Eye Necklace:

Spiritually, an orange evil eye necklace is an omen of creative expression. It speaks of ideas, concepts, and creativity. 

Most times, this is the best necklace to wear to work. It boosts your productivity and efficiency

Whenever your creativity gets attacked at work, it is from an evil stare from a jealous co-worker. 

The best way to curb this is by wearing an orange evil eye necklace around your neck at all times. 

Pink Evil Eye Necklace:

This speaks of love and romance. For a healthy relationship, wearing a pink evil eye necklace is non-negotiable. 

This also helps with emotional healing

After a break-up, wearing a pink evil eye necklace helps you to heal up faster, and move on with your life. 

White Evil Eye Necklace:

Wearing a white evil eye necklace is good for clarity of thought. The white color represents the light of your inner soul, which brings divine clarity to you. 

Also, wearing a white evil eye necklace is the best choice for spiritual sensitivity. The color represents heaven and connects you to that realm

Purple Evil Eye Necklace:

Through this special necklace, your confidence and self-esteem will be restored

Another spiritual benefit of wearing a purple evil eye necklace is that it supplies us with the inner strength to move on with our lives – despite our past failures and experiences

Black Evil Eye Necklace:

Generally, this necklace is known for protection. It wards off evil spirits, and negative energies, and restores chakra imbalances. 

Therefore, if you want to protect yourself at all times, the black evil eye necklace is the perfect color choice for you.

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7 Benefits of wearing an Evil Eye Necklace every day

wearing an Evil Eye Necklace

There are 7 benefits of wearing an evil eye necklace every day. You don’t want to miss what comes next!

Read on to find out these benefits. 

1) Constant Protection

By wearing an evil eye necklace every day, you will enjoy constant protection from negative energy, evil spirits, and the evil stare of jealous people

The evil eye absorbs negative energy – thereby leaving you fresh and free from it

2) Good Luck

Because this bracelet wards off negative energy, it is seen as the perfect magnet for good luck. 

Therefore, wearing it every day means you should expect good things to happen to you every day. 

The positive energy from this necklace positions you for numerous opportunities, and supernatural provisions. 

3) Emotional Balance

If you are struggling with emotional imbalance because of a traumatic experience, the evil eye necklace is a great choice of amulet for you. 

Wearing it every day repairs your emotional life. It restores balance and stability to your emotions.

4) Clarity

For those struggling with confusion and distraction, you should wear this necklace every day – especially the white evil eye bracelet

Doing this clears your mind. It helps you to focus more on what’s important and provides clarity to gray areas of your life. 

5) Beauty Enhancement

For females, the energy from a pink evil eye bracelet enhances your beauty. It makes you look more attractive and desirable to men. 

6) Creativity at work

If you go to work every day, it is important to have an evil eye bracelet on your neck at all times.

The energy from this bracelet constantly refreshes your mind, and supplies strength for you to remain consistent in your creative expression at work. 

7) Spiritual Sensitivity

Through the evil eye bracelet, your spiritual senses can become heightened once again.

Wearing it every day keeps you spiritually alert at all times. It also awakens your consciousness to the numerous signs and omens around you. 

Should I really wear this necklace?

Blue evil Eye Bracelet

Yes, you should really wear this necklace.

From what we’ve discussed so far, there is no doubt that the evil eye necklace is beneficial to all aspects of your life. 

Furthermore, its aesthetic uniqueness makes you look stunning, attractive, and different when you show up with the necklace.

Therefore, for spiritual and physical benefits, you should wear the evil eye necklace.

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Final Words

The evolution of using the evil eye symbol continues

With the advent of an evil eye necklace, you now have the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of this symbol however you want. 

If you are uncomfortable with bracelets, the necklace is a great alternative for you. This article has revealed the numerous benefits of wearing this necklace.

Wear it today, and enjoy true freedom and positivity. 

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