11 Crystals for Clarity and Decision Making: They work! 

Jorge Silva
11 Crystals for Clarity and Decision Making: They work! 

Today I will show you the best crystals for clarity in your life and decision making. Let’s start?

For thousands of years, people have talked about the healing properties of crystals.

They have been around since 7000 BC.

Therefore, it is not surprising when its inhabitants claim to employ crystals for healing.

Crystals go beyond science because they help us meditate on our own inner chakra and connect us to the spiritual world.

They assist us in expelling all of our negative energies and substituting positive ones in their place. Crystals can help with many things, specific or not.

Crystals heal us as a whole entity and give us the freedom of a peaceful mind and body.

Are there any crystals for clarity?

Crystals for clarity

We can establish the balance needed for increased focus and concentration if we take a moment to stop and pay attention to what our body needs.

Once our emotional space is cleared, the mind is tremendously capable of reaching the freedom it seeks.

In order to achieve equilibrium, move slowly and take care of both your body and mind.

Are there any crystals for decision-making?

Crystals for decision-making

Crystals can, in fact, help with decision-making as they are spiritually healing objects that work in mysterious ways and help our minds and our bodies get to where they need to be (in a spiritual manner).

11 Crystals for clarity and decision making

Crystals for clarity and decision making

1) Citrine


Clarity of feeling can be attained through the use of citrine. It addresses issues of identity, ego, and personality. It encourages a more upbeat mindset and drives out negativity, which eliminates anger.

2) Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

This gem is used to treat the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is all about laying the groundwork for one’s happiness, enjoyment, and creativity.

3) Green quartz

Green quartz
Green quartz

The heart chakra and expanding your heart are the sole focuses of green quartz. By channeling the power of self-love for your own heart, this quartz helps you gain the confidence to believe that you can also receive love from others.

4) Gems made of amazonite


A natural equilibrium is achieved in your physical state thanks to amazonite’s assistance in regulating and calming the body’s nervous system. if the nervous system is burnt out or in overdrive

5) Chrysoprase


As a powerful natural antidepressant, Chrysoprase is renowned for clearing the heart chakra by bringing happiness and abundance into one’s life. This is a crucial stone for people whose nervous systems have been overstimulated or who experience anxiety and sadness.

6) Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger's Eye
Blue Tiger’s Eye (Image from: https://satincrystals.com)

Blue Tiger’s Eye helps to boost the flow of expression and to expand the heart. This stone helps you feel more self-respect and self-worth, which will make it easier for you to be honest with yourself and believe in your own voice when it comes to speaking your own truth.

7) Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

Given that smoked quartz’s main purpose in this area is to release emotional baggage, it makes sense that it is associated with the root chakra. Its dark hue aids in absorbing the bad vibes that are weighing you down.

8) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

It helps in heart chakra healing. Although it may not appear that our heart chakra is related to our sense of clarity and purpose, a blocked heart can cause all other chakras to become unstable.

9) Rainbow fluorite

Rainbow fluorite

Your creative thinking is unblocked by fluorite, which also delivers a rush of uplifting energy that will help you get back into flux and flow.

10) Obsidian


It removes the blockages in your solar plexus chakra so that you no longer feel unbalanced and can stand erect and free of extra energy that might be occupying valuable mental space.

11) Red Jasper

Red Jasper
Red Jasper (Image from: TinyRituals)

Red jasper, a base chakra stone, can give you the vigor, strength, and will to stand your ground.

How can I use these crystals?



All you have to do is put on something comfortable, calm your mind, and unwind your body.

You take a breath and hold crystals in both of your hands.

You release all of your negative chakras during your initial exhalation, at which point you should firmly grasp the crystals to lock in your positive chakra.

Then you sit and practice meditation while holding crystals, which continuously send positive chakra energy to your body.

You become calm and cleanse your body and soul using this technique.

To do this, prepare to meditate by bringing your body and mind into balance.

By allowing your body and mind to become more open to the deeper world, meditation helps you feel more connected to the spiritual realm.

Rubbing crystals in targeted locations:

The idea is to lay the crystal on top of the sore area of your body and let it work its magic by bringing healing energy into your body. It is also quite useful to lightly massage the stone.

A jade roller is a very common illustration of this technique. A gemstone roller is used to brighten the skin and minimize puffiness.

It is applied to the trouble spots and massaged.

Keep crystals on you:

As crystals are things that are extremely rich in positive spiritual energy, they will continue to circulate around positive chakras close to you.

This is a simple and efficient technique to relieve yourself of pain continuously.

Crystals and the transition from sleep to slumber!

Using crystals in jewelry

Because humans need sleep to operate, having a disturbed sleeping pattern can lead to many behavioral problems.

People who are sleep-deprived cannot perform at their best. When it comes to helping people get to sleep and stay asleep, crystals are quite beneficial.

Grids of crystal:

Crystal grids are designs that often symbolize one or all four of the earth’s natural elements: fire, water, earth, and air — and have a spiritual significance.

As soon as the grid is put together, it generates potent spiritual forces that are sealed away and guard you for as long as the crystal grid is in place. Crystal grids enable crystals to operate to their full capacity.

In your bed’s or pillow’s base:

By using this technique, you can be confident that the crystal will continue to radiate positive energy throughout your body as you sleep, ensuring that you awaken feeling upbeat and rational.

This process is incredibly straightforward and highly efficient. It functions in a way that sends you spiritually positive auras all night long as you sleep.

On your body, crystals:

This guarantees that your body is in regular contact with the crystal and aids in the removal of negative ideas and their replacement with positive ones.

In the bath:

This process will aid in the absorption of crystals into your aura and soul in addition to your skin.

All that is required is to select a few of your favorite crystals and reserve them (make sure they are charged).

Then, fill your bathtub with crystal-clear, clean water. Let the crystals soak in the water after carefully placing them there.

Finally, immerse yourself in the water after a brief pause to allow the water to absorb all the love and tenderness the crystal has to offer.

This will allow the qualities of the crystal to imbed themselves into you and give you the energy you must have that you need in order to achieve serenity.

Additionally, it helps to purify your soul and makes you feel a lot more at ease and renewed.

Crystals in your jewelry:

As simple as it sounds, this procedure is.

All you have to do is embellish your jewelry with some charged crystals. You can wear it as a pendant, a diamond in a ring, or however else you like.

This makes it possible for the stones’ energy to continuously flow through your body for however long you wear it.

For those who wear jewelry, this is a particularly simple procedure to follow.

Can I use two crystals together?

Using two crystals

The simplest solution is to say that crystals can be joined and that doing so results in a positive conclusion.

Combining crystals produces a stronger frequency that helps the healing pattern because each stone has a unique frequency.

Adding crystals together, each which a unique frequency strengthens the healing effect on our energy field.

Having said that, there are a number of things to consider when blending stones; it’s crucial to try new things, go with your instincts, and figure out what suits you the best.

The advantages of combining crystals and stones must be understood in order to be discussed; this understanding involves combining crystal powers and employing them to create a stronger crystal grid. 

You can pair crystals intelligently in a variety of ways. When it comes to combining crystals, there are many misconceptions, but the fact is that this is never a bad thing; to understand why we must first understand a few of the fundamentals of crystal healing.

How many crystals are too much?


Each crystal has a unique vibration that determines the structure of its energy.

Depending on the mineral composition and development environment, certain crystals vibrate at a higher frequency than others.

The absence of negative frequencies is a desirable thing.

Higher frequencies are not better or worse than lower frequencies; they simply have different effects.

This suggests that each time you combine crystals, you have access to a wider range of energy.

The result is always positive.

The mystique and beauty of crystals inspire creative thought. They might be one of the most popular trends in alternative medicine.

Final words

Everything can be tolerated with the help of crystals, which are old, healing stones that can make them less uncomfortable and more manageable.

In order to create harmony and balance in the body’s energy field, crystals are expected to interact with it. The healing abilities of crystals are used by numerous individuals all over the world.

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