9 Garden Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits

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Garden quartz is a kind of clear quartz that has more inclusions in it, otherwise, it looks and functions almost exactly the same.

It’s an energy producing quartz that helps you to expand your awareness on a number of key issues in your life.

The Garden Quartz (aka Lodolite) is known to dispel negative energy, much like clear quartz does, and help you to get closer to your spirit guides. 

There is a higher purpose to working on energy patterns and clearing away negative energy. The act of “clearing negative energy” is not just a cliché.

When you have cleared the channels around you of negative energy flow, you can think more clearly, stay focused on what is in front of you, and work on manifesting goals and dreams.

Garden quartz, with all of its inclusions, can help you to do this in a very unique way. Use this guide to learn 9 unique healing properties and benefits of garden quartz

Garden Quartz Meaning

Garden Quartz
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Garden quartz is a kind of clear quartz with a variety of inclusions within the stone. This stone is meant to help you to clear energy channels and maintain positive energy flow at all times.

The use of this stone is as ancient as the use of any other. As such, it can be used to collect information about your past lifetimes, as its history is thousands of years old. 

The meaning of garden quartz is directly connected to the circle of life.

You will frequently hear that the “Mother” language is connected to the term garden quartz, and that is why it is called garden quartz.

This stone has a direct connection to:

  • Mother Earth;
  • Mother Nature;
  • Any mother similar mother symbols.

So, Garden Quartz can help you to connect with your nurturing and grounding side.

As soon as you start working with this stone, you’ll immediately fall in love with it. Especially if you’ve been feeling disconnected from your true inner self.

Overall, this stone can also help you to enrich every key area of your human journey, or enrich your mind, body, and soul connections so that you can live a more successful life.

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What is Garden Quartz good for?

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The Garden Quartz is about awakening knowledge and power from within. This stone is also considered an ancient stone that can help you to connect with energy from your past lives.

That does not mean that using this stone will suddenly bring memories back, but it could.

So, you might get a few dreams that remind you of past life experiences, but when you wake up they seem so confusing and like you have no idea what they mean.

These dreams feel familiar, as there’s a symbolic bridge between the dreams and what is happening in your daily life.

Garden stone is meant to help you bridge every part of your soul journey into today’s present moments so that you can truly tap into what is meant to be your greater purpose and success. 

Garden Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits: 9 You should know

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This stone is one that is designed to help you to clear away negative channels and energy so that you can reflect, or meditate, on manifesting your true purpose.

That purpose could be your key purpose in life or your key purpose in your everyday. It helps you to simply understand spiritual concepts with Earthly reasoning

This stone is also an ancient stone and will help you to find many connections to your past life experiences.

There are nine key benefits to using garden quartz that are directly connected to mind, soul, and body needs.

All of these benefits will result in the key benefit of garden quartz which is mental clarity. Use garden quartz if you want to see any of the following in your life:

1) Improved overall sense of consciousness

An improved sense of consciousness is about being able to be more present at the moment.

With this gift of healing, you get more done in the day and feel more at peace with your soul. You are not bogged down by negative emotions that can interfere with your productivity.

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2) Better dreams and dream memory

Improved consciousness results in both daytime and evening clarity.

Using garden quartz can clear negativity to the extent that you have better dreams and better dream recall, and you sleep better at night.

3) Astral projection and out of body experiences

With practice with garden quartz, you can also experience more altered states such as out of body experiences and astral projection.

This is an enhanced state in a deep meditation where your soul travels to other areas of the world and your mind.

Consider an out of body experience like an intense fantasy that feels rather real, and this can result in an increase in lucid dreams as well.

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4) Past life growth and awareness

Garden quartz is connected to Mother Earth and Mother Nature, and has a deep connection to helping you nurture your past life experiences.

Using garden quartz will help you to put some puzzle pieces together about your own life

5) Improved sense of spiritual newness

When you are feeling refreshed spiritually, it is because you have been able to let go of some pain.

How you deal with that is your own personal journey. What really matters here is that you have a sense of newness that offers a kind of peace that money can’t buy.

Using garden quartz has you connecting dots in many ways that restore this peace and newness in your life.

6) Shadow work

You can also develop enhanced shadow work when you work with garden stone.

This is where you get to know your darker side a little better.

Garden Quartz helps us understand this side of our Selves that we all have, we can avoid making mistakes and falling into traps set by others in this world.

7) Better meditative states

All of these spiritual components of garden quartz will help us to grow spiritually, improve our meditation sessions, and ultimately clear more paths that allow us to see the success our guides want to send us

8) Improved ability to manifest success

Success is the reason we all use healing stones. With garden quartz, you learn more about yourself by enhancing your spirituality.

When you know your Self better, you can grow more in life. You also learn how to make the choices you need to make in order to succeed.

Being able to put these puzzle pieces together with your guides and with your Higher Powers in a way that builds growth in your life is called manifesting. 

8) Physical body healing

Physical body healing was one of the first most ancient reasons people starting using stones for crystal healing of any kind.

Garden quartz can bring soothing energy into your soul and physical body so that you can feel better.

This is a stone that works with your spiritual centers to bring balance into your life. You will experience more overall pain relief and centeredness.

Because this is a highly spiritual stone, your crown chakra and third eye chakra will benefit, and you may experience fewer headaches

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Should I use Garden Quartz?

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Yes! An emphatic yes. Everybody should use garden quartz if they can locate it and find a way to use it every day. You can use garden quartz in a number of ways.

It can be kept in your bedroom by your nightstand to enhance your sleep and dream worlds.

You can keep it in your handbag or briefcase to help you think reasonably during your work days. You can wear it whenever you have something special to do.

When you do, you too will be able to experience the mental, spiritual, and physical clarity that comes with using garden quartz. 

Is Garden Quartz really powerful?

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Yes, garden quartz is really powerful.

Most healing crystals are focused on one goal, such as enhancing dream recall, connecting you to your spirit guides, physical healing, or past life connections.

Garden quartz meets many needs, and it is among the most powerful healing crystals of them all.

You won’t feel all of the many benefits of garden quartz at once, or immediately with your first connection with garden stones.

But you can easily develop a relationship with your garden quartz and begin to experience its benefits in time. 

Final Words

When you want to take your healing crystal journey to a new level, consider adding garden quartz to your crystal ritual.

Garden quartz is a tremendous stone that can help you to enhance your spiritual journey from your past lives to today.

It is a clarifying crystal that helps to remove negative energy from your experiences so that you can live and love a more productive life.

When you want to enhance your mind/body/soul connections, get closer to your guides and angels, and learn more about the past lives that made you who you are today, explore the magic and power of garden quartz. You won’t be able to put it down. 

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