How to Cleanse and Charge Amethyst Crystal? 11 Ways

Rita Smith
How to Cleanse and Charge Amethyst Crystal? 11 Ways

For those who are more experienced in the universe of these delicate radiant sources of energy, the importance of cleansing and charging a crystal is not new.

This practice helps us to conserve these energy traces and encourages good performance.

In this small and common guide that I have written for you, dear ones, we are going to explore eleven effective and safe procedures for cleansing and charging your Amethyst.

Which will consequently help you to protect and maximize the protective and tranquilizing benefits of this crystal.

Whether for our faithful readers or for the new ones who just arrived and are new to practices with crystals, these methodologies will be a huge investment in a deeper connection with your Amethyst.

So let’s start diving into the many and varied ways to revitalize and empower your crystal energy.

How often should I cleanse and charge Amethyst?


We are now going to base our knowledge on the frequency with which we must clean and charge our stone.

Because, to be frank with you, everything depends on the frequency with which you use Amethyst and the nature to which it is subject.

However, as a general rule, you can consider cleansing and charging your crystal every two weeks if the use is regular and within the normal range, either for energy work or for meditation.

However, we owe loyalty and respect to our intuition.

For that very reason, if we feel some kind of decline in our stone’s energy or if it actually begins to reveal itself gradually or suddenly inefficient, this could be a warning to take into account and it might be a good time to cleanse and charge your crystal. 

In addition, you should also consider that if you use or subject your Amethyst to a certain denser and more negative environment, a cleansing and charging session will not harm anyone, quite the contrary.

To close this question, remember that as in everything in this world of possibilities, the spiritual world, there are no circumscribed rules.

For that reason, the ideal will be to align your energy and intuition to your crystal.

You should also learn more about how often you should cleanse your crystals.

I need to cleanse and charge my Amethyst bracelet?

Clear Quartz and Amethyst

If you wish to care for and protect the energy and efficiency of your bracelet, the ideal is to cleanse and charge this accessory and spiritual instrument.

However, dear readers, do not despair, there are very simple techniques that you can use. Let’s see some…

In the case of cleansing, if the metal of your bracelet can come in contact with water, washing the bracelet under running water at room temperature will work perfectly.

The trick is to imagine the negative energies being washed away in the course of this process.

You also have other methods that are also valid and equally effective, such:

  • Dipping the bracelet in a mixture of water and salt;
  • Passing the bracelet in burning sage or palo santo smoke;
  • Placing the Amethyst bracelet next to selenite or on selenite.

When it comes to charging, sunlight will do just fine if you take the proper precautions, as long exposure to sunlight can damage your Amethyst.

However, for more abstract attention, moonlight, visualization and crystal clusters work wonders and don’t run the risk of getting a faded or broken crystal.

And once again, never disregard your intuition, if you feel that your bracelet is not offering you the power that it really has, go ahead! Cleanse and charge that beauty.

How to cleanse Amethyst? 5 ways

Amethyst cleanse

Amethyst has an extremely vibrant and almost sedative energy, especially for spirits more distressed by the speed of society.

However, to make its protective and healing abilities last, I will provide you with a brief list of simple and beginner-friendly procedures so that you can effectively cleanse your stone.

I assure you that as you explore this list with me you will realize how gentle yet powerful these techniques can be and how much they can prepare you to help your crystal reach its full potential.

So let’s explore the underworld of crystal cleansing so that you can wash stagnant energies far away from your crystal and revitalize your stone’s native brilliance.

1) Visualization 

In this method, you will be the foundation and root of your stone and you will hold it between your hands.

While holding it, imagine a radiant and serene light encircling your crystal. This light will wrap around the negative and stagnant energies.

When it disappears, it will take them with it, leaving behind a crystal with renewed energy, more vibrant and lighter than the one I had until then.

2) Water cleansing 

Although I have already briefly clarified this cleansing process, we are going to explain a little more about it.

Here, you will continue to be the foundation of your Amethyst while it is refreshed by running water, this may take you a few minutes, but nothing compared to the constant work of this stone to protect and calm you.

Therefore, with all your devotion, you will imagine that the water that slides over the surface of your crystal takes negative energies with it.

When you turn off the water, you will notice that the previously dense energy has been replaced by a lighter, fresher and more positive one.

It’s important to know that not all crystals can be cleansed in water.

3) Selenite charging 

There is a Portuguese concept saying that says “one hand washes the other”. In this case, one crystal clears the other.

In this method, you will rest your Amethyst next to a selenite or even on a selenite disk.

Selenite has powerful healing benefits and is renowned for its natural ability to cleanse and charge other crystals, so simply leave your Amethyst in this condition overnight. By dawn your energy will already be renewed.

4) Salt water bath

Salt… In many practices used to protect, in others to cleanse and in some for both.

In your case, it will be the primary ingredient in your cleansing, that is if you don’t have seawater at hand.

In a container, make a quick mixture of water at room temperature and salt, it could be Himalayan salt.

Then the key is to first check that the salt is safe to use on your crystal and then submerge the stone in the container and leave it there overnight.

When you wake up and in the morning, you will pass the Amethyst in normal water to remove salt residues and voilá!

Learn more about how to cleanse your crystals with salt.

5) Smudging

Ending our shortlist, here is one of the most classic crystal cleansing procedures.

You will start by burning some herbs with cleansing properties, such as sage, cedar or palo santo.

Then, you will pass the crystal through the smoke and allow it to pack your stone and spiral through it until the negative energy is carried away and the new, fresher and more vibrant, make itself felt.

Always do this procedure with an open window in the area you are in, in order to allow the negative energies to leave your house.

How to charge Amethyst? 6 powerful ways 

Amethyst crystal

The process of charging an Amethyst is in my view a progressive event, as this act supplies this wonderful crystal with renewed energy and vigor.

If previously we entered the underworld of cleansing crystals, this time we will do the same but in the underworld of charging the respective ones.

In other words, I have gathered for you six powerful methods to charge your Amethyst and consequently enhance its organic and calming, protective and empowering abilities.

So let’s get into this incredible domain that will undoubtedly help you unlock the full potential of your stone.

1) Reiki or energy healing

I certainly have here with me today some readers who practice or are familiar with reiki, so I couldn’t help but add this method to our list.

Through reiki and other energy healing practices, you are able to invoke and channel energies directly into your Amethyst.

To do so you will take the crystal into your hands and direct and contaminate the stone with positivity and healing energies, all this while always keeping the intention of charging it.

2) Sunlight

Natural light once again proves to be an ally in crystal care.

Although this method should ideally be done in the preface and epilogue of your day, in other words, early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

This preference is just a preventive measure to avoid long exposure to strong sunlight or high temperatures.

Continuing, what you are going to do is place your crystal during that period of time under the direct light of the sun.

This will allow the energy of this star to invigorate and charge the vibrations of your crystal.

3) Moonlight

In this methodology, you will do the same thing as in charging through sunlight.

Except that here, in this particular case, you can let your crystal rest for a whole night.

Since moonlight is not harmful to the crystal, quite the contrary, as it helps to enhance Amethyst’s spiritual and intuitive energies.

You can also wait for the full moon to charge the crystals.

4) Visualization

We’ve been referencing this method a few times now because it’s one of my favorites.

For those whose imagination is a wild garden, this method could be one of the most effective.

It consists of holding the Amethyst and visualizing a bright white light encircling the crystal and filling it with vibrant energies that elevate the features of your crystal.

5) Crystal cluster

If you have a slightly larger crystal cluster of Clear Quartz or another Amethyst, they can be very useful for charging your other and smaller Amethyst.

Place this stone of yours in the crystal cluster, its energy will naturally expand and revitalize its properties. 

6) Sound vibrations

Finally, for people who vibrate with music, use instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks or even your own personal instrument, the voice.

You will be able to build vibrations around your crystal. These harmonious vibrations, in turn, will infuse Amethyst with invigorated energies.

How to activate Amethyst right now?


So now that you know how to cleanse and charge your Amethyst you want to know how to activate it? Of course, I will help you!

In fact, there is a short but effective range of methods that I know of to activate this stone, among them holding the crystal while focusing on our breath and aligning ourselves is one of the simplest.

However, carrying or keeping the crystal close during our days, thanking Amethyst for her work and acknowledging her traits and benefits, or setting your intentions while holding your crystal, are also great options.

In general, feeling your crystal and its energy, spending time with it, and visualizing both your intentions and the stone’s vibrations are crucial to its activation.

Can charging and cleansing Amethyst break the crystal?

Amethyst and quartz

Fear not, crystal lovers! These methods are safe and graceful procedures and generally do not break or damage the crystals.

However, it is always crucial to take into account certain aspects to ensure the durability, not only of Amethyst but also of other crystals.

In particular, some variations of Amethyst, such as Chevron Amethyst or Spirit Quartz, are more sensitive and porous crystals and therefore you should avoid cleaning methods that involve water.

And by the way, we cannot disregard the fact that salt can be corrosive to some crystals. Therefore, it is always ideal to check if your Amethyst can safely be cleansed with this element.

With regard to charging Amethyst, I have been warning you about the risks of long exposure of the crystal to sunlight and consequently to high temperatures.

In the case of this method, it would preferably be practiced for short periods of time and at times when the sun is not so strong.

Final Words

Among enigmatic worlds and underworlds of crystals, Amethyst stands out for its calmness. As we have been discussing throughout this article, cleansing and charging are key practices.

We have seen, therefore, that methods with water, smoke and crystal clusters allow you to rejuvenate the energy of your stone.

However, depending on your Amethyst, you must choose the most appropriate method.

And charging methods such as sunlight, moonlight and visualization put refreshed and renewed energies into your stone, which is leverage for your Amethyst’s full potential.

Concluding this article, I remind you that with regard to crystals, you should always trust your intuition and wisdom to do what is most correct for the crystal and what makes the most sense in view of your spiritual journey.

And don’t forget that the good performance and durability of a crystal are the result of the relationship you sow with it.

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