How To Cleanse Red Jasper? 5 Safe and Easy Ways

Rita Smith
How To Cleanse Red Jasper? 5 Effect Ways!

As a young chemistry student, I was always fascinated with crystals and solids with crystalline structures.

I can still remember my chemistry teacher’s froggy voice as he taught us crystalline and amorphous solids. It’s amazing how life nurtures one’s interest in certain things in such a gradual way. 

The red jasper is a crystal of immense quality and usefulness. If you don’t know about crystals, then you should find time to read up about them.

I’d have loved to share it with you about them but that’s not within the purview of this article. 

Crystals are not just solid materials that glimmer. While that’s arguably the most apparent feature about them, they’re worth much more than that

Different kinds of crystals represent different things to different people across the world. Some crystals are used as talismans to repel evil spirits, others attract good luck, etc. 

The red jasper is known for inspiring stability in its bearer. If you happen to have one in your possession, it’d help to keep you grounded as you look to the future. 

In this article, I’d be sharing things concerning the cleansing of the red jasper with you

Should I cleanse my Red Jasper crystal?

red jasper crystal

The question of cleansing your red jasper is primarily not a question of “should“, it’s rather a question of “when” and “how often“. 

You must understand that the concept of cleansing your crystal, and in this case, the red jasper, is not primarily about cleaning specks of dirt off your crystal, even though that is also included.

It’s more of a ritual cleansing not just your regular activity of cleaning a table, or a chair. 

Picture it as you trying to trim an array of flowers into letters, it’s not just about cutting down, or reducing the height of the flowers, it’s more about what you want to carve out of it

So, yes! You should cleanse your red jasper from time to time. Some have even argued that it should be cleansed at least once a month.

It’s therefore not subject to argument, you should cleanse your red jasper.

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How to cleanse Red Jasper? 5 Ways

red bracelet

As I said earlier, cleansing your red jasper isn’t just a casual cleaning of an object. It refers to a ritual cleansing of the said crystal.

There are certain instructions to follow that you wouldn’t unless you’re told. 

There are know-hows as to how to go about cleansing a red jasper. What are the things you use? How do you go about using them? Are some ways more reliable than others? What’s the best way to cleanse the red jasper?

As I’d be listing below, you need certain guidelines as touching the cleansings of red jasper

1) Cleanse the crystal in water

Water is a symbol of freshness, newness, and vigor. Water is a very important cleansing agent when it comes to crystals.

Preferably clean and clear water, it cleanses off all the negative energy that the red jasper must’ve absorbed while trying to ensure you’re stable in your mind and spirit. 

Some hold the belief that running water is more suitable than just water. However, I won’t be going into that in this article. 

Just soaking the red jasper in clean and clear water does wonders in renewing its strength. When you draw it out of the water, it’s born anew, ready to accompany you on life’s journey afresh. 

However, you shouldn’t keep it in the water for too long.

A few minutes of washing is enough, to avoid any kind of damage that your red jasper might incur by spending too much time in the water. 

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2) Use salt to cleanse your crystal 

Salt has long been known for its cleansing ability. Ancient medicine employed the use of salt water to cleanse wounds and cuts while treating human beings and animals alike.

This gives credence to how much significance salt has when it comes to cleansing. 

If you’re close to the ocean, you can get seawater or just add a few spoons of table salt to a basin of water as the case may be, it does wonders for the red jasper.

It rids it of all the bad luck the crystal has shielded for you

Cleansing your crystal with salt is known as one of the most reliable methods of cleansing. However, you shouldn’t keep it in salt water for too long.

As some crystals are known to change when they stay for long in salt water. A maximum of 100 secs is advised for the cleansing time

3) Put the crystal in sunlight 

Exposing your crystal to natural light sources is a proven method of cleansing your crystal. 

Nature itself is very loud about the healing and regenerating effect that being exposed to sunlight brings. It’s not any different for the red jasper. 

When you place this crystal in the sunlight, there’s an exchange of energy going on. The sunlight is sucking out the negative energy that the crystal has sucked in and is refreshing the crystal. 

There’s a higher chance of a more thorough cleansing when you put the crystal in the sunlight when the sun’s burning hot, in other words, when it’s at its peak.

When you do this, you can be sure that your red jasper is energized and refreshed to be of more use to you. 

4) Put the crystal in moonlight 

As I said in number three above, exposing your crystal to natural light sources does a lot of good in the cleansing and charging aspects. 

Just like it is with exposing the red jasper to sunlight, there’s an exchange of energy going on too when you put your crystal in the moonlight

There are different shades of moonlight and each of them has a seemingly unique effect on your red jasper.

Putting the red jasper in the waking moon and waning moon replaces all the negative energy accrued over time by the red jasper as a result of averting bad occurrences that should’ve befell you with a fresh non toxic energy. 

Putting your red jasper out under the full moon fills the red jasper with innovative and stable energy.

This in turn results in stability of mind and spirit for you. And while you’re stable, you’re also able to think and plan the future ahead of you. 

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5) Cleanse the crystal with sage or incense

Sage is an ancient sacred plant that’s known for its healing and medicinal properties

You’d need a lighter to put flame to the bundle of sage you want to use. It’s the fumes that are important. You ensure you submerge your red jasper in the smoke coming from the sage plant.

You can easily do this by holding the sage in one hand, and then your red jasper in the other. You can do this for about 30-45 secs. 

Ensure you’re also doing this in a well-ventilated place, preferably outside, in an open space, where the negative energies being captured in the smoke can disperse into the atmosphere.

It would be bad if the negative energy being forced out is lodging in your room, hence the advice to do this in an open space.

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How often should I cleanse Red Jasper?

red jasper elephant

How frequent one cleanses the red jasper is based on two things

Firstly, it’s based on the state of the red jasper. How potent the red jasper is at the moment.

When you own a red jasper and then you still notice that your mind isn’t stable, it’s all over the place, and you’re not able to maintain calmness in your mind.

This is a pointer that the red jasper isn’t doing its job. This could be a result of having used up its energy or being clouded by too much negative energy. Hence, your red jasper needs cleansing

Secondly, you should have a cleansing routine for your red jasper.

Whether it’s doing its job well or not, you should cleanse the red jasper at least once a month. This helps it to be more effective around the clock. 

How do I know when I need to cleanse this crystal again?

Circle of crystals

Just as I said above, when you notice that the energy level of your crystal is dropping, that’s a signal that you should consider cleansing your crystal. 

And you’d know that the energy level is dropping when it’s no longer effective or when the effectiveness has reduced drastically.

This means that you should be on the lookout, you must pay attention so as for you to be able to notice this and do the needful.

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Final words

Having seen the different ways of cleansing the red jasper. I believe you’re well-informed enough not to be going around with an ineffective crystal. It would be pointless to do so

Pay enough attention to the things happening with and around you concerning the red jasper, so you’d be able to do the needful as the need arises.  

That’s the only way you wouldn’t have read this article in vain. 

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