11 Crystals That Attract Money For Your Life! Let’s Manifest?

Jorge Silva
11 Crystals That Attract Money For Your Life! Let’s Manifest?

While looking for wealth, many people deploy several methods and techniques. Some practice the act of manifestation, and also go as far as using money jar spells and so on.

All of these are great ways to attract prosperity into your life. However, have you ever considered using crystals?

These are powerful gemstones specially made to help you attract the kind of money you need. Crystals possess the power and energy that makes wealth possible. 

In this article, we will discuss the 11 powerful crystals that can attract money into your life. Read till the end to find out more about this amazing discovery of mine. 

Are there crystals for money and manifestation?

gemstone and money

Yes, there are crystals for money and manifestation. These are special gemstones that are connected to the earth’s energy.

With these stones, you can manifest wealth and abundance into your life

Manifesting money is easier with the use of specific crystals. I never truly understood the power of crystals until I began to use them.

The transforming power of these gemstones is outstanding. 

As we discuss further, these crystals will be discussed and you can feel free to use any of these stones. 

11 Best crystals that attract money and Abundance

crystals variety

Now, it is time to fully disclose these crystals. 

Below are the 11 best crystals that attract money and abundance. If you ever desire to manifest money you should use one of these crystals. 

1) Citrine


In the spiritual world, this stone is believed to carry the power of the sun.

Citrine is referred to as the “merchant’s stone”, which implies that it is associated with commerce and wealth.

Using citrine for wealth and abundance makes your desires come to pass easily. 

By using this stone, you are leveraging the power of the sun to shine its light on your path – drawing you closer to money.

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2) Malachite


Have you ever heard of malachite? If you have, it is possible that you might be aware of its healing properties or therapeutic powers.

However, not many people are aware of the power embedded in this stone to make people rich

Malachite is a stone of transformation. It ensures that all the desires of your heart concerning abundance are manifested. 

It is believed that keeping this stone in your home creates a positive energy that instantly begins to attract money.

Also, this stone opens you up to numerous ideas that will bring wealth into your hands. 

3) Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

Using this stone creates numerous opportunities for you to make good money. In ancient history, this stone is known as the “stone of opportunity”.

When you keep this stone in your home or meditate with it, a lot of opportunities begin to come into your life. 

Also, this crystal opens your foresight to spot opportunities and take advantage of them when need be. 

Therefore, if you need money, using green aventurine does more than just bring money to you. It opens up opportunities that bring an unending flow of money into your hands

4) Jade

Jade in sunlight
Jade Stone

Spiritually, this stone is known as the crystal of good fortune, prosperity, and wealth

When you make use of this stone, I can assure you of enjoying wealth, prosperity, and abundance. 

All you need to do is take a crystal bath with jade. While doing this, create an intention for wealth in your heart

The moment you are done with this practice, ensure you speak words of gratitude to the universe. 

Jade is powerful enough to transform people’s lives almost overnight. This is why you should have one around you at all times.

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5) Pyrite


Do you know that one of the secrets to money is having the confidence to ask for it?

A lot of times, people are scared to put a price tag (a worthy one) on their goods or services. This is why they are poor. 

If you fall into this category, then, it is time to use pyrite.

Beyond its ability to attract good customers/clients to you, this stone also imbues you with the confidence to increase the price tag of your goods and services. It also helps you to believe that you deserve a lot of money. 

6) Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet
Tiger’s Eye

This stone brings wealth into people’s lives. However, it also helps people to remain focused while trying to manifest wealth. 

I love this stone because it is like a double-edged sword that brings numerous benefits. Using this stone brings money to you. 

However, it also helps you to successfully manifest your desires – even if it is not within the jurisdiction of making any form of money. 

This is why you need to have this stone in handy.

It is common and cheap, but powerful enough to change your financial life instantly. Also, it helps you to remain focused on whatever you want to accomplish.

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7) Garnet


Do you have any financial challenges? If yes, then, garnet is the best choice of crystal.

By using this stone, you will attract wealth and also be given the creative power to overcome every financial hurdle you are trying to cross

When faced with a major downslide in my business, garnet was the crystal that brought the much-needed solution to me. 

With garnet, you will attract financial abundance and overcome any form of challenge you are facing at the moment. 

Therefore, get this crystal today and begin to enjoy money and abundance. 

8) Selenite


Generally, this stone is not directly associated with wealth

It is known as a cleansing and purifying stone, which takes away negative energy and spiritual impurities

Now, do you know that lack of money could be caused by negative energies? I am sure you do! However, if you don’t, then, reading this should open your mind to that fact. 

With the use of selenite, you can purify your atmosphere and get rid of negative energies causing your constant lack or loss of money.

You don’t need to engage in any additional spiritual activity with this stone. Keeping it around you is enough to begin to see positive results within days. 

9) Gold


It is funny how many people ignore the power of gold! We only use it for pieces of jewelry but have never really thought about its spiritual significance.

You are indeed lucky to find my blog! 

If you want to attract money into your life, the gold in your home is enough. That piece of jewelry in your home can bring the money you desire. 

All you need is a little bit of intentionality. Also, you need to open your mind to the power of gold to enjoy it.

10) Green Moss Agate

Green Moss Agate
Green Moss Agate

The power of a green moss agate crystal is immense. It brings good health and money into people’s lives

You should try using it for your financial life as well. You can rest assured of manifesting wealth through the power of this crystal

Moss agate is connected to mother earth and can compel the forces of nature to begin to work for your good. 

If you want to apply for a job, start a business, or bid for a contract, green moss agate is a crystal to use for added advantage and favor

11) Amethyst

holding amethyst

The power of amethyst is responsible for restoring inner peace and attracting abundance into your life. Therefore, get one for yourself. 

Among the numerous crystals that attract money and abundance, this stands out as the only one that deals with mental, emotional, and financial strength simultaneously.

Using it gives you an advantage.

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How can I use these crystals?

woman praying

To enjoy the power of these crystals, here are some of the ways to use them:

  • Keeping them with you every time: You can wear these crystals as pieces of jewelry, bracelets, and so on. Just ensure you move around with them;
  • You can use these crystals in prayer: Hold one of these crystals in your right hand whenever you pray for money and abundance. With this, the money energy is released;
  • Crystal baths: They also release the power for wealth from these stones;
  • When you are planning: Whether you’re plannings your finances, or making budgets, use these stones. Let them be around you while brainstorming and planning. 

Can I use more than 1 crystal?

Yes, you can use more than 1 crystal depending on the enormity of the need.

Therefore, mixing these crystals can help you achieve more than money. Your mental health can be stable, and your foresight can be heightened. 

This is why it is advisable and recommended to mix these crystals depending on your need. 

Should I use these crystals to attract money every day?

lapis lazuli bracelet hand

Yes, you should use these crystals to attract money every day! As long as you need money, these crystals will continue to work.

With these precious gemstones, you can manifest your money desires and bring an end to your money troubles. 

However, ensure to keep your crystals charged and cleansed. This ensures that your stones are effective and free from any spiritual impurity.

Final Words

When used correctly, crystals can be powerful tools for attracting wealth, abundance and lump sums of money. 

As disclosed in this article, the 11 aforementioned crystals will bring about a change in your financial life

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