How to Cleanse Smoky Quartz? 5 Safe and Easy Ways

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How to Cleanse Smoky Quartz? 5 Safe Ways!

The smoky quartz crystal is also known as a universal healing crystal. It‘s a crystal that helps with meditation and clarity.

It is usually found in shades of black or brown, as the case may be. It differs in clarity, while some are transparent, others are more translucent. 

Smoky quartz crystal is known to eradicate fear, thoughts of depression, and negative energy while creating an aura for positive thoughts to thrive.

It reduces anxiety and unnecessary worry, thereby bringing about calmness of the mind and spirit. 

Smoky quartz crystals, just like other crystals, have been modified into many things over the years, so that men and women alike can use them in a more fashionable sense.

You’d find the smoky quartz crystal on some wedding rings, pendants, handbags, etc. 

And it’s not only fashionable, but it also offers the user several healing and protection benefits that come with using a smoky quartz crystal. This explains the interest of the world in this crystal. 

In this article, we’d be exploring the different ways in which you can cleanse the smoky quartz crystal

Should I cleanse Smoky Quartz?

smoky quartz in light

Yes, you should! The smoky quartz’s role in the things it does is unquestionably important.

It’s also known as a bringer of good luck, hence, it repels any bad luck around.

It brings about tranquility to the mind, while absorbing the turmoil in the human mind into itself. 

Repelling bad luck and absorbing these negative energies can however cause a gradual reduction in the pure energy that the crystal carries.

Hence the need to always cleanse the crystal from time to time

In addition, when you get a smoky quartz crystal anew, it might have serious stains or deposits that you need some chemical treatments to get them off and enjoy the sight of your crystal. 

Also as you use the crystal over time, it can accumulate things like dust and other more seemingly permanent stains that might make it warrant a thorough cleansing. 

That’s why you should have a habit of checking your smoky quartz crystal from time to time.

It’s important that you also charge your crystals. Learn here how to charge your smoky quartz.

How often should I cleanse my Smoky Quartz? 

Smoky quartz crystals

This question of “how often” is a conditional question that is based on how often you use the smoky quartz crystal.

Several people have different crystals they use for different purposes. And they do this, to ensure that you give each crystal enough time to recuperate and gather its energy. 

Suppose you use your smoky quartz crystal two to four times a week, cleansing it once a month would be ideal.

However if the frequency of usage is more than that, then you might want to consider increasing the frequency of cleansing too. 

Another thing that determines how often you should cleanse your smoky quartz crystal is the amount of negative energy you were exposed to in a specified period.

If you were exposed to a lot of bad energy and bad luck, then this would mean that your smoky quartz would have used its energy more in keeping you safe from them. 

This can also be a reason for you to cleanse your smoky quartz crystal more frequently, like twice a month. 

If you use your smoky quartz at least twice a week, you should consider getting a crystal that could cleanse your smoky quartz.

This way, your crystals will be cleansed and working properly all of the time!

How to cleanse Smoky Quartz? 5 Ways

How to cleanse Smoky Quartz? 5 Ways

These and many more are the questions that’d pop up in the mind of a newbie to the crystal world when you hear about cleansing smoky quartz.

Such might even ask what smoky quartz is. But you wouldn’t ask that if you’ve been reading from the beginning of the article. 

Below are five ways of cleansing the smoky quartz crystal:

1) Wash in baking soda or scurrying powder

This method focuses more on the outer look of the smoky quartz crystal.

If it’s stained by something that is now dried on the crystal, you can go ahead and soak it in a baking soda solution for a few minutes.

And then scrub it gently to remove any dirt that might have attached itself to the crystal. Scurrying powder can also be used to achieve the same result. 

You should rinse it in clear and clean water afterward, and dry it also. When you’re done with these, your smoky quartz would be glimmering more elegantly.

Note that, specks of dirt attached to the crystal affects the outlook of the crystal, and this affects their effectiveness in other things they’re meant to do.

It turns out that the statement “looking good is good business” is also a thing in the crystal world. 

2) Put the crystal in sunlight 

If your crystal is stained by something sticky and not easily coming off.

Putting the smoky quartz crystal under indirect sunlight would do wonders to the state of the crystal, as it would dry it and it would easily come off the crystal

Be mindful of not putting the smoky quartz crystal under direct or indirect sunlight for too long a time.

When there’s too much exposure, the intensity of the sun’s rays tends to crack the outer surface of the smoky quartz.

This is something to watch out for, don’t let it stay under direct light for more than 30 minutes!

3) Soak in Ethanedioic acid 

Ethanedioic acid, also called oxalic acid, is a carboxylic acid. It is a colorless, crystalline, organic compound.

It serves as a bleach of some sort. It’s usually used to remove Iron stains from wood without compromising the quality of the wood. 

So if your smoky quartz crystal has Iron deposits, soaking it in a diluted solution of ethanedioic acid overnight would make it squeaky clean.

However, ensure this is done in a well-ventilated place because the fumes of ethanedioic acid are quite dangerous. 

In addition to this, you’d be needing gloves to carry this out to protect your hands. Cotton gloves or surgery gloves are ill-advised, as the acid can still manage to sleep through. You should get good quality rubber gloves. 

When you’re done, you should rinse the crystals in a lot of clean water for a few minutes. Running water is preferable in this instance. 

You can readily get ethanedioic acid in its powdered form from drug stores.

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4) Use a high-pressure water tool or high-pressure air tool 

Just like it is with dirt in the house, a good pressure cleaner does a good job of cleaning the house.

Also, you’d have noticed that high-pressure water coming from the hose tends to do a job of washing the car and removing certain dirt, without you having to scrub or anything

In like manner, most iron stains can be easily removed from your smoky quartz crystal by simply shooting high-pressure water or air on the crystal.

Some people, in a bid to have a thoroughly cleaned crystal, like to use both.

Having used the high-pressure water on the crystal, they also use the high-pressure air to clear out stains that might be hiding in the crevices. 

5) Soak in bleach 

Well, bleach bleaches things. It strips things of unwanted stains

So if your crystal is having algae deposits or other minerals. Soaking it in diluted household bleach would do the trick.

However, you have to soak it for days on end, seeing you’d want your crystal to be thoroughly clean and all shiny. 

Ensure you rinse the smoky quartz in lots of water after taking them out of the diluted bleach. Running water is preferable here as well.

You can just use your sink, but ensure you’ve blocked it, so you won’t lose any of your crystals

After rinsing, you should also dry it for a day. You don’t necessarily need sunlight for this. Just placing it by the window would do just fine. 

How do I know when I need to cleanse my crystals again?

Meditation with crystals

This isn’t rocket science. Simply put, when it needs to be cleansed

You’d notice that there are some cleansing methods that you will most likely not be repeating every month, like soaking the crystals in Ethanedioic acid

However, there are some that, doing them every once in a while wouldn’t be a lark, like just putting your smoky quartz crystal under indirect sunlight, even if it’s for a few minutes.

It helps the quality of the crystal. 

So anytime you notice a stain on your crystal, or when you notice that it’s been a while since you cleaned your crystal, you can go ahead and clean your smoky quartz crystals.

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Final words

The significance of these crystals is without question. Hence in our utilization of them, keeping them in good condition is paramount.

This applies to both their outlook and their energy levels. 

I believe you’ve learned about that and that you’ve learned more about the smoky quartz crystal generally. Now you’re more informed as to what you have or are planning to acquire.  Thank you for reading till the end

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