What is Smoky Quartz Good For? 11 Healing Properties 

Rita Smith
What is Smoky Quartz Good For? 11 Healing Properties 

Are you in a dark place emotionally? Have you ever been depressed?  Does it still happen occasionally? Does moving on look very difficult or almost impossible?

Then it might be time to bring smoky quartz crystal into your life, introducing it into all aspects of your life.

Quartz is one of the most common minerals on earth. It is so abundant that almost every rock contains at least a small amount of it.

It exists in different types and different colors. The different forms of quartz have long been used as gemstones, the smoky quartz inclusive.

Some have even used them as objects in making talismans and totems. Thus signifying that they’re not just stones or crystals. They signify something worth much more than that

In this piece, I’d be sharing with you things about the smoky quartz and more particularly its healing properties. 

About Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz in light

Smoky quartz is one of the many forms of quartz.

It is a gray, translucent form of quartz. It is usually found in shades of black or brown. It’s also known as rauchtopaz. It’s mostly found in igneous rocks

It is more commonly known as a crystal alongside some other forms of quartz such as amethyst and topaz quartz.

It’s also particularly known for its common usage for talismans, totems and protection charms. 

While it might not look like much, there are more things to know about this crystal than what we’d readily know by just looking at it and trying to access it intellectually. 

Smoky Quartz Spiritual Meaning

quartz crystals

One cannot talk about smoky quartz and not talk about its spiritual meaning and significance. 

Smoky quartz addresses the whole being of Man. You can say it affects the total man. It influences stability in the mind and in the spirit. It calms a troubled spirit. 

It is predominantly a healing relic. Some have hung it by the beds of sick fellows. However, it doesn’t just stop at physical healing.

It also addresses emotional healing too. Emotional healing from heartbreaks and all kinds of baggage. It helps you to move on from hard heartbreaks and emotional breakdowns.

However, an outstanding feature of smoky quartz is that it connects us with our roots.

It connects us deeper with the earth. It helps you to stay grounded as you plan to aim higher and higher for your goals in life.

It ensures you don’t get ahead of yourself in your head, such that you can still be successful and still humble.

The smoky quartz ensures you do not forget where you’re coming from, so you can stay humble. 

You can combine Smoky Quartz with other crystals, check here 9 powerful combinations.

Is Smoky Quartz a powerful crystal?

Smoky quartz crystals

There’s no doubt about the powers of the smoky quartz crystal. It has proven so countless times

The way it absorbs toxic energies around its bearer, and repels bad luck from him can only be because it’s powerful.

Seeing it’s associated with the earth and nature it only makes sense that it’s nature that’s fuelling its energy. Hence its powerful state. 

Countless families have borne witness to how this crystal saved their marriages by simply hanging it in their living room.

It kept absorbing all the negative energy and bad vibes inside the house. This led to happier homes and happier families. 

The smoky quartz crystal has saved people’s businesses from going bankrupt.

If I were to build a big company tomorrow, I would definitely hang a smoky quartz crystal in every office, so it absorbs negativity from the atmosphere.

You’d agree with me that a workspace should be filled with as much positivity as there can be.

Remember, you need to cleanse your Smoky Quartz before using it!

What is Smoky Quartz good for? 11 Healing Properties 

thinking positive

One of the things that the smoky quartz crystal is predominantly known for is its healing properties. And this isn’t restricted to just physical healing.

It also addresses healing from emotional baggage and heartbreaks

I’d be sharing eleven healing properties that the smoky quartz crystal possesses.

1) Reduced anxiety 

If you’re anxious about almost anything. Maybe, when you’re thinking about your business, your future, your academics, and your relationships, it leaves you anxious every single time.

Then seeing a smoky quartz crystal every morning for 14 days can greatly reduce your anxiety

All you need to do is to get a necklace that the pendant is made of smoky quartz crystal. That way you’d keep it very close to you. 

Do you want to make the most of this crystal’s powers? Don’t forget to learn how to charge it.

2) Lifts depression 

The smoky quartz crystal is a very good gift to give to someone that is depressed or having depressing thoughts. 

This crystal would absorb all the negative and moody energy that’s sponsoring those depressing and negative thoughts. 

3) Emotional calmness  

If one has been finding it hard to keep your emotions calm. A thousand and one things are just screaming and pulling at your attention.

No doubt, this will affect one’s productivity seeing one will not be able to focus on the task at hand

The smoky quartz crystal is built for cases like this.

Getting one smoky quartz crystal to take around with you, to the office, to the gym, and pretty much everywhere you go will breathe unusual calmness in your emotions thereby leading to increased productivity. 

4) Dissipates fear   

Smoky quartz crystal also heals the soul of fear. If you’ve never been a victim of fear, you wouldn’t understand how important this can be to some people. 

When one is afraid, the whole body lives in fear. You become over-sensitive to everything around you. It becomes a problem to stay in silent and dark places.

If stretched, even sleeping becomes a chore.

Keeping a smoky quartz close to you during this period would seamlessly solve the problem by absorbing that timid energy that’s hovering around you.

Such that you’d be able to face your fears and overcome them. 

5) Enhances concentration  

Smoky quartz crystal helps heal a lack of focus, especially a lack of concentration that has to do with one’s job or one’s goal in life. 

The aura it injects into the air around you, ensures you’re focused on your goals. And not giving in to several distractions that are around you. 

6) Dissolves cramp  

This crystal helps in the healing and recuperation of abdominal pains, leg pains, and back pains. Its presence in the room one is being treated is all that’s needed to ensure the person gets better. 

It gradually takes your focus away from the pain you’re feeling. It rather puts your attention on the aftermath of that seemingly painful treatment.

7) Dispel digestion issues  

However hard this might be to believe, there are mouth-to-mouth reports of how people have claimed that rubbing a smoky quartz crystal around their stomach, just around the navel area dispelled the digestion issues they were having

This also addresses painful bowel movements. Keeping a smoky quartz crystal around, would easily solve such problems and also ensure you no longer have to experience such again.

8) Relieves stress

Anyone that’s a victim of high stress, and the pressure is taking a toll on such a person’s mind and body.

Then it’s a good time to introduce smoky quartz crystal to the case. A smoky quartz necklace is good. Or you can just put it in your pocket

It would gradually take the pain away, as you focus your attention on the crystal’s work around you. 

9) Relieves migraine

The smoky quartz crystal when worn on the neck easily soothes every kind of pain that the person who wore it might be going through, participate

It works wonders when the person is asleep

If you have a migraine and you own a smoky quartz crystal, then all you need to do is to take a cold shower, lay down on your back and focus your attention on the crystal drawing out every toxic energy inside your head into the atmosphere. 

10) Deep soul cleansing

The smoky quartz crystal isn’t just a crystal that’s useful for physical healings such as pains and migraines, it also heals the soul

When one’s soul is in a dark place. Processing thoughts rightly and critical thinking becomes a problem. It might be time to introduce such a person to the smoky quartz crystal.

Just as it absorbs negative energies around you. It is also capable of pulling out the negative energy within you into the crystal

And amazingly you don’t have to do much, other than getting the crystal and ensuring it stays very close to you as you go about your daily activities. 

11) Harmony

If your relationship is full of conflicts and misunderstandings in different shades. You might want to consider giving your partner a gift of smoky quartz crystal.

A necklace, a bracelet, or an anklet that carries the smoky quartz crystal would do wonders in harmonizing things in your relationship.

So you can actually say that the smoky quartz crystal fixes troubled relationships. 

This crystal also harmonizes the body as a whole, ensuring that the different and varying energies emitted by different organs in the body are complementary to each other.

You can say, it stops the body from “fighting” against itself. 

Some benefits of using Smoky Quartz everyday 

smoky blue quartz bracelet

You’d have noticed that smoky quartz crystal is very effective when it comes to healing, either spiritually, physically, mentally, or emotionally. 

Therefore carrying a smoky quartz crystal with you every day means that you can be sure that nothing will go wrong with your mental health or your physical health

You can also be sure that no evil energy will lurk around you, as the smoky quartz crystal will absorb any seemingly dangerous energy that comes close to you. 

You can be assured that you won’t be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Meaning you won’t be a victim of circumstantial disasters. The smoky quartz crystal will find a way to ward off such incidents. Seeing to it that you leave there without a scratch. 

Having a smoky quartz crystal with you every day would translate into you being lucky.

A lot of people will favor you. This will also permeate into your business.

You will record back-to-back profits seeing there’d be no toxic energy around at all, the crystal would have sucked everything in. 

It will keep you away from bad friends and friends that’d betray you. Seeing its repellant to bad energies, it’d sense the disloyal energy around such friends and suck it all in.

It’s either you end up having a fantastic relationship with that person or the relationship will not just work out, this is in the scenario where the fellow refuses to change. 

Should I really use this crystal?

woman happy

Yes, you should!

Who would turn down an opportunity to use a crystal that protects them from all the negative energy they could ever encounter?

It will assist, spur, and encourage you to live a more fulfilled life. Going for your dreams without any negative energy or bad vibes pulling you down

Imagine living a life where you don’t enter the wrong relationships, you don’t make wrong alliances. Life would be more beautiful, wouldn’t it? I thought so too.

And seeing that this and many more is what the smoky quartz crystal offers you, why wouldn’t you have one? 

Final Words

You cannot read all this and still dwell in misconception about the smoky quartz crystals. Now you know what you stand to gain if you ever come to possess one in the future

I believe that this article would have taken you from the point of uncertainties about this particular crystal to having definite knowledge about it. 

Now ensure you put that knowledge to good use, by getting all the benefits you can possibly get from the crystal if you happen to possess one or come into the possession of one. 

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