How to Charge and Cleanse Crystals in Full Moon? 5 Steps

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How to Charge and Cleanse Crystals in Full Moon? 5 Steps

The Full Moon is the perfect time to charge your crystals, cleanse them of negative energy, and refresh them before they start absorbing positive energy again.

Before you begin this process, make sure you have an area to focus exclusively on your crystal’s charging and cleansing.

Ideally, this space should have a clean ground or some kind of protective covering (like a blanket) on the floor so that you can place your crystals directly upon it without worrying about where they’re touching while they charge.

Can I cleanse crystals during the Full Moon?

Full Moon

You can cleanse crystals during the full moon, but it is important to be careful while charging them.

If you’re cleansing your crystals, make sure you do so in a place with no light. You will want to get into a meditative state for this process.

The full moon’s energy can work with your power and help you remove any negative thoughts or feelings coming up.

It’s important to know that the Full Moon has a manageable effect on everyone.

Some people don’t feel anything when the Full Moon comes around, while others might experience strong emotions like anger or sadness due to past traumas resurfacing.

It’s always best to stay grounded and have a support system during these times if needed.

Afterward, take some time to reflect on what happened and devise ways to handle things better next time.

Can I charge crystals during the Full Moon?

Full Moon to charge crystals

Charge your crystal during the full moon to amplify its energies.

Fill a dish with water during the waxing moon phase, preferably during the evening hours.

Take your crystal and pass it through the water three times before laying it on its side near where you will be sleeping or meditating overnight – just make sure not to expose your crystal too much to direct light while charging!

Place your index finger against the point where two faces meet on your stone and charge it by imagining yourself sending positive white light waves toward its surface.

Visualize the waves coming from both hands as they are crossed over each other in front of you.

How to charge crystals during the Full Moon? 5 Steps

How to charge crystals during the Full Moon?

Charge the crystals you use in your spells during the full moon, not only because it’s easy but powerful! Here are 5 easy steps to charging your crystals during the full moon.

1) Cleanse your crystals

Cleanse your crystals using sage or by burning a white candle and wafting it over your crystals while you visualize a bright white light enveloping them

This cleanses them energetically so that you can be sure they are free from any negative energies or influences that may not benefit your life.

This way, you’re left with crystal energy that is positive and beneficial.

Visualize your crystals with a clear purpose: It’s important to have a clear intention when charging them. Know what purpose you want each of your crystals to serve for them to be truly powerful.

2) Set your intention

This lunar cycle is a time of manifestation, and it’s important to set your intention before charging your crystals.

What are you trying to manifest? When are you looking to have this displayed? Take some time with these questions, and then write down your intention in a journal or on paper.

Once you’ve done this, keeping your focus while charging your crystals will be easier.

Next, find a comfortable place to meditate and charge your crystals: You’ll want to do this outside.

3) Place your crystals in moonlight

The most popular time to charge your crystals is during the full moon.

The moon has a beautiful energy, and it has been said to be used to help us cleanse our crystals and make them more powerful

To start charging your crystals, simply place them outside on a windowsill, by a bright window, or on top of your TV set.

This will give them plenty of light to absorb and store their energy for future use

Some prefer using orange or red candles or even sunlight to create extra heat during these colder months. If you choose to use candles, just be sure not to leave them unattended, as they can start fires if left alone for too long.

Advice: Here are some crystals that cannot be charged in moonlight.

4) Leave your crystals overnight

Set up a space for your crystals where they will not be disturbed.

Place your crystals on a cloth or in another container (e.g., bowl) that is large enough to hold them without making them touch each other, and place it in front of you, so they are facing you.

Hold your quartz crystal point in one hand and your obsidian point in the other, looking at them with reverence as you feel their power fill you up.

Focus on all the good things these stones have done for you over time. Leave it overnight.

5) Ground your energy

Ground yourself and visualize a pillar of light coming up from your feet into your body.

Next, imagine this light flowing out of your crown chakra, down through each chakra, down your arm, and through each finger.

Next, you want to visualize a pillar of light coming up from the earth and moving into your feet, then up through your body and out through the top of your head.

Grounding will help you align with Mother Earth’s energy during this process.

How to Cleanse Crystals during the Full Moon? 5 Steps

Cleansing crystals during the Full Moon

Ever notice how your energy shifts during certain phases of the month? That’s because the Full Moon has a distinct effect on us, even when we don’t notice it consciously.

As the Moon’s light shines bright, it can be difficult to tell what kind of energy you’re getting in return.

Clearing crystals through cleansing them helps remove any negative energy that might have seeped into your crystals and helps bring you more positive energy throughout the month.

The following steps will help you cleanse your crystals during the Full Moon!

1) Place your crystals in a bowl of water

During the full moon, it is important to cleanse your crystals.

Place all your crystals in a bowl. Close your eyes and visualize white light surrounding you and infusing into each crystal you are cleansing.

2) Place the bowl outside under the light of the Full Moon

Place your crystals in a bowl and then set the bowl outside under the full moon’s light.

This can be done any night of any month, but we recommend using this ritual at least once a month, preferably during a New or Dark moon.

This is because crystals often need to be cleansed and recharged to maintain energy.

The Full moon is especially powerful for this as it has more power than other nights because it’s closer to Earth.

3) Leave the crystals overnight

The best time to cleanse crystals is during the Full Moon.

To do this, place your crystals on a white cloth or in a bowl of salt.

Tou can also place them under the light of the moon. Leave them overnight, and then wash off any residue with water and soap before you use them again.

4) Remove the crystals from the water in the morning

Fill up a second bowl with water and place it near your first bowl, so you can access both bowls simultaneously (ensure enough room between both bowls).

Take one crystal out of the first bowl and set it into the second bowl. Continue this process until all your crystals are in the second bowl.

Allow these crystals to sit in the water for another 20-30 minutes before removing them from their bath again, making sure not to drip any of their healing properties onto other surfaces as they dry off.

5) Rinse the crystals with fresh water

Take your crystals out of the bowl, rinse with fresh water, pat them dry again, and return them to their usual storage place.

I need to cleanse and charge crystals every Full Moon?

Be careful with some crystals

Every Full Moon, I like to cleanse and charge my crystals. You can do it anytime, but a full moon is great because it’s an extra-special energy boost.

Here’s how: 

  • Take all your crystals outside (or somewhere with plenty of natural light);

  • Hold each crystal as you say its name three times in your left hand;

  • As you do this, visualize white light coming from your right hand into the crystal and filling it with bright energy;

  • Next, put the crystals down on a table or other surface;

  • Take time to look at them; close your eyes if that helps you feel their power more fully;

  • Then imagine sending some of that power back into each one by drawing lines between them.

It’s important to cleanse your crystals now and then, especially if you use them often or around large groups of people.

Cleansing your crystals is a way of ridding them of any negative energy that may have been collected.

To cleanse your crystals, fill a bowl with salt water or fresh water, sprinkle some salt on top of the water, hold your crystal in one hand, so it’s facing down and place it into the bowl.

You can also use sage or burning incense (if you’re into that) to help clear away any unwanted energy.

Leave your crystal there for at least an hour for maximum cleansing before removing it from the salt water or fresh water, and allow it to dry off completely before using it again.

Final Words

The full moon is a time of cleansing and renewal, so it’s important to cleanse crystals.

To do so, place them on a bed of sea salt for 12 hours under the full moon’s light.

You can also immerse your crystals in water with fresh flowers from midnight to 6 am or do the same process without any water.

When done charging and cleaning your crystals, store them somewhere safe where they won’t be disturbed by any other object that may harm their energies, like sunlight or heat sources such as fireplaces or ovens.

Also, ensure not to sleep near them while they are being charged or cleansed. Remember only to charge the stones once every two weeks because overcharging could result in negative consequences

As said earlier, crystals are gifts from Mother Earth. They contain a lot of energy that must be taken care of properly. If you’re using them regularly, ensure they are also routinely charged.

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