Who Should Not Wear Turquoise Stone? 7 Side Effects

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Who Should Not Wear Turquoise Stone? 7 Side Effects

Turquoise is one of the oldest and most commonly known gemstones used in jewelry and decorations.

This beautiful gemstone ranging between striking blues and greens in color offers many wonderful physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

It has been worn throughout history by many people around the world. But is it safe to wear? And if not, who should not wear it? Let’s learn a little bit more.  

Is Turquoise Safe To Wear?

Howlite Turquoise

Yes, turquoise is a crystal that is safe to wear and carry with you.

But, it is important to note that it contains and is partly made up of copper and aluminum.

And like some crystals, is not meant to be put in, left in or cleansed in water or saltwater

As it will absorb the water chemicals and lose its shine, color and physical appearance. So, try not to wear it in the shower or bath. 

Emotionally and spiritually, turquoise is great for people who need uplifting in their overall well-being and need to call attention to their emotions and general mood.

It will bring you a sense of serenity, calm and peace.

It absorbs negative energy and should be worn by those looking to cleanse and clear their throat chakra and increase their communication and spiritual growth. 

Physically, turquoise is a multi-purpose healer. It will also help you regulate and oxygenate blood throughout your system.

It is also a great protective and lucky stone for those who love to travel.

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Who Should Not Wear Turquoise Stone? 

Howlite Turquoise
Howlite Turquoise

Just like any crystal or gemstone, it is important to know when you should wear them and how you should use them and what they will bring into your life.

Turquoise is one of those crystals said to have no known negative side effects or conflicts and is safe to be worn by almost anyone.

As it will only help you emotionally, physically and spiritually

There is of course one main reason why one should stay away from Turquoise.

If you have any allergies or are sensitive to copper or aluminum then stay away from turquoise entirely.

Test it on your skin first before you choose to wear it as part of a piece of jewelry. But, keep in mind that its effect may not be as severe as direct contact with these minerals in raw form. 

Another reason to not wear turquoise is if it affects you negatively energetically, if you have high levels of negative energy this may be you.

It is important to pay attention to the crystals we are drawn to and how they change and affect our lives.

Your intuition and circumstances will let you know whether to re-cleanse the energy of the gemstone or remove it entirely if you do not resonate with it. 

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7 Possible Side Effects Of Using Turquoise 

Howlite Turquoise Metaphysical Properties

Before we dive into this, it’s important to note that Turquoise is considered one of the safest crystals to use for anyone, and any side effects or negative reactions are uncommon.

But, just because they are uncommon doesn’t mean they won’t happen.

That being said when using any crystal or gemstone for healing practices it’s important to note different ways in which they may affect you as each interaction is highly subjective.

Keep the following in mind when using turquoise as possible side effects: 

1) Skin Irritation

If used and worn as part of jewelry and it comes in contact with your skin, those with sensitive skin may experience irritation or inflammationrelated to a reaction to the jewelry, aluminum or copper.

In addition to this, turquoise is known to undergo different treatments using things such as dyes, oils, wax, resin, and others in order to maintain and enhance its beautiful appearance which may cause additional physical reactions.

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2) Headaches

Turquoise is a gemstone mostly associated with the throat chakra but has strong energetic ties to the third eye chakra as well.

Imbalances with this chakra and the pineal gland will lead to headaches. Particularly those centered in the middle of your forehead over the third eye location. 

Use the crystal in moderation or until you have built up a tolerance to it over time.

Wear and or use it for short periods of time such as for manifestations and meditations and then put it away. 

3) Insomnia/Restlessness

Because it is associated with your third eye, turquoise could be stimulating your third eye chakra in such a way that it is interrupting your sleep.

By helping you open up your third eye chakra, this particular gemstone is helping you with your intuition, insight and increased awareness.

Which may lead to insomnia and feeling restless.

If you are worried about the gemstone affecting you in this way, don’t keep it close to you and your space before bed.

You can try to meditate with it early in the morning in order to ask for and seek clarity on it aiding you with your sleep journey. 

4) Nausea

As a powerful energy detoxifying and protective tool, turquoise needs to be cleansed regularly and often as it absorbs and transmutes a lot of negative energy.

It is important to cleanse it as may start to emit that energy back into its user manifesting physically as nausea.

Any crystals or gemstones you are working with or purchase need to be cleansed and purified immediately!

It could also mean it is doing its job by releasing the toxic energy out of your body and bringing it to the surface.

Work with turquoise sparingly if it makes you feel this way or until you have properly cleansed it. 

5) Feeling Overwhelmed

Crystals and gemstones are powerful emotional stimulants, as a crystal with incredible healing abilities-

But, turquoise may be overwhelming you and is not suitable or compatible with you.

When you are in need of energy (usually) you are very drawn to a particular gemstone.

Sometimes, when we try one and it is not for us, we have a negative emotional reaction to it.

This is your body and energy’s way of telling you that this specific one is not meant for you at this time. As it could be too strong for your current emotional state or energy causing an emotional clash.

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6) Nightmares

Pay attention to these dreams, as they may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Turquoise is a crystal known to promote and encourage forgiveness, acceptance and seeking answers in order to live life with fewer regrets.

Your nightmares may be subconscious mind may be pointing you towards what you need to focus your healing energy towards.

Part of crystal healing is intuitive, inner work and that can be a painful process. 

7) Discomfort

This could be a blessing in disguise, you may not be prepared for the deep reactions and turmoil you may feel when working with Turquoise.

You may be feeling uncomfortable or discomfort within certain chakras or energy centers in your body (throat or third eye).

As these correspond with this particular crystal but this just means that these are the ones that need to be worked on!

Either way, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have these energy centers highlighted for you.

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4 Safe Turquoise Alternatives: Safe To Wear 


Don’t be worried if you can’t use Turquoise, as there are plenty of crystals to choose from!

Below, you will find some that have similar properties and will be a good addition to your cristal list.

Here are 4 alternatives you can wear instead of turquoise:



Similar to Turquoise, Amethyst is a powerful ancient crystal used for healing and protection.

It has the ability to activate and open your higher consciousness as well as the mind. It will aid you in your journey towards gaining clearer insights and increased well-being.

But, it will also help you identify the underlying causes behind the different behaviors, habits and patterns which influence and affect our ability to think and understand ourselves.

If you are looking for a more calming and peaceful crystal with a lighter energy then amethyst would be the safer choice. 



Both Moonstone and Turquoise are extremely soothing crystals with the ability to aid travelers in different ways.

Both will bring you luck, protection and happiness during your travels. If you are looking for a safe alternative, Moonstone is it.

It is said to increase and enhance our intuitive abilities as well as help us filter through our emotions by allowing us to explore different perspectives and release emotions in a healthy way.  



Both selenite and turquoise have the incredible ability to balance and open up your heart chakra.

If you are struggling with communication or finding the right words to express yourself then Selenite would be an incredible alternative to Turquoise.

As a self-cleansing crystal, it has the ability to cleanse, purify and amplify the energy of other crystals.

So, if you are struggling with the emotional and spiritual side effects of Turquoise allow the light, angelic, cleansing energy of selenite to aid your spiritual journey. 

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz

Known as the crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals used to promote self-love and emotional healing.

While Turquoise is said to help you balance emotions by relaxing you when in contact, Rose Quartz will clear your emotional blockages and body.

As one of the most powerful and widely recognized crystals of our time it is one of the humblest, yet most effective crystals out there.

So, it is a great alternative to Turquoise in emotional healing and towards improved well-being.

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Final Words 

In conclusion, Turquoise is generally very safe to wear and is very rarely known to cause any side effects.

Although it is believed to be able to be worn by everyone, it’s important to be aware of your own compatibility with the gemstone. And, also, how to use it effectively in order to aid your spiritual journey.

However, it affects and influences it is clear that you will gain some kind of self-knowledge from your encounter with it. 

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