What Crystals should NOT be in your Bedroom? 7 to Avoid

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What Crystals should NOT be in your Bedroom? 7 to Avoid

Some crystals should not be in your bedroom. If you are a lover of crystals and precious gemstones, this article is important.

Your love for crystals and gemstones can be a weakness.

The reason is that you can keep dangerous crystals in your room, which negatively affects your sleep.

What crystals should not be in your bedroom? How can you identify these crystals and avoid them? All of these will be explained in this article.

Why should we avoid having certain crystals in our bedroom?

The use ofcrystals in the room
Fluorite: You should avoid!

Not all crystals are good for the bedroom. Some are good for other things other than the bedroom. Knowing this fact helps you to properly determine which crystal to use or not.

Spiritually, certain crystals should be avoided when it comes to what to place in the bedroom. 

The bedroom is where we spend most times of the night. It is where we become most vulnerable. It is also where we can either be exposed to good energy or negativity. This is why it is important to avoid certain crystals. 

Before we get into the reasons for avoiding certain crystals in the bedroom, let us speak in generic terms. The bedroom is sacred.

This is an incontestable fact.

What you put in your bedroom determines a lot concerning your life, and the things you will experience when you sleep. 

In spirituality, certain guidelines have been put in place to ensure that your bedroom does not become a portal for negative spirits.

Following those guidelines helps. It keeps you safe from harm. It keeps your mind protected from negative vibes. 

Just like the mirror in the bedroom, certain crystals should also be avoided. Either in your jewelry or as a precious stone, keep them out of your bedroom. 

Now, let us discuss the spiritual reasons behind this assertion:

  • Having certain crystals in your bedroom prevents you from sleeping. 
  • When you keep certain crystals in your bedroom, your mind will become active all through the night. Oftentimes, this leads to chronic headaches in the morning.
  • Certain crystals in your bedroom also recount your past. This comes via bad dreams, and so on.

Are there Crystals that can Disrupt our Sleep?

Crystals that interfere with our sleep

Yes, some crystals can disrupt our sleep.

Just like some crystals can enhance sleep, other crystals can disrupt sleep.

This is why everyone should understand the different crystals we have, their properties, and how to use them. 

Some crystals should be left at work while other crystals should be kept at home.

Knowing the suitability of crystals makes it easier for you to prevent certain crystals from finding their way into your bedroom.

If you use certain crystals, you will find it hard to sleep. You might be energetic all through the night, and this leads to morning sickness. Sometimes, certain crystals fill your mind with nightmares that will haunt you all through the night. 

In extreme cases, keeping certain crystals in your room enhances your spiritual hearing ability. It will cause you to hear different voices.

Now, how will you sleep while hearing voices? No way! 

We will discuss the different crystals that should never be kept in your bedroom because of how they disrupt sleep or cause other strange things to happen during the night.

What Crystals should not be in your Bedroom: 7 to avoid

What Crystals should not be in your Bedroom

Let us talk about the crystals that should not be in your bedroom. There are 7 crystals to avoid having in your bedroom. Having one or more of these crystals in your room will wreak havoc on your emotional and mental state all through the night.

What are the crystals that should never be in your bedroom? Let us talk about them right away.

1) Cinnabar


This crystal is beautiful to behold. It fascinates the eyes. However, it is deadly and dangerous to keep in your room.

If you pay close attention to the outlook of the cinnabar, you will observe that it looks like fire.

The deep red/violet color of this crystal gives it the look of meteor rock.

Now, why should you keep an omen of fire and destruction in your room? Surely, you will find it hard to sleep at night with this crystal around.

Because of how it looks similar to a meteor rock, and how it represents fire, keeping this crystal in your room will make you uncomfortable.

In extreme spiritual cases, you will feel heated up from within, which makes sleeping difficult. 

Keeping a cinnabar in your bedroom should be avoided. If you desire to have a good night’s sleep, ensure that cinnabar is kept far from your bedroom.

2) Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye

The tiger eye crystal is known to repel dark forces but is not good for the bedroom.

Tiger’s eye crystal is a precious gemstone that makes you energetic.

Using this in your bedroom will eliminate sleep from your eyes.

The tiger’s eye is used when dark spiritual forces are around.

Now, if there is no dark energy in your bedroom and the tiger’s eye is kept there, your mind will be unnecessarily agitated. You will feel as if a dark force is coming at you when in reality, nothing is coming at you.

All of these inner battles will disrupt your sleep. Therefore, avoid keeping a tiger’s eye in your bedroom.

3) Topaz


This gemstone turns blue when exposed to light.

The change in color sends a spiritual message of instability.

Keeping topaz in your bedroom renders your mind unstable. Your mind will be filled with myriads of thoughts all through the night, and this will prevent you from sleeping well.

Topaz can help boost your creativity when used at work.

The yellow color enhances your creative powers and activates your thinking ability.

All of these are not needed in the bedroom – except when you are going through a personal brainstorming session. However, when it is time to sleep, keep topaz away from your room.

4) Fluorite


This crystal is a light-reflecting crystal.

Except you love to be interrupted when you sleep at night, avoid keeping fluorite in your bedroom.

The blue, green, and purple Fluorite will prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Because of how this crystal reflects light, you might find it difficult to sleep.

The light that emits from Fluorite tampers your mind. It will destabilize your mind for a moment.

In extreme cases, you will have sudden waking moments in between your sleep. To prevent this from happening, keep flourite away from your bedroom at night.

5) Labradorite


Labradorite is a highly prized gemstone that is revered in witchcraft practices, rituals, incantations, and meditation practices.

Keeping the labradorite in your bedroom turns your room into an abode of spirits. It is believed that the labradorite is a gemstone that can be used to summon spirits.

Therefore, avoid having this crystal in your room.

It is dangerous to keep the labradorite in your room because it makes you vulnerable to spirits.

Leaving it in your room for days can lead to having a haunted house

6) Selenite


The selenite crystal is powerful. It is used for protection.

The twist to this is that the power of selenite crystal only works when you are active.

This means that keeping the selenite crystal in your room will protect you from negative energies and entities. However, it comes at a price. The price is your sleep.

Since selenite crystal works only when you are active, its energy will keep you awake for the protection to work.

This rubs you of your sleep and makes you extremely uncomfortable in the morning. 

If you need protection at night, try using rose quartz or amethyst instead of selenite crystal.

7) Moonstone


Be careful of moonstone. Don’t keep a moonstone in your bedroom at night.

This crystal is a super-charged crystal that boosts hormones.

Using this crystal makes you energetic.

Just like taking marijuana or cannabis, the energy from moonstone can be intoxicating at times. It makes you feel stronger, energetic, optimistic, and so on. 

When all of these feelings clash together, it becomes impossible to sleep.

You might not feel the effect until the next day because of how charged you are at the moment. If you need to sleep, keep moonstone away from your bedroom.

What Happens if I sleep with these Crystals?

Crystals with bad energies

When you sleep with the previously discussed crystals, the following will happen to you.

  • You will find it difficult to sleep. Now, this can be caused by either the super-charge from these crystals or your active mind that is working all through the night. However, keeping these crystals in your bedroom will prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.
  • If you don’t have a good night’s sleep, your health will be in jeopardy. You will begin to feel slight headaches, and if care is not taken, it leads to memory loss. 
  • Your inability to sleep because of these crystals will also lead to emotional and mental instability. This negatively affects how you relate with people around you. Additionally, it hinders your creativity from playing out.
  • Whenever you sleep with these crystals, you might have nightmares. Yes, this is true. Nightmares can litter your dreams with these crystals. Some of the crystals mentioned above invoke spirits. Now, when evil spirits are invoked, they begin to affect you in your dreams.

For the reasons above, it is clear that you should stay off these crystals for your mental safety and general wellbeing.

Are there Crystals that can help me sleep better?

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Yes, some crystals can help you to sleep better.

Crystals like rose quartz ensure that you have a good night’s sleep. When you sleep with rose quartz in your bedroom or under your pillow, your mind becomes calm.

It gives you peace of mind, which induces sleep. In addition to this, rose quartz calms your environment. It silences the noise in your soul, and this also leads to a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping with rose quartz also heals you of negative energy and emotional trauma. This means that if you are suffering from trauma, rose quartz heals you of that.

Once the healing process begins, your mind will be restored gradually, and you will start sleeping better.

Another crystal you can use to sleep better is amethyst.

This crystal has all the benefits of rose quartz. The distinct benefit it offers is protection.

Amethyst is a strong protection crystal for sleep.

If your sleep is constantly attacked by an evil spirit and negative energies, try sleeping with amethyst. 

Final Words

To protect yourself from becoming vulnerable to spiritual attacks, sleeplessness, anxiety disorders, and so on; avoid the 7 crystals discussed in this article.

These crystals should never be in your bedroom because the energy they emit is not compatible with the energy of sleep.

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