Yellow Quartz vs Citrine: 7 Differences (Golden Healer Quartz)

Rita Smith
Yellow Quartz vs Citrine: 7 Differences (Golden Healer Quartz)

In my vast study of spirituality, one of the aspects I don’t joke with is crystal healing. One of the wonders of creation lies in how crystals are made to be so pure and powerful.

This is a mystery we cannot fully uncover in our lifetime. There are thousands of crystals all over the world and each has its metaphysical properties and benefits. 

Now, some of these crystals might look identical. This is why an understanding of these crystals is paramount.

For example, in recent times, a lot of people have been befuddled by the similarity between yellow quartz and citrine

Well, if you are a part of these people, you have come to the right place. An entire article is not sufficient enough to explain all the crystals in the world.

However, I will be talking about the 7 differences between yellow quartz and citrine

Furthermore, you will come to understand how to make use of these crystals without mistaking one for the other

Read till the end to find out amazing discoveries about these crystals and gemstones. 

What is Yellow Quartz?

Yellow Quartz
Yellow Quartz (Image from: Wikipedia)

Firstly, before we talk about the differences between yellow quartz and citrine, it is pertinent to understand what each of these gemstones means

Therefore, let us begin by defining what yellow quartz is

Yellow quartz is largely known for its golden yellow color. It is among the most fascinating gemstones I have ever seen.

Its bright yellow color with semi-transparent aesthetics makes it a wonder to behold. 

Its bright yellow color is due to the intense quantity of iron oxide and other mineral impurities embedded within its crystalline structure.

Now, all of these impurities are responsible for their golden yellow color because of the energy they infuse into the quartz. 

Furthermore, yellow quartz comes in various shades of yellow color. This is determined by the amount of concentration of these mineral impurities in the stone.

This is why the golden yellow of one quartz can be brighter than the others.

In ancient civilizations, territories like Egypt, Rome, and Greece held this stone in high esteem because of its metaphysical properties.

It is seen as a representation of sunlight because of its yellow color. 

In some regions, the yellow quartz is worshiped as a god. This is because of the belief that its similarity with the sun makes it powerful enough to bless the world with its beam.

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What is Golden Healer Quartz?

Golden Healer
Golden Healer (Image From:

Now, let us talk about the golden healer quartz.

Have you heard of this crystal before? If not, then, read what comes next for an accurate description of this seemingly mysterious creature. 

This crystal looks similar to yellow quartz. Another name for golden healer quartz is “yellow hematoid quartz”.

Just like the yellow quartz, there is also a high concentration of iron oxide in the stone. This is responsible for the bright and golden yellow hue of the stone. 

When you look closely at a golden healer quartz, it has beautiful markings that look like a landscape. 

From its name, this crystal is widely known for its amazing metaphysical and spiritual healing properties.

All over the world, healers are in possession (or in search) of this stone because of its intense spiritual energy that helps with healing sessions

Ranging from physical to spiritual healing, the golden healer quartz stands out as one of the most formidable stones to use

This stone was used in ancient civilizations for spiritual and healing properties. The same has been passed down to this generation.

When you see a golden healer quartz, expect to enjoy aligning of chakras, emotional healing, and amplifying of your intentions and wishes.

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What is Citrine?


One of the reasons why people mistake yellow quartz for citrine is because of the color similarity.

The first time I held citrine and yellow quartz in my hands, it was almost impossible to understand which of the two is yellow quartz or citrine

Now, there are ways to determine the differences, which we will talk about. However, let us briefly define what citrine stone is and what it looks like. 

Citrine is a word that was derived from the word “citron”, which means lemon.

The reason why a name like this was given to the stone is because of its sunny and citrus-like hue. Amongst the yellow gemstones in the world, citrine is among the most popular yellow crystals. 

Main differences between Golden Healer Quartz and Citrine

Citrine necklace

Before we discuss the 7 differences between yellow quartz and citrine, let us briefly talk about the main differences between golden healer quartz and citrine.


Both citrine and golden healer quartz have similar color hues.

However, if you pay close attention, you will observe that citrine has a lemon-like yellow color, which is a bit darker than the vibrant yellow color of golden healer quartz. 


Now, when it comes to the formation, golden healer quartz is usually formed by the iron oxide inclusions, which exist due to the pressure and heat from amethysts under the ground.

This is how golden healer quartz is formed.

However, even though citrine can also be formed in the same manner, you can find citrine as a natural quartz without any need for a transformation process


When you take a look at both stones, there is a major distinction mark. The golden healer quartz has several marks on its surface, which look like landscapes.

However, citrine is a yellowish transparent/translucent stone that is free from such indents. 

Metaphysical Properties:

The Golden healer quartz is known for its spiritual healing properties.

While citrine is best known for its ability to boost confidence, and self-esteem, and enhance creativity.

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7 Differences between Yellow Quartz and Citrine

Citrine stone

In this section, we will discuss the 7 major differences between yellow quartz and citrine. Read on to find out.

1) Origins

Once you ask about the origins of both stones, it is easy to know which one is citrine or yellow quartz.

Citrine can only be found in Brazil. Sometimes, you can also find it in Bolivia and Russia.

However, yellow quartz is more spread than citrine, you can find it in Brazil, Madagascar, the USA, and so on.

2) Crystal Structure

These stones undoubtedly belong to the same crystal family. Anyone can mistake both stones for one another.

However, when you pay close attention to the colors, you will observe that they differ.

The reason for the slight color difference is due to different mineral impurities in both stones. Citrine is a bit darker than yellow quartz.

3) Availability Mark

Compared to citrine, you can find yellow quartz easily.

Before writing this article, I did a brief research concerning both stones and realized yellow quartz can be more easily found than citrine.

This means that citrine is scarce while yellow quartz can be easily found. 

4) Value

In the world today, citrine is of more value than yellow quartz. One of the reasons for this is tied to its scarcity in the market.

Sometimes, when gemstones become too common, people begin to lose a sense of value for them.

Another reason why citrine is more valuable and sought-after than yellow quartz is that it is often used for pieces of jewelry and decorations

5) Light Penetration or Transparency

Yellow quartz can be transparent or translucent.

However, citrine is either transparent or semi-transparent, which means that it is easier for light to pass through citrine than yellow quartz.

If you hold 2 yellow stones in your hands, the transparent one is likely going to be citrine. 

6) Size

Citrine is larger than yellow quartz. 

Finding large yellow quartz is scarce. 

7) Metaphysical Properties

Yellow quartz has the divine power to attract good luck and abundance to people. It can also be used to align chakras and promote emotional healing.

However, citrine is mainly focused on boosting people’s confidence, enhancing their creativity, and helping them to discover who they truly are. 

Should I use Yellow Quartz or Citrine?

Using Citrine for shifting and moving on

Yes, it is okay to use either yellow quartz or citrine

However, ensure that the purpose for usage falls within the metaphysical properties or spiritual benefits of the stone you’ve decided to use. 

Once the energy aligns with your purpose for usage, you will get tremendous results

Can I use both stones?

bunch of crystals

Yes, you can use both stones. If you have several desires and one stone cannot grant them all, combining both stones will make a powerful combo

They can complement each other and supply enough energy for you to accomplish what you intend. 

However, you must ensure to not use both stones when your desires or purpose do not align with the energy frequencies of these crystals.

Doing this might lead to chakra imbalance

Final Words

In the world of crystals, knowledge is one of the most important ways to enjoy these precious gemstones.

This article has supplied you with sufficient information about yellow quartz, citrine, and golden healer quartz

Now, you understand the differences between them. Make use of this information to decide which of these stones to use for your purpose. 

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