How to Cleanse Selenite? 7 Safe and Easy Ways

Rita Smith
How to cleanse Selenite? 7 Safe Ways 

Selenite has a characteristic appearance of being dull. A characteristic dull appearance will often make a substance seem as though it’s not valuable.

Selenite is one of such crystals whose physical appearance might seem mundane but holds high potential

Some of its properties include: repelling bad energy, promoting calmness, revitalization, cleansing other crystals 

Of these functions, selenite is well known for its effect of keeping the mind calm. A heavy heart with much care and burden can be kept calm with an energized selenite around. 

It’s common in plenty of households as a self-cleansing crystal that works around the clock.

It brings good luck and protection to your home, plus it purifies and cleanses the air in whichever room you place it. It also brings peace and tranquility to anybody within its radius of influence. 

This article will contain key notes on keeping selenite cleansed with the end result of keeping it energized

Does Selenite need to be Cleaned?

selenite, rose quartz purple

When it’s said that a selenite crystal protects its owner from bad energy, there’s a way it does it. It does it by absorbing those bad energies into itself.

It acts like a shield between the bad energies and its owner, but not a shield where the bad energies bounce off, you can call it an absorbing shield of some sort

You should know though, that one of the things selenite is known for is its ability to self-cleanse itself. It is even used to cleanse and charge some crystals.

There’s something called a selenite charging bowl where all you need to do is place the crystal you want to charge there.  

However, this doesn’t mean that a selenite crystal should not undergo cleansing

What is the use of a substance with much potential when its power source is dormant? This is the case with a selenite crystal whose energy is not revitalized with time.

Over time, it will seem like an ordinary stone that can only add up to just a piece of a mountainous element unless proper cleansing is done. 

The need to cleanse selenite crystal cannot be over emphasized. Only by continual cleansing can it truly achieve the numerous things it can.

You can charge other crystals using Selenite. I will let you know how in this article.

How often do I need to cleanse selenite?

Selenite for good grades

For selenite to be effective, ideally, it should be cleansed as often as possible.

Cleansing of selenite will best be done as often as it is used.  

A daily cleansing routine won’t be a bad idea either.

But you must take note of some cleansing processes that must not be overly done.

Some cleansing processes when overly done may destroy the potential of selenite.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll be discussing some of the cleansing processes that can be employed for selenite. 

How to cleanse Selenite? 7 Safe Ways 

selenite candle and lamp

As vital as cleaning dirt from the surface of the crystal is, cleansing of selenite however has more to do with keeping it fresh and ready for its job every time

And we need to look critically at it because it’s not like some other crystals that you can just cleanse anyhow you deem fit.

Because of the characteristics and the things that make up the selenite crystal, there are certain ways you cannot cleanse a selenite.

There are certain substances that you cannot use to clean a selenite. This and some other reasons is why an article such as this is very important. 

Below are the seven ways you can cleanse your selenite to keep it working effectively.

1) Place in the sunlight 

Placing selenite crystal in the sun does a job of expelling all the negative energy that it has absorbed so far.

As the sun’s rays penetrate into the crystal, it chases out all the negative energies stored up inside the selenite crystal. 

You should however watch against placing the selenite crystal under direct sunlight for too long as this could have adverse effects on the crystal.

It’s advisable you place it in the sun for just 20-30 minutes.

If you want to stay on the safer side, avoid placing it under direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight would work just fine.

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2) Expose it to sound waves

You can do this by getting a bell or a tuning fork. Deliberately and carefully create sounds in rhythms and let them wash over your selenite. 

The sound waves will take away with it all the negative energy that it has stored up till that point in time.

This particular method of cleansing also enhances the connection between you and your selenite crystal, because your role in producing the sounds is active, that is, you’re actively involved with the cleansing process of your crystal. 

3) Submerge it in Brown rice

Brown rice has a reputation of dispelling negative energies. Some people prefer them over white rice for this reason.

Hence submerging your selenite crystal in brown rice is an effective way of cleansing your crystal. 

Fill a bowl with brown rice and put your selenite crystal in it. See to it that the crystal is totally submerged in the rice. The process is quite slow but very effective.

Ensure the bowl is covered and then leave the crystal there for 20-24 hours

Bring it out and clean it with a soft cloth because of any rice particles that might have glued itself to the selenite crystal. 

4) Place under the moonlight

The moon has a cool, gentle energy that you can capitalize on to cleanse your selenite crystal. 

Place your crystal directly under the moonlight, for it to be thoroughly exposed to the energy emanating from the moon. You can place it under the moonlight throughout the entire night

Some have even advised that you don’t take it inside just before dawn, that rather you should wait till the sun rises.

So that your crystal, having experienced the moon’s energy for hours, would also be exposed to the energy of the sun for a few hours. Then you can take it inside

Do not forget to throw out the rice afterwards. It’s full of clusters of bad energies, so you definitely don’t want to cook or eat that.

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5) Bury in dry Himalayan or sea salt

Not just any salt is suitable for this. Ensure you get sea salt or Himalayan salt specifically to avoid damaging your selenite crystal.  

Firstly, your selenite and salt should be placed in a bowl or container, making sure the selenite is completely covered and completely submerged by the salt

It’s advisable you first pour some salt inside the bowl, then put your selenite crystals, and then pour some more salt.

This way, you can be sure that your crystals are completely submerged in the salt

Then place the container somewhere it’s exposed to natural light and air. Leave it like that for 20-24 hours. It can be longer if you’re not convinced that the crystal has been cleansed

Once you’re convinced that all the bad energy has been dispelled. Remove the selenite and gently clean off any salt particles with a clean soft cloth. 

6) Visualization

The mind of man is probably the most powerful feature of man.

Different geniuses at different times have given credence to how powerful the mind of man is

The mind is also an effective method when it comes to the cleansing of selenite crystals. Negative energies can be expelled just by the power of your mind, and your visualization. 

You have to have a strong imagination to be able to pull this off. And you must also be able to shut out the noises and distractions around you to focus on your selenite.  

For this, you visualize a bright white light coming from within you overshadowing the selenite in your hands.

By imagining this light as a powerful force against negative energies, it is said that you can cleanse your selenite

How will you know if you’ve successfully cleansed your selenite? Well, it all boils down to your connection with your crystal. Your intuitive sense will guide you.

When you feel the crystal is sufficiently cleansed and charged, then it is.

7) Breath

This also has a lot to do with your mind and the strength of your will.

Breathwork is an effective cleansing method. You’d have to shut out every noise and distraction in this instance too. A little distraction can take you off course

Hold the stone in one of your hands. Focus on your intention to cleanse your crystal for a few minutes and then inhale deeply through your nostrils. 

Bring the stone closer to your face and exhale short, forceful breaths through the nose and onto the stone to bring the stone to its highest vibration.

You can repeat this a few times till you perceive that your crystal is fully cleansed and charged.

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Can selenite go in water?

Running water to cleanse crystals

While some crystals are easily cleansed with water, not all crystals are compatible with water.

Selenite belongs to the latter group. You cannot expose them to water

Adding water to selenite can cause it to dissolve.

Let’s discuss the chemical composition of selenite in a bit. Selenite is one example of gypsum.

Gypsum is a salt of sulfates. Salts of sulfates are generally known to be soluble in water except for a few of them.

Due to the chemical composition of selenite, we can safely say that it’s not compatible with water.

Hence to cleanse selenite, water must be avoided in its cleansing process. 

Can I use salt to cleanse selenite?

cleanse with salt

Yes, you can!

Salt is an effective way of cleansing selenite. However, not all salts are suitable for this purpose.

The Himalayan salt and sea salt are the suitable choice of salt for the cleansing of selenite crystals. 

How do I know when I need to cleanse selenite again?


This has a lot to do with your connection with your selenite.

If there’s a good bond between you and your selenite crystal then you’d find yourself that you know intuitively when it’s out of energy and needs cleansing and charging. 

If you also notice that you have more negative energy around you lately, it might be an indicator that your selenite is weak and needs cleansing. 

Final Words

The selenite crystal is unique crystal in that it’s among the very few crystals that you can use to charge other crystals

It is even said that it also cleanses itself from time to time, hence it can stay effective for longer periods without being cleansed. 

The selenite crystal is therefore a crystal that is worthy of having. When you do come to own one, treat it well, so you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest. 

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