How To Cleanse and Charge Green Calcite? 9 Safe Ways

Jorge Silva
How To Cleanse and Charge Green Calcite? 9 Safe Ways

Green calcite is a powerful gemstone. Using it has a lot of spiritual benefits. But, as beautiful as this sounds, the energy from calcite can be taken away.

Through constant usage, this gemstone can gradually abate in energy levels until a point when it no longer functions as a spiritual medium.

Have you ever experienced this? I guess you have! This explains why you are reading this article right now. 

Whenever the energy levels of your green calcite are low, one of the things that happen is that the benefits you enjoy will gradually stop and then, you might begin to experience a decline in the beauty of this stone. 

All of these point to the fact that you need to either cleanse or charge your stone

Well, don’t bother worrying about the “HOWS” of making these happen. 

In this article, I will reveal the 9 powerful ways to ensure that your gemstone remains effective through proper cleansing or charging as the case may be. 

How to Cleanse Green Calcite? 4 Safe Ways

Cleanse Green Calcite

Without beating much around the bush, let us discuss how to cleanse your green calcite.

As I have mentioned earlier, your green calcite can be contaminated by spiritual energies and impurities while you are performing a spiritual exercise. It can also be contaminated from its original owner. 

This is why cleansing processes are important to make your stone ready and safe for use – especially for spiritual purposes

Now, there are many ways to make this happen. However, I will be discussing the 4 safe ways to clean your stone without compromising its quality. 

1) Sound Energy

The energy from sounds (at very high frequencies and vibrations) can cleanse your green calcite.

Now, to use this process, you need to understand the type of sounds to make. Ensure to not hold your stone in your hands and scream at it like a little child. 

Several items can help you like tuning forks, bowls, bells, and so on. Additionally, you can use your voice by making a humming sound or chanting certain words. 

Hold the stone in your right hand. Imagine the negative energy flowing through the stone.

Afterwards, hit the bowl or the bell and as the sound goes out, imagine the negative energy flowing out of the stone.

Sound energy cleanses your green calcite properly.

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2) Smudging with sage

Sage is a powerful herb that is widely known as a spiritual purifier.

Whenever there is negative energy in an object, individual, environment, or animal, this is one of the special plants used to expel such evil force

Therefore, you can make use of it for your gemstone as well

Smudging sage or using the smoke cleansing method is another safe way to ensure that your calcite is cleansed from negative energy or other forms of spiritual impurities. 

Ensure you practice this in a well-ventilated environment. Follow these processes:

  1. Hold the sage in your right hand;
  2. Light it up;
  3. Allow it to burn for a few seconds;
  4. Then, put out the fire (you need the smoke);
  5. After doing this, hold the green calcite in your left hand;
  6. Allow it to pass through the smoke from left to right (3 to 7 times).

Once you do this, your precious calcite is cleansed and free of negativity.

3) Moonlight cleansing

Generally, it is believed that the moon is associated with the water spirit. The water spirit is a being that cleanses and purifies people. 

This is why a lot of people practice moonlight rituals to clean their gemstones. Now, when you hear the word “moonlight ritual”, you might feel it is a complex spiritual exercise. Well, it is not. 

Simply place your green calcite under the moon (around 9 pm), walk around it 7 times and leave it till morning or midnight.

Once you do this, the energy from the moon will remove any form of negative energy or spiritual impurities embedded in the stone.

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4) Water Cleansing

This is another way to rid your green calcite of negative energy. Spiritually, water is a natural cleanser.

It washes away people’s sins and also ensures that spiritual objects are properly cleansed and ready for use

Now, ensure to keep your green calcite away from salt water or hard water.

The best form of water to use is warm water or running water (with low-pressure flow). 

All you have to do is to place your green calcite in a bowl of running water or warm water. Afterwards, create an intention in your heart (which is to clean your stone).

When you have done this, visualize the water removing any form of negative energy from the stone.

Remove the stone after 2 minutes and wipe it with a soft towel.

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How to charge Green Calcite? 5 Powerful ways

charge Green Calcite

In the previous section, we have discussed the 4 safe ways to properly cleanse your green calcite. 

Now, let us talk about how to charge this stone. Don’t forget that it is important to recharge your gemstones for prolonged effectiveness. 

To make this happen, you don’t need complex spells and incantations. Here are 5 simple, but powerful ways to make this happen without stress.

1) Sunlight Energy

When it comes to charging your calcite for spiritual purposes, the energy from the sun is the best way to make this happen.

Power is generated from the sun for electricity, which can be used to charge household items. 

In the same way, your calcite can harness the power of the sun to charge itself.  All you have to do is to place your gemstone in the sun for 1 minute or less

Please, note that prolonged exposure to sunlight can compromise the quality of your stone. Therefore, don’t leave it in the sun for more than 1 minute.

30 seconds is more than enough to properly charge your green calcite utilizing the power of sunlight.

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2) Burying it in the ground

If you want your green calcite to be imbued with prolonged energy, try this method. Compared to other methods, this will take a longer time

You need to bury your green calcite in the ground for nothing less than 3 days.

Doing this reconnects your green calcite to mother earth. It allows the stone to harness the energy from the core itself. 

With this method, it is believed that you can make use of the stone for days, or even weeks without experiencing an abate in the energy levels

3) Clear Quartz

You must have heard of the “crystal charging technique”, which is a method that allows you to charge other crystals by using self-charging crystals like selenite or clear quartz

For green calcite, clear quartz is my best pick for this purpose

All you need to do is to tie both stones together and leave for a few hours. Your green calcite will become more vibrant than ever. 

This method is beautiful and can also add extra metaphysical properties (as harnessed from the charging stone) to your green calcite. 

4) Shaking your Crystal

This is also another method of charging your crystal. It is a simple method, but not as effective as sunlight charging, or earth energy. 

For example, if you are undergoing a spiritual activity, and the energy from your calcite is expended, you can shake it to revitalize its energy levels for the completion of the spiritual exercise. 

Make sure you adopt sunlight or earth energy after the process

5) Sound Frequencies

This method does not only cleanse your stone, but it also charges your stone.

Once you make those sounds at the required frequency, energy will flow into your stone – thereby revitalizing it and making it ready for use

By following these methods, you will have your gemstone properly prepped up for use without a dwindle in its overall quality and ability.

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How often should I cleanse and charge my Green Calcite?

Green Calcite

You need to clean your green calcite as often as possible

Although, this also depends on how frequently you make use of it for spiritual purposes.

If you use this stone daily, you might need to cleanse and charge it every 2 days for effectiveness

However, if you don’t use it often, you might not need a frequent cleansing and charging process

Can I use these methods to cleanse and charge orange calcite?

Orange Calcite

Yes, you can use these methods to cleanse and charge orange calcite

Both stones come from the same calcite family. Therefore, the methods in this article apply to both stones. 

Using these methods for cleansing and charging your orange calcite makes your stone effective and ready for use.

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Final Words

Harnessing the power of the sun, moon, water, earth, and fire to cleanse and charge your stone is an effective method to keep your powerful green calcite glowing and beaming with spiritual energy. 

This energy will be used for various spiritual practices. Also, it empowers your crystal to shower you with so many benefits like good luck, health, a clear mind, and so on. 

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