How to Cleanse and Charge Clear Quartz Crystals? 9 Ways

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How to Cleanse and Charge Clear Quartz Crystals? 9 Ways

Crystals are truly amazing, mysterious, and beautiful in every way.

However, it is only through regular cleansing and charging that crystals can maintain their natural energy and maximize the energy they radiate into the world around them.

If you have any quartz crystals in your home, read this article to find out how to cleanse and charge your clear quartz crystals!

Should I cleanse my Clear Quartz Crystal?

Clear Quartz Crystal

Most crystals should be cleansed regularly, but there are exceptions.

If you purchased a crystal from a reputable retailer, it should have been cleansed before you got it.

You don’t need to cleanse all your crystals, but here’s how you can determine which ones need to be cleared: Take one of your crystals in your hand (or under your palm) and imagine energy flowing into it.

If it feels warm or tingly, then that crystal needs cleansing. If not, then leave it alone for now!

Should I charge my Clear Quartz Crystals?

Clear Quartz

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can cleanse, purify and recharge your crystals.

Each has its own set of advantages, but it’s best to combine methods.

This is especially true when it comes to expensive pieces with sentimental value or when they’ve been exposed to negative energy.

If you want something more natural than chemicals, try charging your crystals with sunlight before following up with one of these methods.

How often should I recharge and cleanse Clear Quartz?

The cleasing times of crystals

You should recharge your Clear Quartz crystals at least once a week, but if you notice that its energy is fading or seems stagnant, cleanse it!

It’s easy! Using sage, or any other cleansing method (smudging with herbs like lavender, frankincense, rosemary, or myrrh is also common), pass your crystal through smoke from burning incense.

If you don’t have any burning supplies on hand, hold them up toward a candle flame for a few moments.

Then, let it sit in the sunlight for an hour. Don’t forget to ground yourself before and after cleaning your crystals!

5 Safe ways to cleanse Clear Quartz Crystals

Sage to cleanse Clear Quartz

When it comes to purifying a crystal, you’re essentially removing negative energy that has accumulated within. Cleansing crystals is as important as charging them.

If you don’t cleanse your crystals, they can become energetically stagnant.

1) Washing with Hydrogen Peroxide

 Hydrogen peroxide is useful for getting rid of stains from stones. It can be used on your crystals regularly to keep them clean.

The best thing about hydrogen peroxide is that it’s not expensive! So you don’t need to feel like you’re wasting money.

Simply mix equal parts of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide, then use an eye dropper or cotton swab to apply a few drops to each crystal.

Let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

You might want to do more research before using any cleaning method since some methods are better than others, depending on what kind of stone you have.

2) Salt Water

You can wash your crystal under warm water mixed with sea salt.

If you have crystals exposed to negative energy, a salt bath may help remove some of these negative energies from your crystals.

3) Burning Sage

Burning sage or palo santo wood can be a simple, effective way of cleansing objects.

Sage is known for its cleansing properties, while palo santo wood has a divine aroma that purifies an area’s energy by burning.

Both kinds of wood can also be used as a preventative method in which you smudge an object at regular intervals to keep it clean and energized.

4) Smudging with Cedar

Cedar has been a purification agent for centuries thanks to its strong cleansing properties.

Cedar is a great place to start if you’re new to smudging!

Simply light your cedar incense stick or cone (if you have access), hold it over your crystals, and wave it back and forth slowly.

As you wave it over each crystal (if they are in clusters, then consider them all together as one larger crystal), take a deep inhale of cedar smoke.

5) Running Water

You can place your quartz crystal under running water for 30 minutes to charge it with water vibrations.

The vibration of water is soothing, healing, purifying, and energizing.

While doing so, you might want to say a few words of intention out loud. It would help if you believed in what you were saying while charging your crystals.

The clearer your intention, the better.

For example, I cleanse my (name) (size) (shape) clear quartz crystal with pure running water from Mother Earth’s spring.

4 Easy ways to charge Clear Quartz Crystals

Sunlight to charge Clear Quartz

You should clean your crystal by holding them under running water or soaking them in warm water with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid.

It is also wise to let your crystals air-dry before you charge them again.

You can place your crystal on a cup while charging or set up an altar.

1) Charging While Bathing/Showering

One of the easiest methods of charging your crystal is bathing or showering with it in hand.

This can take time, however, as most crystals do not absorb energy in water (it would make sense if they did, but it does not work that way).

A better idea is to place your charged crystal on a safe surface, such as a table next to you while you bathe/shower.

This will allow the energy from the crystal to seep into your body while you are washing up.

2) Reiki Energy Attunements

Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes healing.

Practitioners lightly place their hands on or near clients to channel positive energy.

This energy helps break up blockages in the flow of ki (life force) within people, which are believed to be causes of physical and emotional illness.

3) Placing on a Wire Hanger with Silk Scarf

This method is more effective if you have over 20 clear quartz crystals on a wire hanger.

This way, you can hang your crystals in a circle around your home or office by stringing them through a silk scarf that hangs from a coat hanger.

Then, turn off all electronics and dim your lights for about an hour or so.

4) Sunlight 

Placing your crystals outside in direct sunlight will help charge them with solar energy.

This is a great way to cleanse and energize your crystals, but you must make sure they don’t get too hot (or cold).

If you live somewhere with high or low temperatures, try placing them in a shady area during those times of the day.

Aromatherapy: Adding essential oils to your water can be a great way to cleanse and energize any crystal. You can add certain herbs, like rosemary, sage, or mint.

5 Benefits of using charged and cleansed crystals

A lot of crystals

A lot of people use crystals for personal empowerment, which is fine. But they can also be used as tools to help others.

If you’re working in a therapeutic role with people, there are some great reasons why it might be helpful to have charged and cleansed crystals on hand.

Here are 5 benefits of using charged and cleansed crystals:

You don’t have to worry about negative energy:

Some crystals carry negative energy, even if they look beautiful.

When you buy crystal clusters from a store or online, there’s no way of knowing how many hands touched them before yours.

Even if you cleanse your crystals yourself, there’s still a chance that negative energy could be passed on

It makes your job easier:

Having charged and cleansed crystals around make it easier for clients to open up during sessions.

They know their words won’t get stuck inside their heads because someone else will hear them out loud. 

You can focus more clearly:

Charging and cleansing your crystals allows you to focus more clearly while doing readings

There’s less distraction:

Clients who come into therapy often have a lot going on in their lives, so it helps when they can talk freely without worrying about what else needs to be done.

And since therapists work with several clients at once, having charged and cleansed crystals around helps keep things running smoothly. 

You can set boundaries:

Therapists need to set boundaries between themselves and their clients.

This is especially important when dealing with difficult situations. Having charged and cleansed crystals around lets you do just that.

Final Words

These crystals are a great way to boost your energy, but you must cleanse them regularly.

They can become energetically clogged with negative or stagnant energies if you don’t.

Smudge with sage first, smudge your crystals with sage smoke – this will help you release any lingering energetic debris that might be attached to your crystal.

The best part is that you probably already have sage around (either in an incense holder or as an herb in your kitchen).

Just use whatever amount of sage feels right for you – you can also add other smudging herbs like sweetgrass and lavender if you have those on hand.

Light A Candle Next, light a candle and place it about two inches from your quartz crystal. Allow both items to burn down completely before moving on to step three.

You can do all nine steps at once or spread them out over multiple days – just make sure you give yourself enough time between each step so that your crystal has time to rest between cleansings.

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