Which Crystals Cannot be Charged in the Moonlight?

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Which Crystals Cannot be Charged in the Moonlight?

Which crystals can and cannot be charget in the moonlight? Let’s find out!

Crystals can be set out in both the sunlight and moonlight in order to get charged. The natural aura of the sun and moon is strong enough to give life to your crystals after they have dulled down.

The rays emitted by the moon also replace the negative energy built up in crystals and replace them with much positive energy.

It is a way of refreshing your crystal and giving it the power to protect its atmosphere against negative energies and keep the environment in spiritual harmony.

What does the Moonlight do to Crystals?

The Moonlight Energy

The moon and its lunar rays carry more amount of energy than one can imagine; this energy is beneficial to crystals and humans both.

The moonlight is a source of great power and can charge crystals and rid them of all the bad energy they might contain.

It cleanses them and fills them with energy, making them strong and powerful.

The moonlight resurrects crystals and gives them a new shine from within; this moonlight stores itself in the crystals and keeps them from dismantling. It can be considered a revival of the crystals.

The light stored in the crystals later comes out after they are placed in certain places to protect places, things, and even people

Why is the Moonlight so powerful in Crystals?

Moonlight powers in crystals

The moonlight is powerful in crystals as it rids them of all the negative energy they have contained in them for long periods of time.

It adds a boost of energy to the already powerful gemstones and removers their spiritual wear and tears, especially after they have been used in a ritual that has proven to drain them; the moonlight helps them regain their energy and not only that, it also provides them with power and reshapes them in order to get to their full potential.

Similar to how the moon and sun project rays that help humans and animals boost their strength, crystals function in the same manner and gain strength from the moon

The moon and its energy:

The moonlight holds such a powerful impact on crystals because it is considered an important and highly powered source of energy.

It has a cool undertone that provides a calming energy and transfers a specific kind of power. The moonlight’s expertise is in emotional and mental well-being and heals all negative emotions and mental states.

The moon is symbolized through the Chinese symbol and title “Yin“, which translates to having feminine energy and helps with all calming powers.

Why the full moon holds importance:

Many crystals prefer the energy of a full moon as the full moon showcases the moon at its full potential and provides the most powerful of rays.

A full moon also provides crystals with the type of rays that penetrate the crystal with much less effort.

Similarly, contrary to how the full moon charges a crystal to the best of its abilities, a waning moon provides calmness and puts the heart and mind at ease, especially if the person using it requires to let go of past trauma. It helps start the healing process.

The moon is a highly spiritual entity and has been used by people for centuries to regain power and magical strength.

The power of the moon can be collected in crystals and can be used for later events.

Which Crystals cannot be charged in the Moonlight?

Which Crystals cannot be charged in the Moonlight?

All crystals can be charged through the energy and light of the moon.

Each crystal is different; no two crystals are the same, which is why every crystal requires a different charging process and charges differently under the moon.

Some examples of crystals that do exceptionally well under the moon consist of rose, and clear quartz, as the two of these stones have a direct energy link with the moon.

The crystal known as moonstone is self-explanatory in terms of its name; it has a unique relationship with the moon and develops a strong link to the moonlight.

Crystals that require more amounts of energy as they are to be used for the purpose of protection require much larger amounts of energy – such crystals include the black tourmaline.

Can all crystals go under the moonlight? 

Full moon

Yes! The moon emits energy that is quite gentle and calming, which means it can be used to charge almost each and every crystal there is to exist.

The weather is, however, an important factor to take into essence whilst putting crystals out under the moonlight, and crystals are soft stones that require care and gentleness

How can I charge crystals in the moonlight?

Chargind crystals

The first and foremost step to take whilst beginning the charging of crystals begins with collecting all the crystals that have been used for prolonged periods of time and need to be refreshed.

It is to be duly noted that all crystals that have not been charged for quite a number of days require to be charged as they have stored in their loads of negative energy that they collected from the aura around them.

Immediately after collecting the crystals, they are not set out to charge; in fact, before they can face the light of the moon and store in themselves large amounts of positive energies – they need to rid themselves of the negative energy that has been collected in them.

This is important because positive energy cannot be filled in a crystal that is already full of negative energy as it does not have ample place to store the power of the moon. In order for a crystal to gain its full potential, it needs to only have positive energy stored within it, and without cleanse; this is not possible. 

1. Cleansing of crystals

The crystals can be cleansed via a few procedures, which include soaking them in a bowl of salt water, cleansing them with fresh rainwater, and adding to water cleansing – crystals can also be cleansed through the fire, like lighting up a sage stick or using a candle.

Amongst the two natural elements of nature mentioned before, using the earth also allows cleansing of all bad chakra. 

This can be done by burying the crystals in fresh soil for a few hours – this enables the earth to absorb all negative energies from within the crystals.

There are also specific crystals called cleansing crystals that have the sole purpose of cleansing elements; these can also be used to complete the cleansing process

2. Organizing cleansed crystals

After the cleansing process is completed, the crystals can be placed outside under the moonlit sky. It is to be noted that space is required between each crystal in order for it to charge from all sides.

The placement of the crystals is of utmost importance; they can also be arranged using a crystal grid.

There are distinct ways to place your crystals in ways that enable them to charge the most amount of energy. A certain map or pattern can be followed whilst arranging the crystals; this develops a strong spiritual bond.

Cardinal directions are also used where the north represents the earth, the east the air, the south is fire, and the west for water.

This is important because each crystal is inclined to a different element of nature. It is important to choose suitable surroundings for the crystals to make sure it remains at peace, and the process of charging is not disrupted by anything at all whatsoever.

A wise and peaceful option includes grass and stone.

It is also important to make sure there is no glass or window between the crystals and the moonlight, as the best option for the crystals are to be out absorbing all of nature and the moonlight

This allows them to absorb positive energies emitted from nature and their surroundings as well. Cleansing the surroundings of the crystals is also advised so that no negative aura is present near them. 

3. Intentions that flow through the crystals

After placing and setting the crystals, it is crucially important to embed your intentions through the crystals and the natural earth.

Everything on earth is set and connected through energy; when you set intentions before charging the crystal, it activates the flow of energy from you through the crystal, creating a strong bond that will also enable them to gain more energy from the moon.

These intentions are to be repeated a few times, and they have to be clear instructions.

After letting your intentions set in, the crystals are to be left overnight and collected before the sun rises.

However, some crystals can be left outside to charge in the sun as well, but not all of them, as not all crystals work well under the sun

Final Words

All in all, crystals are hugely spiritual entities that connect to all four elements of nature, and almost all crystals out there are fond of getting charged under the moon and absorbing all of moon light’s positive energy.

Crystals protect and keep negative auras and spirits away. These practices, which include the use of crystals to absorb bad entities, have been in use for centuries now.

Crystals are to be handled with care and can save places and things from negative presences. The world works through the flow of chakra (energy); every single thing is linked to one another.

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