9 Strawberry Quartz Healing Properties And Benefits

Jorge Silva
11 Healing Properties of Strawberry Quartz & Benefits

Coveted for its impetuous yet graceful rosy palette, strawberry quartz is rich in the most varied healing properties.

In the sphere of healing, this crystal houses our central energy of the heart, that is, the Heart Chakra, it is automatically a stone of love.

As far as their ancestors are concerned, they go back to the most ancient civilizations where admiration for this stone was not limited to its clear beauty, but to its inscrutable properties.

Even today, these properties are famous and used in practices such as meditation and healing. Let’s explore more of strawberry quartz’s healing properties and benefits.

Strawberry quartz spiritual meaning

Strawberry Quartz

The deep essence of strawberry quartz springs from its pink nuances to its energetic faculties and being.

As already mentioned, a crystal that houses the Anahata, the Chakra of the heart. It automatically proves to be an attribute of love, indulgence and emotional healing.

The energy of strawberry quartz is extremely noble and delicate, which is why it resonates so much with the heart and encourages acceptance and self-love.

Usually used as an aid tool in meditations and spiritual quests, as it helps unlock our wisdom and knowledge.

This stone is the link and balance between soul, body and mind, which enables the alignment of our lives. 

Furthermore, as we already know or should know, strawberry quartz improves our relationships.

Therefore, it promotes interconnection with all living beingswhich results in empathy and kindness.

While simultaneously unwrapping the positive energies that pass through to move more freely, through the release of traumas and negative energies.

Still, in the sphere of the spiritual meaning of this graceful crystal, it is believed that a large part of its spiritual meaning is based on its ability to broaden our intentions and affirmations, sharpening and consummating our ability to manifest abundance.

In short, spiritually speaking, the meaning of this crystal is love, compassion, self-discovery and even healing, making this the ideal stone for those who aspire to have an immense spiritual journey.

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What is strawberry quartz good for?

Strawberry Quartz Healing Benefits

While strawberry quartz is a highly sought after crystal, this demand is in all due to its various purposes and countless and useful faculties.

Some of the areas where this crystal proves to be useful are in:

  • Emotional healing: as it helps us to heal past wounds and traumas.
  • Love and its relationships: since it attracts, perfects and intensifies it;
  • Calmness and relaxation: as it promotes inner peace;
  • The better definition of our intentions: because it nourishes our positive thoughts and our power of affirmation;
  • The spiritual quest: as it provides access to our inner wisdom;
  • Creativity and inspiration: as the energy of this quartz encourages our imagination;
  • Self-expression: as it encourages us to communicate more openly.

Spiritual benefits of using Strawberry quartz bracelet

Spiritual benefits of Strawberry Quartz

Now that we know what strawberry quartz is good for and that it has a very interesting range of benefits, how can we be spiritually enriched by wearing a bracelet with the crystal?

Well, to begin with, this is a crystal that is immensely allusive to love and the Anahata chakra. The activation of this central energy is by far the most obvious benefit of this bracelet.

Next, however, we also have emotional healing, improving our intuition and similarly our meditation, harmony and balance, spiritual flourishing, and even better performance in manifesting and setting positive intentions.

9 Strawberry quartz healing properties and benefits

Strawberry Quartz healing properties

In fact, we have already glimpsed some of the benefits and properties of this marvelous crystal.

But that brief glimpse is not enough to master the information that underpins our knowledge of this crystal.

In view of this, we have gathered 9 benefits and properties of strawberry quartz, which we will dig together to understand even better how we can work with it.

This is clearly taking into account that these benefits and properties are not scientifically proven. Therefore everything is a matter of belief and also of the way the stone resonates with us, the latter being a very determining factor for the proper functioning of the crystal.

Finally, experiences with crystals in everything depend on us and we take care of our stone. So, we have to take into account that they differ from person to person, as well as their effectiveness.

1) Mental lucidity

We have already mentioned here that strawberry quartz greatly promotes a sense of inner peace.

Therefore this factor, in turn, cooperates with our mental lucidity that favors our focus, our decision-making and even the resolution of problems that may then arise.

This calm that blooms around us allows us to think more rationally and observe the problem in a more logical way.

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2) Emotional healing

This crystal helps to bring emotional balance by restoring harmony and peace.

This point becomes a bit repetitive, but in fact, with a crystal that is so continuously associated with Anahata, we cannot leave emotional healing out of our list of benefits and properties.

This crystal, in addition to being famous for its correlation, is also known for its ability to soothe the pain of past emotional wounds and heal the respective ones.

Something that in itself helps to promote self-love and compassion, with others and also ourselves.

Furthermore, it also helps us to remove negative emotions and traumas, which offers us emotional balance.

3) Self-expression

Being a crystal that helps us to improve relationships, it naturally allows us clearer communication.

It encourages us a more authentic self-expression and allows us to communicate our feelings and thoughts in a more open.

4) Activation of the Heart Chakra

Before moving on to the present list, we consult the benefits of using the strawberry quartz bracelet and among the fact that this instrument’s range of benefits, we are presented with the activation of the Heart Chakra.

As obviously, being an Anahata stone, this crystal can then open and activate this core energy, thus ultimately encouraging love, indulgence and empathy.

5) Imagination and stimulation

Although the association of this crystal with love is systematically spoken of, strawberry quartz is also a beneficial stone for artists and people who want to feed their imagination.

It is believed that this crystal encourages the emergence of new ideas and the sprouting of the imagination of its users.

6) Improvement of relationships

If you want to improve your relationships, look no further than strawberry quartz.

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits and if it is a stone that houses the Heart Chakra, it is natural that our list does not lack the improvement of relationships.

Which includes a better understanding in the relationship, empathy and better communication between both parties.

7) Spiritual flourishing

We have already spoken here about spiritual exploration, and to that extent, this crystal is a great tool.

It allows us a much more abundant and profound experience in this sphere because it helps us to connect with our inner wisdom and with our higher consciousness or our higher self.

8) Stress Relief

Not only is strawberry quartz’s countenance graceful and delicate, but its energy is also very receptive and again, delicate.

For this reason, this crystal manages to help us moderate our anxiety, our stress and attention that we accumulate daily for the most diverse reasons

Therefore, this stone enables relaxation and a sense of peace around us.

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9) Optimistic affirmations and intentions

Strawberry quartz not only deepens our spiritual journey as I mentioned earlier, but it also proves to be a great instrument for practicessuch as the manifestation of our desires.

This stone makes it easier to access some results positives. In view of this, this crystal enhances our most optimistic intentions, as well as our affirmations.

Ending the list, I must remind you that while many believe in the properties of strawberry quartz, the benefits mentioned are not scientifically proven.

Therefore, it is important, as in the case of anxiety, to use this quartz as a complementary practice and not to underestimate the medicine.

Spiritual Benefits of sleeping with strawberry quartz


Sleeping with a strawberry quartz close to us or under the pillow offers us the most diverse spiritual benefits.

This is not only due to the healing properties that we have already consulted but also due to its energy. Let’s see what benefits are included in this gesture or practice.

  • To begin with, sleeping near this crystal offers us mental clarity after waking up and therefore helps us to start the day in the best way;
  • It also brings us inner peace since, during our sleep, it offers us tranquility and balance.
  • It enhances our dreams allowing us a deeper exploration of our subconscious;
  • It protects us during this very fragile state of ours creating a calm environment that repels nightmares;
  • Finally, it helps us here also to manifest our desires and affirm our most optimistic intentions.

The proximity of this stone during our sleep also helps us through the activation of the Heart Chakra for obvious reasons.

Consequently, it leads us to emotional healing that can also arise during sleep. So, when using Strawberry quartz in this way, we are facilitating the link between us and higher and divine realms.

Metaphysical properties of Strawberry quartz

Strawberry Quartz bracelet

As we have seen very briefly, strawberry quartz has both beneficial and metaphysical properties, it includes:

  • Love and compassion, which are both fruits of this stone’s association with Anahata;
  • The emotional healing that allows us to free ourselves from past traumas and negative emotions;
  • The improvement of our intuition, since this stone facilitates our connection with our inner and deep wisdom;
  • The expansion of our intentions, which facilitates manifestation and brings us more concrete and faster results;
  • The reduction of stress, as it sows calm and tranquility in us; the spiritual growth that sharpens our spiritual journey to enable us to connect with the spiritual realm;
  • The improvement of our dreams, allowing us to have more vivid dreams and also allowing us to remember our dreams better;
  • The creativity and inspiration that makes this crystal so coveted by artists;
  • Self-expression, as this crystal gives us the ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings;
  • The protection and grounding that makes us feel safe in the course of our spiritual exploration while simultaneously keeping us centered.

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Can I use a strawberry quartz everyday?

Meditation with crystals

The answer to this question is a resounding yes, as strawberry quartz is an extremely safe crystal and can be easily incorporated into our routines in many ways.

Therefore, you can include this crystal in your routine by carrying it around in your pockets or purse, by using it in an accessory, namely a bracelet as mentioned here.

You can also include it in your meditation practices, in your ritual of sleep, whether under your pillow or your bedside table, as has also been mentioned.

Finally, you can also include it in your manifestation practice.

Final Words

The variety of existing quartz is almost overwhelming and for this reason, there are some variations of this crystal, such as strawberry quartz, which go unnoticed.

However, this quartz, in my opinion, and not wanting to belittle the others, is really special and its delicacy exudes and is felt in just one look.

So, in summary, in my opinion, the strawberry quartz is accessible to more inexperienced people who are looking to activate their Anahata and simultaneously seek to have a deep and very special journey filled with self-love that helps in emotional healing while providing spontaneous creativity.

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