Can Amethyst go in Water and Salt Water? Honest Answer

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Can Amethyst go in water and salt water? Honest Answer

Amethyst, this beautiful purple stone, has an ancient story that goes along with it. In the time of the Greek God of Wine Makers, Dionysus, it is said that he was lusting after a fair maiden named Amethystos.

She, however, was not interested in his affections and refused him. Her prayer protected her from the goddess Artemis who transformed her into a white stone.

Humbled by Amethystos’s desire to remain chaste, Dionysus poured wine over the stone as an offering. The stone statue of Amethystos was dyed the deep purple that is now known as the color of Amethyst

Amethyst, the most popular gemstone worldwide, can be found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, and the Americas.

Amethyst is the crystal that needs to be where all those wanting the healing properties of crystals begin their journey. 

The stone has the physical healing powers of immune boosting, deeper sleep, and help with migraines.

Spiritually amethyst helps with intuition and third eye awakening and reduces negative influences.

The emotional healing properties include balanced emotions, a calm mind, courage, as well as helping with decision making.

Keeping your amethyst crystal cleansed and charged with all these extraordinary healing abilities is essential. Can you do this with water, salt, or both?

Can Amethyst go in the water?

Can Amethyst go in the water?

Yes! Minerals are classified on a scale of one to ten regarding how resistant they are to being damaged by other minerals.

This classification scale is called Mohs Hardness Scale.

The higher the number, the harder the crystal is.

Crystals with a Mohs score of 5 or more are likely to be at home in the water.

Amethyst has a Mohs Hardness score of seven, so amethyst is fine in water.

Amethyst, however, is very sensitive to temperature changes, so it should not be subjected to excessively hot or cold waters.

Because amethyst is water safe, you can infuse water with amethyst and can also cleanse amethyst with water. 

Can Amethyst be cleansed in water? 

Amethyst can be cleansed in water, but care must be taken.

Amethyst crystal is porous; over more extended periods of time, it can absorb water which can damage the crystal.

Short exposure to water is fine but avoid soaking your amethyst crystals for long periods of time.

After soaking your crystals, rinse them thoroughly and air dry them entirely. Other methods of cleansing your amethyst crystals don’t expose them to the hazards of water cleansing. We will touch on those methods later.

Can Amethyst go in salt water? 

Can Amethyst go in salt water? 

Saltwater is often used to do a complete restorative cleansing of many crystals.

Although salt water will give a crystal a good cleanse, salt water may not be the best choice to achieve a comprehensive restorative cleanse for the amethyst crystal.

Saltwater can seep through and not easily rinse off from the amethyst; this can interfere with the energy of the amethyst and affect the crystal’s luster and make the crystal break apart.

Even though oceanic waters provide tremendous energetic benefits, amethyst crystals should not be put into salt water.

Salt water will damage amethyst crystals.  

Benefits and risks of putting Amethyst in water

Putting Amethyst in water

The risks of putting amethyst in water are primarily the damage caused to the crystal itself.

However, this crystal breakdown allows it to be infused into the water. Drinking amethyst-infused water has the benefit of allowing you to absorb the healing energies of the crystal internally.

These benefits include:

  • Insomnia treatment: Experiments on humans and animals have shown that amethyst crystals help regulate sleep patterns. Amethyst emits heat that is relaxing to the body.
  • Stress relief: Amethyst crystals attract positive energy and repel negative energy and can help reduce stress and anxiety associated with that negative energy.  
  • Mood enhancement: Studies have shown that Amethyst crystals boost the mood of those who regularly expose themselves to amethyst through consumption or mere exposure to the crystals.
  • Clarity of thought: The use of crystals has been shown to even out emotional responses, aid in a clearer mind, and improve decision-making skills.  
  • Cell regeneration: Amethyst crystals are believed to increase your body’s energy levels, thus encouraging healthy cell growth.  

There are, however, some possible risks associated with amethyst crystals. These risks are infrequent but should be noted.

Among these risks are the following:

  • Dermatological problems: acne, rashes, and rough patches have been reported.
  • Migraines.
  • Internal issues: breast pain, abdominal pain, water retention, and abdominal bloating.
  • Dizziness. 
  • Nausea.

Is there any way to cleanse Amethyst instead of water?

Cleanse crystals in water

To maintain healthy amethyst crystals, it is essential to understand that they must be periodically cleansed. But what does cleansing mean?  

Throughout a crystal’s life, it encounters many entities from which it absorbs different energies. These include positive and negative energies, so crystals must be periodically reset to their natural energic state by cleansing.  

You can cleanse using light, water, breath, sound, visualization, sage, or rice.

It is recommended that you cleanse your amethyst crystal at a minimum, monthly.

You can cleanse it more often if you feel it is encountering negative energies that can bog it down. It would be best if you also cleanse your crystal after each healing session it faces. 

Is there any way to recharge Amethyst instead of water?

Recharging crystals in water

Crystals have many ways of recharging. A lot depends on the individual’s intention for the crystal, so following and speaking your intuition toward the amethyst is very important.

Other than intention, there are different common ways to recharge a crystal, including directing sound toward the crystal, like a tuning fork or singing bowl.

Or the crystal can be buried in soil or placed around thriving plants.

Also, burning herbs or incense over them can be a way of recharging an amethyst crystal. These are examples of standard recharging methods, but other ways that might be considered unusual methods work.

Examples of unique methods include: 

  • Using other minerals like gold, silver, copper, and iron.  
  • Magnetic energies
  • Some even believe spirits, dragons, fairies, and angels can recharge crystals.

Amethyst and your chakras

Amethyst and your chakras

The body has seven chakras that hold the energies of thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences for the soul.

Crystals share powers with our bodies’ chakras.

Tranquility and calmness are brought to those wearing the amethyst crystal because of the amethyst’s effects on the seventh chakra.

The seventh chakra is known as the crown chakra, and when this chakra is open, it can connect you with your highest best self.

The use of amethyst can open this chakra and help rid a person of depression, social isolation, and emotional challenges.  

Is Amethyst-Infused water safe? 


Amethyst-infused water is safe and can be used for drinking and bathing. It has numerous benefits when used in those ways.

There are many ways to infuse crystals into the water. There are infusion devices you can purchase, but the most straightforward way and one that is virtually no cost is to get a clear glass jar, place your selected crystal in the jar and fill it with water.

Fresh spring water is the best to add, but if you cannot get fresh spring water that is not contaminated/polluted, it is best to use filtered tap water.

Then cover the glass jar with a clear glass lid or plate.

The jar is then placed in a window or outside for either 12 hours of sunlight or a 24-hour cycle of sunlight and moonlight.

The benefit of amethyst-infused water is the same as wearing the crystal; only may be more helpful to drink the infused water because the body directly absorbs the energy. 

Final Words

Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February, making it the gem of spring and the stone to help celebrate the sixth and the seventeenth wedding anniversaries.  

In medieval times amethyst was used by the warriors of the time to protect them and help them stay focused on the battle.  

Buddhists believe that meditations are enhanced by amethyst, and they often adorn Tibetan prayer beads

Amethyst comes in various shapes and colors; It can be found naturally in the form of crystal points and raw stones.

There are also amethyst plates in nature too.

There is also a lab-made variety of synthetic amethyst that can be made quicker than natural stone and is much cheaper. Even geologists have difficulty telling whether it is a natural or synthetic form. 

Amethyst is also known as the sobering stone; by placing it under the head of the bed, it can help heal all forms of addictions, from anorexia to alcoholism.

Along these same lines, the ancient Greeks believed amethyst to be an antidote to intoxication and even drank wine from cups carved from the stone.

Amethyst has a high spiritual vibration making it a powerful and protective stone. It has the ability to open conscious awareness and awakening that doesn’t stop at the physical body. It will help you find your spirit guide and angels. 

Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer and blocks stress and negative environmental energies. Its ability to promote a love of the divine makes it one of the most spiritual stones. 

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