How to Cleanse Hematite Crystal? 9 (Very) Quick Ways

Rita Smith
How to Cleanse Hematite? 9 (Very) Quick Ways

Hematite is a reddish-black mineral consisting of ferric oxide. It is an important ore of iron that is widely found in rocks and soils.

Hematite is in various forms which have separate names. The steel-gray crystals and coarse-grained varieties have a brilliant metallic luster and are known as specular iron ore.

It is classified under gemstones and it has also been called the “Black Alaskan Diamond” although it is neither black nor a diamond. 

Hematite is used for a variety of things. It can be found in jewelry, polishing, for heavy media separation, to produce pigments, and out in homes for positive energy.

It also has some specific healing powers. It helps to improve blood circulation and it is also used to improve the ability to stand strong, giving you more courage and willpower. It is also used in repelling evil spirits and bad luck.

In this article, I will be talking about different ways you can cleanse your hematite.

Does Hematite Need To Be Cleansed?


Generally, there is nothing in this world that doesn’t need cleansing. So, yes, hematite needs to be cleansed. 

As I have said earlier, hematite aids in healing and protection.

Especially, since it also helps in repelling negative energy, those negative energies that it has sucked in need to be cleansed off so that it can continue to work efficiently.  

As you use the hematite over time, it attracts a lot of things since it is also a magnetic material, so it needs thorough cleansing from time to time.

Therefore, your hematite needs to be checked from time to time, to know when it’s due for cleansing.

How Often Should I Cleanse My Hematite Crystal?

variety of crystals

How frequently one cleanses hematite is based on two things. 

Firstly, it is based on the environment you place your hematite’s in.

If you are someone who walks around with it or you placed it in a location whereby it can easily attract things since it is quite magnetic

You should have a cleaning routine for it whether it is still working efficiently or not.

As I have said earlier, hematite rusts easily due to moisture, so it should be kept away from moist environments. 

Secondly, it is based on the state of the hematite.

If you notice that bad luck is coming your way often, that means the hematite is already surrounded with too much negative energy, therefore it needs cleansing.

It can be wrapped in a soft cloth when stored to avoid rustling. It can be cleansed once a month, but this is still subjective to how often you use it.

How Can I Cleanse My Hematite? 9 Quick Ways

black and red crystals

I said earlier that hematite can easily break if exposed to too much moisture, so there’s a need for one to be careful with it when cleaning it. And it is not compulsory to expose it to water when cleansing it.

How do you go about cleansing them? What do you use? What is the best way to cleanse hematite?

Below are 9 ways you can cleanse your Hematite crystal:

1) Expose to moonlight

Moonlight has pure energy that clears and charges crystals.

Lay your hematite stone or jewelry on a window side or other safe spot that receives lots of moonlight and let it absorb the rays while you sleep.

In the morning, it will be refreshed and energized. 

To get a longer-lasting cleanse of your hematite, cleanse it under a full moon, and make sure you place it in a location where it won’t get knocked to the ground so as to avoid breakage.

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2) Expose to direct sunlight

Sunlight is a powerful way to cleanse crystals quickly.

Lay your crystal on a window side or in a safe place outside while the sun is out, even if it’s a little cloudy (as long as there’s natural light, you’re good).

After about 30 minutes, your hematite will be as good as new.

Hematite is opaque and is less sensitive to direct sunlight than translucent crystals, which can fade after too much exposure.

So make sure not to put it under light for a long period. For an extra strong cleanse, leave your hematite out during dawn or dusk so it can absorb light from the sun and moon all at once.

3) Rest your hematite on a piece of selenite

Stones like selenite cleanse other crystals when they come into contact.

Simply place your hematite on top of a selenite slab or in a selenite bowl, just for a few hours, then the selenite will restore the hematite to a clear, energetic state.

Selenite will also charge crystals you place on top of it, especially if the selenite has been in sunlight recently

4) Cover it with uncooked brown rice

Brown rice absorbs bad energy from healing stones and crystals.

Fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice and place the hematite on top. Add more rice until it’s completely covered, then wait up to 24 hours or until your intuition tells you the stone has been restored. 

Rub the stone with a soft polishing cloth afterward to remove any rice dust on the surface.

Then, throw away the rice after the cleansing. It’s full of negative energy, so you don’t want to cook and eat it.

5) Use Himalayan salt or Sea Salt

Salt is a natural cleanser with connections to the earth.

Simply place your hematite in a bowl or container of sea salt or Himalayan salt, making sure it’s fully covered.

Take the container outside and let it sit for 24 hours while the hematite releases negative energy. 

Make sure to use dry salt and not saltwater (a popular way to cleanse many other types of water-safe crystals).

Try adding herbs like rosemary, sage, or sandalwood to the salt for additional cleansing power.

6) Bury it on the earth

Earth has cleansing powers that charge stones with grounding energy.

Dig a small hole somewhere surrounded by plants and nature and cover your hematite with soil. Mark the spot you buried it and wait at least one full day and night before removing it. 

Ensure you choose a spot that’s free of mud or puddles since hematite should not be wet for long. Wipe your hematite clean afterward with a soft cloth and a small amount of warm water if necessary.

Hematite has an especially strong connection to the earth as compared to many other stones and crystals.

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7) Wash it with sound waves for 10 minutes 

Sound waves remove vibrational impurities from crystals.

Lay your hematite near you and generate a constant tone with a tuning fork, singing bowl, or bell. If you don’t have these, sing or chant instead. 

Visualize resonant sound waves flowing over the stone and carrying negativity away into the air.

The exact pitch you generate doesn’t matter as long as you have a clear intention to cleanse the hematite before you begin.

8) Baptize the hematite with Sage Smoke

Sage has been used for its cleansing powers since ancient times.

To cleanse, burn a sage stick on one end until it begins smoking, then place it in a ceramic or heat-safe bowl.

With a feather, waft the smoke around your hematite with the intent of clearing it out for several minutes or until you sense it’s cleansed.

If you don’t have sage, in place of sage, you can also use Palo Santo or any herb that you have a connection to.

Sage is also antimicrobial, so it will also cleanse the air in the room or space around the stone.

If you’re doing this inside, open some windows or doors to ventilate the space so that the negative energy can be released. Do it outside if possible, so that the negative energy can be released into the atmosphere freely.

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9) Blow negativity away with your breath

Hold your hematite in one hand, take a deep breath, and gently blow on the stone.

Imagine all of its impurities drifting away while you ask the universe to clear it of stale, stagnant energy.

Blow on the hematite for several minutes, or until you sense that it’s refreshed.

Can I clean Hematite with Water?

crystals can't go water

Hematite is a soft mineral, hence it should not be immersed in water. And also, putting iron oxide into water will be quite harmful as water will hasten the corrosion process of rusting.

Water enters the crevices of the stone and widens the spot, thereby allowing free movement of water inside the crystal, which therefore makes it weak.

These cracks may not show any side effects at first but can slowly damage the structure of the stone, making it brittle and or even breaking it.

Water also tarnishes the appearance of the stone

Therefore, even if you are going to use water in cleansing your hematite, make sure not to immerse it in water for too long and after putting it out of the water, dry it quickly with a soft cloth to avoid rusting.

Conclusively, using water for cleansing is not the best way of cleansing your hematite.

Can I Cleanse hematite rings with salt? 

Himalayan salt

Yes, you can. Salt is powerful.

It is believed to have purification and protective qualities that can help the body and spirit to heal, so it is also important in the cleansing of hematite.

But you need to be careful with the type of salt you use in cleansing it because it cannot be cleansed with just any type of salt, there is a specified salt appropriate for cleansing it which is Himalayan salt or sea salt

Porous stones or those that contain metal or have water content such as opal, pyrite, and hematite are not suitable to be cleansed with any random salt. 

Make sure to use dry salt since hematite does react to water negatively if it is surrounded with water for a long period.

Hematite rings rust easily and can break since it absorbs moisture and heat.  Seeing it even breaks from sweat, it should not be immersed in water for a very long period.

Can Hematite go in the Sun?


Well, as I have said earlier, the sun is powerful in cleansing stones and crystals quickly.

Hematite is less sensitive to direct sunlight than translucent crystals, which fade after too much exposure.

So it is best to put out your hematite under the sunlight whenever you notice that it needs to be cleansed

Just make sure to check the atmosphere and also check the time you expose your hematite to sunlight to avoid breakage or fading off as a result of too much exposure to sunlight.

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Final Words

As you’ve been informed on the usefulness of hematite and have been shown the different ways you can cleanse your hematite, I hope you will not be going around with an ineffective crystal and also I am sure the information will guide you to be careful when cleansing it to avoid breakage. 

Make sure you are observant about your hematite to know when it needs cleansing so that you can do the necessary things concerning it

Thanks for reading this article, I hope it has been of help to you.

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