9 Hematite Side Effects: Who Should NOT Wear?

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11 Hematite Side Effects: on Bracelet and Necklace

Hematite is a powerful gemstone with several spiritual benefits and metaphysical properties. It is important to note that it is also among the commonly found gemstones used for pieces of jewelry

Several people use this gemstone because it is affordable and easily polishable. 

However, there are side effects to hematite you should know. Because of this, you shouldn’t wear it without understanding the side effects. 

When you know about the side effects of using this crystal, it helps you to identify if it is good for you or not. 

In this article, we will talk about the 9 hematite side effectsstating who should wear hematite and who should not

Read on to find out more about this. 

Is Hematite dangerous?


No, hematite is not dangerous

It poses no direct threat to the life and the health of those who use it. This is a common mineral. Composed of iron oxide, it is safe to handle and wear by people. 

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However, there are certain ways you could use hematite, which are dangerous to your health.

One of those ways is grinding the crystal into dust or fine particles. When this is done and you inhale the dust from the finely grounded hematite stone for a prolonged time, you stand the risk of suffering respiratory problems. 

Most times, this happens at quarry sites or industries where hematite has to go through this process.

One of the ways to make this stone dangerous is by exposing it to other chemicals or substances.

Under normal circumstances, hematite is a stable and non-reactive stone.

But the moment you expose it to other chemical substances, it could become harmful to your health. 

Is Hematite toxic?

woman sad

No, hematite is not toxic.

However, you must be careful in how you expose it to water. Hematite is a great choice of stone for several purposes when it remains dry.

Avoid exposing your crystal to water for a long time.

The chemical composition of this stone makes it unsuitable for water. Doing this exposes your stone to rust, which forces it to shed its coat into the water.

If anyone drinks that water, their nervous system is at risk of collapse

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you should keep this stone from water. It is a safe substance when used without any direct interaction with water.

If you want to clean it, simply wipe it with a slightly damp towel. It is easily polishable.

To children, hematite is toxic. Try as much as you can to keep this stone away from your child.

If the stone is small enough to be swallowed by kids, it is safe to not keep it near them. When ingested by a child, it can cause choking to happen, which could be life-threatening without immediate attention. 

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Who should Not wear Hematite?

Spiritual powers of hematite

As I stated earlier, not everyone should wear hematite. You should understand its side effects to know if this stone is suitable for you or not.

In this section, we will discuss several people that should not wear hematite for any purpose. 

If you fall into this category, then, stay away from hematite as much as you can

Some other stones and crystals serve as perfect alternatives to hematite. Try getting them to enjoy unlimited benefits without the fear of side effects. 

  • Pregnant women are not advised to wear hematite: The energy that emits from this stone could distort the mental faculties of the child. Therefore, stay away from using this stone during pregnancy.
  • Don’t use hematite for your child – especially if the stone is woven into small beads. Children are curious little creatures who test everything with their mouths. In the process of this, they can ingest one of the beads and choke on it. 
  • If you have a pacemaker in your heart: Or other medical devices in your body, staying away from hematite is a good idea for you. The magnetic properties of this stone can interfere with the proper functioning of the medical devices in your body. Especially if these devices are sensitive to magnetic fields. 
  • People with metal sensitivities should stay off hematite: I understand that it is an attractive stone with a polished sheen. However, to prevent rashes and irritation, don’t use it on your skin. Go for non-metallic crystals and stones. 

Ensure you consult a medical practitioner before you consider using this stone. This is for you if you have a chronic health condition. 

9 Possible effects of using Hematite

hematite crystals

In this section, we will discuss the 9 possible side effects of using hematite

As effective as this stone is for spiritual purposes, you can also suffer these side effects if you don’t use it appropriately, or if your body, mental, and emotional chemistry is not in sync with the stone. 

Read on to find out more

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1) Dehydration

The absorbent properties of this stone can cause dehydration when worn

When you sweat, the crystal can absorb your sweat and this makes you lose hydration constantly. 

This effect becomes more pronounced in extremely hot weather conditions. Also, you will feel this more when you engage in strenuous activities during the day that might cause sweating.

One of the ways to prevent this from happening consistently is through the drinking of water at frequent intervals during the day

2) Allergies

If you are allergic to metals, it is advisable to stay away from hematite stone or jewelry. This is to prevent your body from burns, rashes, and inflammations. 

The chemical component of the stone is not in sync with your body’s chemistry. Therefore, try using other alternative crystals for spiritual and fashion purposes. 

3) Emotional Instability

In the world of crystals, hematite is a stone known for its intense energetic vibrations. Now, this vibration can be experienced in our bodies when we are angry. 

Therefore, if you are easily angered or emotionally reactive, it’s best to keep hematite from close contact with your body. 

Wearing hematite exposes your emotions to a lot of energetic vibrations, which causes instability.

This explains why you constantly have mood swings every time you use your hematite

To prevent this from happening consistently, it is advisable to stay away from the stone. Its energetic field is too intense for your emotional self

4) Hyperactivity

Have you ever noticed a sudden tiredness every time you use the hematite stone?

Well, it is because you have overloaded yourself with too much mental energy, which caused the fatigue to happen

If you are an active person, you don’t need a stone with energetic properties. Rather, you need a stone with calming and balancing properties like lapis lazuli, quartz, selenite, and so on. 

When you use hematite, you double the speed at which your mind works. When this happens, your creativity will shut down and this will be interpreted as fatigue and sudden tiredness. 

Therefore, once you observe this pattern, the reason is attached to the hematite jewelry you use.

Keep it away, or remove the hematite stone from the pendant or bracelet. 

5) Magnetic Interference

We discussed this earlier, but it is important to stress this once again

If you have any medically implanted device in your body, stay away from using hematite. 

The magnetic properties of this stone can interfere with the devices in your body – causing malfunction, which can cause huge damage to your health. 

Devices like pacemakers or defibrillators are highly sensitive to magnetic components.

Keep yourself safe by not using hematite stone on your body. 

6) Sleep problems

In the world of crystals, hematite is used by those who don’t feel motivated to perform a task.

The energetic properties of this stone help people to jerk up from an unwillingness to work.

This stone is used at night by those who need to burn the midnight oil (work all through the night). 

Now, imagine trying to sleep with this stone on your body! It will be difficult. The reason for this is that the energetic properties of this stone will mess with your mind.

Rather than calming your nerves, you will feel a rush of energy going through your body as if there is something you need to do. 

Therefore, to prevent sleep problems, don’t wear hematite to sleep.

But, if you have trouble sleeping, you should try to sleep with Amethyst under your pillow.

7) Skin discoloration

When you use hematite for a prolonged period, it causes skin discoloration. This is because the color of the stone will gradually rub off on your skin.

Most times, this happens to fair people. The effect is conspicuous in people with this unique skin color. For dark people, it might not mean much

Hematite is iron oxide and its dark color could be transferred to your skin if it is not properly coated. 

8) Headaches

Because of the stimulating properties of this stone, those with an active mind should stay away from it

The side effects of using this stone – for people like that are constant headaches and migraines (in extreme cases). 

The reason is that its stimulating properties cause the brain to consistently work at an intense speed, and this can cause trauma to the brain which translates to headaches

9) Difficulty in meditation

Hematite stone indeed helps with focus. However, its grounding properties can affect your mind while meditating.

Rather than focusing on the meditation practice, the stone directs your mind to the physical world. 

With this, it becomes difficult to ascend your mind into the subconscious realm. 

I am not feeling any side effects! Can I wear hematite?

Hematite bracelet

Yes, you can wear hematite if you are not feeling any side effects. 

However, also ensure that you read this article properly to find out if you fall into any category of those who shouldn’t use the stone. 

If you fall into any of these categories, then, it is advisable to stay away from the stone.

Because, even if you don’t feel the side effects right now, it will happen sooner than later. 

Can I wear Hematite every day?


No, it is not advisable to wear hematite every day – especially if you wear it for prolonged hours daily. 

Give your skin enough time to breathe in fresh air. 

For recommendation, I will suggest wearing this stone 3 times a week. That is enough to enjoy all the spiritual benefits it brings. 

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Final Words

I believe that this article has been informative enough to help you make wise decisions concerning the use of hematite. 

For the sake of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, stay away from using hematite if you suffer from one of these side effects or are not compatible with the components of this stone. 

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