7 Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelets: Should I Avoid It? 

Jorge Silva
7 Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelets: Should I Avoid It? 

The blue eye bracelet, mostly known as the evil eye bracelet, is being used for many centuries. I believe that almost all of us have owned one at some point.

For me, it was even my first contact with the crystal world and energies. I started using it just as a fashion accessory but quickly saw it was much more than just a pretty bracelet.

Even though almost everyone can use this bracelet, as it’s quite safe, there are some things you need to consider before getting one for yourself.

So, let’s now talk about the 7 side effects of the blue eye bracelet and who should avoid it.

What Is a Blue Eye Bracelet?

I found an Evil Eye Bracelet on the ground

Blue Eye bracelets also known as ‘Evil Eye’ Bracelets are good luck charms and talismans that protect their wearer against evil energy.

The evil eye is said to be a curse passed through a look or glare to harm the person on the receiving end of it.

To say it plainly it means that negative energy (jealousy, envy, harm) can be passed to you through something as simple as a look from someone with harmful intentions towards you.

The blue eye bracelet is worn to ward off these negative influences and attract good luck.

Visually, it features a design resembling an eye, often in shades of blue. The eye symbol is believed to have the power to reflect or absorb negative energy.

Blue is the most popular color for this type of bracelet as blue is often associated with protection. The evil eye can come in two different kinds of blue:

  • Light Blue: Helps with overall protection and allows for the opening of your third eye. Which allows for different perspectives and the ability to absorb and learn new information;
  • Dark Blue: Known for karmic protection, relaxation, meditation and allowing the flow of open and healthy communication.

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Who should NOT Wear Blue Eye Bracelet?

Evil Eye Bracelet

The Blue Eye symbol is now a popular jewelry item worn by many. However, it holds powerful cultural and spiritual significance in many parts of the world.

These are very important as a Blue Eye bracelet will need to be cleansed and recharged. It is not just a fashion statement.

There are a few reasons why one should not wear an evil eye bracelet:

  • Those who do not known of it’s spiritual, cultural and historical significance;
  • Those who do not truly believe in or understand its power and abilities;
  • Those who do not resonate with the symbol or whose energy makes them weary of the symbol;
  • Do not wear it if in the society you live in it would be deemed offensive or considered cultural appropriation;
  • Within many cultures it is believed that an evil eye bracelet should be passed down throughout generations, it is believed that wearing and buying a brand-new evil eye bracelet will bring bad luck.

It is important to note that the Blue Eye symbol is an extremely powerful cultural and religious emblem.

So, it is important to note its significance within these cultures as a way to understand and respect its power, while considering alternative reasons for not wearing it.

Generally, the Blue Eye can be worn by anyone but make sure you are wearing it correctly. Always respecting its history and power and not appropriating it.

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7 Possible Side Effects of a Blue Eye Bracelet

Blue evil Eye Bracelet

As you could see, the blue eye bracelet is usually very safe to use. But, you need to understand its powers, culture and abilities.

Don’t buy it just because it looks cute with your clothes.

In the world of crystal and spirituality, it’s very important to accept and embrace the culture and history of each piece.

Also, remember that just your energy might just not match the energy of the blue eye bracelet. It if happens, don’t force the connection. There are many options available for you.

So, let’s now see 7 possible side effects of wearing a blue eye bracelet:

1) Bad Luck

There’s a chance that this powerful symbol may bring bad luck into your life. Why?

  • You are not using the bracelet correctly;
  • It is not meant for you;
  • You are not cleansing it accurately or regularly.

Remember, it will only work if you truly believe in it and its abilities.

When working with anything that carries spiritual energy it is important to check and reflect on our own intentions and energy that we are pouring into these types of objects. 

2) Insomnia

If you are sensitive to the high energy levels of the Blue Eye, then wearing it as a bracelet may lead to overstimulation and heightened awareness.

When a strong energy is interacting with our own it may make it more challenging for us to relax and fall asleep.

Also, it is usually suggested that those working with the evil eye take it off at night.

Our own mental association with its protection might trigger us to subconsciously feel vulnerable and anxious without it

3) Energy Misalignment and Imbalance

The unique energy of the Blue Eye bracelet may not harmonize with or align with your own unique energy field

It can lead to the imbalance, under regulation or overstimulation of certain chakras

Also, if not cleansed regularly, it will keep absorbing negative energy and could lead to an imbalance in the wearer’s energy field.

Impacting also other channels for the energy to flow out to (this may also cause the bracelet to break).

4) Discomfort

For some individuals, heightened sensitivity to the energies associated with the Blue Eye Bracelet may potentially lead to physical or emotional discomfort.

Are you someone who houses a lot of negative energy within you or around you?

Your body interacting with the energy of the bracelets may need some time to adjust in order to avoid an overload

5) Lack of Motivation

If you are feeling as though the Blue Eye bracelet is not fulfilling its purpose you may find yourself feeling demotivated and lost.

Depending on any spiritual symbol or energy for inspiration and motivation may unintentionally reduce your confidence and leave you questioning your faith.

It can result in a heavy reliance on external objects for spiritual connection and growth.

It’s important to rely on and believe in yourself and your power to work WITH these objects to better and increase your own spiritual abilities and capabilities. 

6) Increased Paranoia 

To buy an evil eye bracelet, you must be feeling that you are in need of protection.

Working with spiritual objects that carry high energy can come with psychological side effects.

If you strongly believe that you are a target of the evil eye glare and are in need of protection you may become hyper-aware and hyper-sensitive to any negative energies around you.

The symbol itself will protect you from negative energies.

But, through the law of attraction, you may be attracting that energy towards you and reinforcing its existence and attraction towards you.  

7) Health Issues 

It is believed to protect from illness and any health-related issues that may arise due to the effects and curse of the evil eye.

In some cultures, it is believed that wearing a Blue Eye bracelet can cause a string of health-related issues including

  • Loss of appetite;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting ;
  • Fever.

This could happen by the energy or vibration of the evil eye bracelet and its content interacting with and influencing our own energy.

If you feel that your bracelet is making you sick take it off and spend some time apart from it, cleansing it. 

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I Don’t Feel Side Effects! Should I Use It Anyway?

Broken evil eye bracelet

If you are not feeling any side effects from wearing the bracelet and have an in depth understanding, respect and for the symbol and its history, then you can continue to use it.

It’s important to understand that the arm you wear a Blue Eye bracelet holds different spiritual significance: 

  • Right arm: Connected to the brain will help protect your financial, business and working interests;
  • Left arm: Connected to your heart wearing it this side will protect your relationships, emotional well-being. 

It is also important to consider your own beliefs, cultural and religious stance on wearing the Blue Eye and working with it. 

There is a lot of information available online about evil eye bracelets. Read about the history and meaning of the bracelet and see if it is something that you are comfortable with.

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Are There Any Alternatives to This Bracelet?

Hamsa Hand

In order to look for alternatives, it is important to understand the benefits of wearing and using a Blue Eye bracelet.

It is said to bring good luck, be extremely protective and absorb negative energy and intentions 

With that in mind, there are a few alternative crystals, gemstones and symbols that have very similar properties to that of the evil eye.

They can be used as an alternative for those seeking similar spiritual, healing and protective outcomes. Here are the best alternatives:

  • Hamsa: The Hamsa hand is a Middle Eastern symbol for protection and good luck. Visually, it is shaped like an open palm hand with an eye in the middle of it believed to, like the Blue Eye, ward off the evil eye and protect its wearer from its effects;
  • Tourmaline: Helps gain clear insight and is a stone of psychic protection. It will also help you clear any emotional blockages and ancient traumas, negative bonds or ties. Works by absorbing and transmuting negative energy around you;
  • Amethyst: Amethyst is a powerful psychic protective stone and will also help you stay calm when needed and enter into a deepened state of relaxation and meditation;
  • Citrine: Known as the stone of wealth and abundance. Citrine, is an extremely powerful protection and manifestation tool

Final Words

In conclusion, the Blue Eye Bracelet, also known as the Evil Eye Bracelet, carries both cultural and spiritual significance as a good luck, protective talisman.

It is very rare that it will have any negative side effects. However, that is largely subjective and culturally specific.

If you feel comfortable and understand its history and power, there is no harm in using it.

But, if you are not comfortable there are alternative crystals and symbols which offer similar protective qualities.

Ultimately, using any spiritual object should be done with respect and understanding to harness its power wisely. If you do decide to wear an evil eye bracelet, it is important to do so with respect and understanding. 

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