Spiderweb Jasper: 9 Healing Properties and Spiritual Meaning

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Spiderweb Jasper: 9 Healing Properties and Spiritual Meaning

The spiderweb jasper stone is named after the wavy lines of black and white that decorate this beautiful gem.

Spiritually, it is connected to the root chakra that helps us to align with the paths in life that will help us to meet our basic needs.

Those can be physical needs such as food and a home, but they can also be our emotional and spiritual needs, such as ensuring there is unconditional love in our lives. 

The spiderweb jasper stone is also deeply connected to the physical structures in our body that keep our main systems such as our bones and our connective tissues healthy and stable.

You can use the spiderweb jasper stone for crystal healing in a number of different areas in your life.

Let’s now learn more about the spiderweb jasper stone and its 9 key healing properties

What is Spiderweb Jasper? 

Spiderweb Jasper

The black and white lines on the spiderweb jasper are a beautiful trademark of this stunning stone.

This is a stone that is eye-catching on its face and has a deep and mysterious quality to it.

When used as a healing stone or healing crystal, the spiderweb jasper will bring a soothing energy into your life.

It has long been used for anxiety and depression, and it has a way of calming your nerves and keeping you centered and balanced. 

The spiderweb jasper is also a stone that brings protection.

You can use it to connect with your spirit guides and angels and also to call for protection when you need it.

Do not be afraid if you are not seeking protection from your Higher Powers when you need it. They know, and will know when to ensure you are guarded by the veil.

The spiderweb jasper stone can enhance your relationship with your guides so that you can feel that energy of unconditional love flowing when you need it.

With this protection you will find the protection from negative energy and evil spirits or intentions that may be around you.

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Spiderweb Jasper Spiritual Meaning 

woman cleaning chakras

Being deeply connected to the root chakra, the spiderweb jasper stone has a meaning that may have more layers than the average stone.

This is already indicated in the multiple colors and wavy lines of the stone. The message here is, there is more than meets the eye.

Using the spiderweb jasper in your traditions of daily, weekly, or monthly healing can help you to become more rooted in your connection to the Universe

This is a stone that many say has long been connected to the collective consciousness.

That is the loving side of groupthink, where we all realize that we are all connected and we are all in this together.

Using the spiderweb jasper more in your life will bind you to this collective consciousness in a way that releases negativity and seals you to a spirit world that is non-judgemental and loving in nature.

When you bring the spiderweb jasper into your life, you see the differences that create division, but you do not allow that to bring negativity into your own quest for success.

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What is Spiderweb Jasper good for? 

healing bones

Spiderweb jasper is good for a wide range of healing and can be useful in almost any area of your spiritual journey.

Physically it is known to bring healing to bones and connective tissue. Spiritually it connects with your root chakra to help you to find the success you need to meet your goals.

A key thing that the spiderweb jasper is good for however is emotional healing.

In its simplest form, the healing form of this jasper stone is said to bring more balance and peace into your life. This occurs through the removal of negative energy.

Spiderweb jasper has a long history of helping to clear away negative auras and energies around you, and removing them from your life.

We have our standard way of going through our daily lives. This path we create for ourselves every day is impeded by negative energy.

Sometimes we can’t help that, but when we use stones like the spiderweb jasper we are making an effort to restore balance

It is setting this intention with the spiderweb jasper that creates a powerful effect in the Universe.

Set a positive intention to remove negative energy, and that act of setting the intention alone will bear a change in your life.

The spiderweb jasper stone is a healing stone said to make that so much easier.

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9 Healing Properties of Spiderweb Jasper 

9 Healing Properties of Spiderweb Jasper 

The healing properties of the spiderweb jasper can be found in the three layers of our mind, body, and soul connections.

It helps us to restore positive energy and remove negative energy from our lives.

The spiderweb jasper is known to be helpful with physical healing, spiritual growth, and mental balance.

It is also connected to the root chakra where we can tap into our own tools to meet our most basic needs, and feel grounded and structured in our daily lives.

1) Root Chakra Healing

The spiderweb jasper is connected with the root chakra and can help to align and heal any root chakra issues.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for helping you to feel more secure in your life.

The root chakra helps us to feel connected to the things in our life that are rooting us, our families, friends, jobs, and social structures that make us feel unconditional love.

When you are feeling unstable in any area of your life, your root chakra may need some work. The spiderweb jasper can help you with that.

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2) Stronger Security

The spiderweb jasper is a healing stone that provides protection and security.

This is both physical security and emotional security. The spiderweb jasper helps you to tune into the intuitive urges that are telling you what directions to take on any given day.

If you are in danger or are experiencing stress that can cause you danger, the spiderweb jasper can help you to feel grounded.

You will feel more sure of your sense of Self, and even your surroundings when you are using the spiderweb jasper.

3) Experience Less Negativity

The spiderweb jasper is a balancing stone that helps you to cleanse your own aura.

If you’ve ever had one of those days where you’ve been around a lot of stress or negative energy, you may finish the day feeling really awful.

Spiderweb Jasper helps you to tap into the inner resources that you already have that will help you to clear away the negative energy. 

Something powerful happens in our day when we make the choice to not be negative, or be impacted by negative people. We feel more at peace.

That feeling is joy and peace sent to you by your guides and angels, or messages of love from them, that are reminders of your own power within.

You can create that inner peace, and spiderweb jasper can help you to do that by removing negative energy.

4) Find Physical Healing in the Bones and Tissues

The spiderweb jasper is connected with the root chakra that controls the base of our spine.

This part of our physical body has a direct connection to every other part of our body, as it is specifically the backbone of our entire skeletal system.

With some healing from the spiderweb jasper in our lives, our bones can feel replenished and rejuvenated, even if they are ailing from a permanent problem. 

You can find peace and a sense of relaxation in your bones when you use the spiderweb jasper. This stone is also going to bring a kind of relief to your inner tissues.

When we accumulate stressful energies in our bodies, the outcome is pain.

The spiderweb jasper can bring healing and relief that helps when you are struggling with issues in the bones and connective tissues. 

5) Feel Consolation During Sadness 

When you are struggling with something that makes you sad, healing stones can have a powerful impact.

You want to be sure that they are cleansed and charged, so that they are not bringing any negative energy into your moment of sadness.

The spiderweb jasper can help you to find more consolation during sad moments.

That is because it connects you with the tools and energies you have within you to love yourself unconditionally when you are sad about something that you can not change. 

6) Express More Daily Gratitude  

It is easy to feel gratitude on our best days, but it can be difficult to find that on our worst days.

Still, even when we are having a great day we may forget to express gratitude to the Heavens or Higher Powers that we believe in.

When we express gratitude we create a wonderful trickle effect in the Universe and in the situation we are having gratitude for.

The spiderweb jasper can help you to feel and express more gratitude for every little thing in your life. 

7) See More Clearly and Feel More Vision  

You may not know what your vision feels like, but if you are reading this, you have a little bit of it.

You have the vision that there is something bigger out there and that your life can be better when you tap into that.

The spiderweb jasper can help you to remove the cobwebs of confusion in your life and use the vision you are meant to use to see the path ahead.

You won’t be able to see it all at once, you’re not supposed to. But with clarity and vision, you will see what you need to see today to have a successful day.

The spiderweb jasper stone can help you to understand more about what it feels like emotionally when your vision is on fire. 

8) Use Stronger Defenses Against Stress and Anxiety  

When you feel stressed or anxious, it’s easier to feel weaker in your day. You can find a stronger defense against these anxieties when you use spiderweb jasper in your everyday.

Emotional strength can help you to tap into these defenses.

The spiderweb jasper helps you to find the confidence and security from your root chakra to feel more equipped to defend yourself internally from the anxieties of every day. 

9) Develop a Deeper Connection With Your Guides  

When you are using healing stones, you are using objects from the Earth in order to tap into its energies and connect with Higher Powers.

Many religions and cultures in the world believe that connecting with the Earth is a way of connecting with God, or whatever you believe in.

The spiderweb jasper has a metaphysical meaning that gets you closer to your Higher Power and even strengthens that relationship.

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Spiderweb Jasper Metaphysical Properties

woman praying

The metaphysical properties of the spiderweb jasper healing stone are all connected to your inner strength and confidence.

This inner strength comes from many sources, including those in your physical world and your spiritual world.

By connecting to your root chakra energies, the spiderweb jasper launches an energy flow that brings confidence and peace into your life. You simply feel more secure overall.

Bring the spiderweb jasper into your daily life and you will feel what that metaphysical energy flow means. 

Can I use Spiderweb Jasper everyday?

woman smiling

Yes, you can use spiderweb jasper every day and you should.

It will help you with security and protection, and will also help you to absorb the negative energies of the world around you.

This is a good stone to have around technology where we may find we feel negative energy, from news on television to computers and other devices.

You can also put this near your bed to help you to find more peace and sleep better through the night. 

Is Spiderweb Jasper really powerful?

woman touching throat

The spiderweb jasper can have a powerful impact on your life, but it brings a very subtle feeling and experience into your healing stone journey.

This is not a magic stone that is going to suddenly change things for you on a dime.

However, with some work and some faith, this is a stone that will help you to feel more at peace and find more of your own power in your own life.

Final Words

There are so many elements of your daily life that can be positively impacted when you work with the spiderweb jasper healing stone.

Try some spiderweb jasper today and see the difference for yourself. 

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