9 Yellow Calcite Healing Properties You Should Know

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Yellow Calcite Healing Properties You Should Know

Yellow calcite is a wonderful stone for crystal healing. It provides a wide range of healing benefits that can help you to produce better days for yourself and your loved ones.

This stone is largely associated with the solar plexus chakra. When you have one chakra aligned with your true purpose every day and in your life, your other chakras will experience more positive energy flow and healing. 

Most importantly, the solar plexus chakra is associated with your gut or true instinct, and this stone will help you to strengthen that as well.

Learn more about the 9 powerful healing properties you will find with the yellow calcite crystal healing stone. 

What Is Yellow Calcite Good for?

Yellow Calcite

Yellow calcite is good for helping you with your self-confidence and your overall sense of strength.

Because of this, it provides many other healing benefits as well. This stone is useful for helping you to increase your sense of awareness about yourself, and others around you.

It helps to clear the pathways for connections with your angels and spirit guides, and it helps you to maintain clear thoughts and conscience.

Yellow calcite also helps to deal with pain and trauma from your past lives and in your current lifetime.

Many times in our lives when we are struggling with confidence or connecting with our guides and true soul’s purpose, it is because we are being weighed down by grief and pain.

Yellow calcite can help you to move those issues away so that you can clearly think about what is in front of you.

Instead, this stone helps you to focus on what you need to focus on by strengthening your true instinct

This is not a healing stone that erases or eliminates pain. If that’s what you’re looking for then you should consider something like rose quartz for that.

Yellow Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Solar plexus chakras

Where other stones work on your spiritual or mental energy, yellow calcite helps you with your physical energy.

You will find less fatigue in your day and have increased energy when you use yellow calcite in conjunction with your prayers or conversations with your guides and Higher Power.

This stone gives you a clear path to thinking and learning in life quickly and effectively. When you have more energy in your every day, the pain and sorrows of life are farther away.

You will feel more like you with yellow calcite in your daily life, and feel less like you are fighting a losing battler with negative emotional energies that come at you from every direction in life. 

The stone also helps you to tap into inner wisdom and helps you to find the logical and natural assurances that you give yourself when you are down.

Everybody has difficult days and difficult times throughout the course of their lifetimes. We need these tests in our lives to help us to grow.

But still, these times create burdens that can interfere with our productivity.

Yellow calcite helps you to maintain reason over weighty emotions when you need to be a logical and functioning human in this world.

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9 Yellow Calcite Healing Properties And Benefits

9 Yellow Calcite Healing Properties And Benefits

Yellow calcite is an excellent stone for helping you with your solar plexus chakra, and this alone will bring more confidence and vitality into your life.

There are many other benefits of the yellow calcite healing stone. You will experience more mental clarity, better health in some areas, and more peace.

When you bring these benefits into your life, you have a greater sense of purpose and stronger confidence overall. 

There are physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to using yellow calcite as a healing stone in your daily life. 

1) Increased energy

With yellow calcite in your daily healing rituals, you are going to feel better about making decisions, have more instinct and “knowings” about things in your daily world, and feel true joy and happiness in your life. 

You will feel more clear and happy despite negative things that may be happening around you. Also, you will have a healthier metabolism, and feel better about your physical choices as well.

These are among the most common benefits of using yellow calcite in your daily life, but you will find this renewed sense of instinct even stronger when you use it.

When you have that benefit, you experience benefits in every area of your life.

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2) Better stomach and digestive cleansing and function

Yellow calcite is strongly associated with the solar plexus chakra, and this is where our sense of gut instinct and confidence lies.

The organs here are very important. Here you have the digestive system. When we have problems here, we experience nervousness issues and will have a slower metabolic function.

When these energy pathways are clear, we experience improved energy, healthier metabolism, and are less stressed about aches and pain.

Stress causes our body to create tension that results in more problems with existing pain.

3) Healing in nerve function and common aches and pains 

Yellow calcite is known to help improve cardiovascular function and bring relief to aches and pains.

It is not an analgesic but rather helps bring calming energy that brings soothing relief to some nerve issues and other issues like arthritis.

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4) Forgiveness of self and others

Energy balance is another very important healing benefit of yellow calcite. You are going to see this emotionally and physically.

When you are weighted down by a negative experience that requires forgiveness, either of yourself or others, it can be difficult to function.

It can be difficult to tap into reason and logic centers as well. Yellow calcite helps you to find the reason and logic first so that you CAN forgive.

Sometimes you just need to see a perspective differently in order to let it go for yourself. Yellow calcite is a remarkable healing stone that can bring this true miracle into your life

5) Restored balance

With yellow calcite, you will experience the additional healing benefit of both positive and negative emotions.

So many times we try to push aside negative feelings, thinking they are not productive. The truth is that we need negative experiences to have a balanced life.

Yellow calcite helps you to balance these emotions so that the negativity isn’t interfering with your daily life.

You can still deal with things, but you don’t feel like they are your only priority anymore.

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6) Improved instinct

You will experience stronger instincts and gut feelings with yellow calcite.

Say you have a personal situation where you’ve been hurt by someone. It is easy to feel like the bad guy here.

Yellow calcite kicks in your connection with your spirit guides who help you to reason through these life experiences.

This is going to result in the additional benefit of having more confidence to make decisions, and feel more personal power in your life.

7) Strengthened personal power and confidence

When you are feeling good in one area of your life, it is easier to feel good in other areas of your life.

This is difficult to understand or believe if you are feeling stagnance or energy losses in some area of your life or all of them.

You might even have extreme negative experience happening where these emotions feel like the only thing that matter in your world.

Yellow calcite helps by moving the negativity away so that you can see the vitality and energy that is possible in your daily life.

8) Improved sense of belongingness 

With this stone, you will feel more belongingness. Say some of your negative emotions are about work or a life group you are connected to.

You may not feel like it’s really for you there, but this may not be the case at all.

You just need more confidence about your skills and talents, and your personal traits to tap into the confidence that brings a sense of belongingness.

All of this will result in more calm in your life. Every single benefit of yellow calcite has a trickle effect and positive impact on the next. 

9) More calm in your daily life 

With more balanced emotions and a stronger sense of personal power and confidence, you are going to be able to release anxiety a lot easier in life with yellow calcite

You will experience a renewed sense of calm in your life that you have not experienced in some time. 

Can I Use Yellow Calcite To Align Chakras?

Yellow Calcite

Yes, you can, and you should.

The yellow calcite stone is connected to the third chakra, the yellow chakra known as the solar plexus chakra.

This is between the second sacral chakra, which is where your intimacy and fertility organs are, and the fourth chakra, the heart chakra where your loving center is.

You need the confidence to love more in this world, and you need to have the physical energy and organs aligned to do that.

The solar plexus chakra brings balance, and the yellow calcite stone helps to balance this chakra so that you can enjoy an alignment with all other chakras. 

Strong emotions come from your solar plexus chakra, but they aren’t the same kind you get with your heart chakra.

When your sense of confidence is shaken, or your chest is a little TOO puffed up over something, your solar plexus will bring a lot of strong energy your way.

Having balance here helps you to see how awesome you are, with the modesty and humility you need to succeed in the tasks your guides send you every day.

Every chakra needs to be aligned to experience this in a healthy way. Bringing balance to your confidence center can be an integral step.

Can I Use Yellow Calcite Every Day?

Yellow Calcite stone

Yes, you can use yellow calcite every day, and you should.

You can wear it as jewelry, or you can keep stones in your office, handbag, or work bag. There is nothing toxic or harmful about using this tone.

Wherever you need a little more basic instinct and confidence in your life, bring yellow calcite. You will find a restored sense of peace when you do.

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Final Words

If you want more confidence in your life, and a stronger sense of instinct, begin exploring the magic of yellow calcite today.

Yellow calcite has healing properties that bring physical, mental, and spiritual benefits into your life every day. Try yellow calcite for yourself today and see the magic it can bring

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