14 Hematite Spiritual Meanings & Healing Properties

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14 Hematite Spiritual Meanings & Healing Properties

Hematite has 14 spiritual meanings and healing properties you should know.

You will discover that there is more to this precious gemstone than meets the eye. In the spiritual world, anytime you get the hematite stone as a message, pay close attention to it.

Do you want to know why?

Read this article till the end.

In addition to this, you will get other information regarding the spirituality of hematite crystal and what it has to offer.

What does Hematite do Spiritually?

Hematite properties

Hematite is a precious black stone that looks like a rock. It possesses unique and divine powers that can do the following spiritually:

  • With hematite, you will be confident to dare great things: If you need courage, hematite is the best stone to look for. It is said that the energy from hematite inspires people to face their fears. It comes into people’s lives to push them to fulfill their dreams irrespective of what they feel.
  • Hematite gives direction: Anytime you use the hematite stone, you will suddenly know what to do. This power comes from its unique crystal black color. Your mind will be illuminated with direction by the hematite stone. 

If you desire any of these, try using hematite stone. It has all you will ever need for courage and direction. Hold the stone in your hands, and cast your intention on the need to channel its energy.

What is Hematite good for?


In the physical world, hematite is a precious stone that can be used for interior decoration.

Because of its crystal black color, it tends to shine when light reflects on it. In science and physics, hematite stone is used to prevent radiation.

When we come to the spiritual world, hematite stone is good for the following:

  • This stone is good for spiritual grounding: Whenever you need to reconnect with your spiritual origin, hematite stone can inspire that. With the energy from this stone, you will find it easy to connect with spirituality.
  • It also helps with discovering yourself: You might feel lost or confused at some point in your life. This does not make you weak or bad. It happens to everyone at some point. If you find it hard to rediscover who you are, try using the hematite stone. It is a great spiritual element that connects you to your source.

Hematite Metaphysical Properties

Hematite Metaphysical Properties

The hematite stone is commonly called “A stone for the mind”.

What does this mean? It means that the hematite stone has unique metaphysical properties that help the mind.

The hematite stone has several things it does to the mind that makes it a special gemstone.

The metaphysical properties of hematite stone calm the mind.

Anytime you are under pressure, lay hold on the hematite stone.

Its metaphysical properties will work on your mind thereby expelling the negative emotion of stress and anxiety.

With the hematite stone’s metaphysical properties, you will find it easy to accept who you are.

The hematite stone eliminates low self-esteem and self-doubt.

In the spiritual world, dreaming of the hematite stone is a message from the spiritual world that you should embrace who you are.

With the unique power of the hematite stone, you will become more confident in your ability to change your world.

7 Hematite Crystal Spiritual Meanings

Hematite Crystal Spiritual Meaning

There are 7 hematite crystal spiritual meanings you should pay attention to.

These spiritual meanings are messages you should be open to receiving from the universe.

Apart from the healing and metaphysical properties of the hematite crystal, you also stand to get messages, signs, and symbols from this crystal. 

1) Protection from harm

The hematite crystal is a protection stone.

It is often used to protect people from danger. When you dream of the stone, take it as a spiritual sign of protection.

It indicates that the universe is actively working to keep you out of harm’s way. Therefore, be rest assured that no evil comes to you.

With the protective power of the hematite stone, negative spiritual forces can’t hurt you. This message is an assurance.

2) Don’t spiral out of balance

In life, maintaining the balance between work, spirituality, relationship, and personal life is important.

However, we sometimes become imbalanced in how we pay attention to these aspects of our lives.

Once this happens, things begin to go haywire, and this takes away our peace of mind.

Therefore, keeping the hematite stone with you means you are trying to protect yourself from spiraling out of balance.

Dreaming of the hematite stone indicates that the universe wants you to maintain the balance in your life.

This is a spiritual omen you should never take for granted.

3) Determination

Have you begun to lose your determination and will to succeed?

The hematite stone is the perfect message for you. The strength of this crystal teaches you to embrace determination.

It is encouraging you to never allow the negative situations in your life to dampen your determination to succeed.

With determination and a strong will to succeed, you will always push through all odds.

This is a very powerful message you should not take for granted because it could be the link between you and your next level of progress.

The hematite crystal is a spiritual message that inspires people to be determined.

4) Stop getting distracted

Distraction takes you from your goal. It prevents you from accomplishing a task per time.

Therefore, take the hematite crystal as a spiritual message.

Whenever you see the hematite crystal stone, it is telling you to focus on your goals. It comes into your life to take away every form of distraction off your path.

In the spiritual world, the hematite crystal is known as the omen of focus and strong determination. It comes to fuel your focus, and grant you speed to accomplish any given task or objective.

Therefore, seeing the hematite crystal is a reminder to maintain your focus at all times.

5) Spiritual Discovery

Evil forces find it easy to penetrate your life whenever you lose your spiritual self.

This is why you should embrace your spiritual self at all times.

With the hematite crystal, you will find it easy to accomplish that.

The hematite crystal is a stone that inspires people to embrace who they are meant to be.

It comes into people’s lives to inspire a journey into the world of spiritually discovering yourself. You must come to terms with the fact that there is more to you spiritually than you think.

6) Good luck

Hematite crystal brings a promise of good luck.

People who are going through difficult times often get this message from the hematite crystal.

At times, they will dream of holding the hematite crystal in their hands, while at other times, they will dream of receiving the hematite crystal as a gift.

All of these are indicators of good luck.

They bring a promise that something good lies in the future.

The message that comes from hematite crystal helps your mind to accept the reality of goodness, prosperity, and abundance. Through this stone, the universe can assure you of better days ahead.

7) The hematite crystal fuels passion for love

When you see the hematite crystal, it could mean a passion to love.

This message only goes to those who have vowed never to love people.

In the spiritual world, the hematite crystal helps you to see the beauty that lies in loving people. Once this is achieved, your mind will find it easy to love others.

The hematite crystal is a sacred object that inspires love, relationship, and connections

Therefore, make use of it for love. 

7 Hematite Crystal Healing Properties

Hematite Crystal Healing Properties

There are 7 hematite crystal healing properties. Beyond the spiritual meanings and messages from this crystal, there are 7 spiritual healing properties you can enjoy and benefit from with this crystal. Let us talk about them.

1. Hematite crystal treats insomnia

People that find it hard to sleep can be healed by the hematite crystal. The healing properties of hematite crystal cure your inability to sleep. 

  • Place the hematite crystal under your pillow before going out in the morning. By the time you return at night, the crystal will have released enough energy to cure you of sleep disorder. 
  • Remove it from underneath your pillow before sleeping. 

Once you do these, your insomnia will be cured. You can continually repeat the process for as long as you deem fit.

2. The hematite crystal cures anxiety

To be healed of anxiety, take the hematite crystal and channel its energy towards your mind.

It is believed that the energy of hematite crystals keeps your mind at peace. It calms your mind and restores stability.

  • Whenever you are anxious about something, simply hold the hematite crystal in your left hand and touch it with your chest seven times.

  • While doing this, ensure you breathe out as hard as you can. This is believed to be an act of releasing your anxiety. Breathe out first, then breathe in.

3. Hematite Crystal cures negativity

Whenever you feel a strong pull of negative energy towards you, the hematite crystal can come in handy.

The healing properties of the hematite crystal cure you of negative energy.

It restores positivity to your heart and allows you to be on the bright side of life. 

  • Hold the hematite crystal in your hands, and release all your fears, anxiety, depression, and every other negative energy into it.
  • Once you feel a little bit relieved, close your eyes and concentrate on what you want for yourself. 
  • Release your desire via affirmation.

Finally, repeat the process until you feel much better.

4. You can regain your confidence

When you lose your confidence, your mind becomes sick. The reason is that your mind functions perfectly in an atmosphere of confidence.

With confidence, you will become creative, and this strengthens your mind to properly address situations. 

How can you channel the energy of this crystal?

  1. Wear this stone as a pendant to work.
  2. Before wearing it as a pendant, hold it in your hands and cast your intention upon it.
  3. When you get back in the evening, remove the hematite pendant and place it underneath your pillow before sleeping.

These 3 steps will make you confident.

5. It cures illnesses

Generally, it is believed that hematite crystal cures illnesses.

Anytime you feel sick in your body, try placing the hematite crystal around your home.

It absorbs every negative energy contributing to your sickness. Once all of these energies are absorbed, your mind will be free, and your body will recover fast.

To enjoy the healing powers of this crystal, simply place it around you consistently.

6. The hematite can heal your emotional life

I enjoyed this during the lowest point of my life. The hematite crystal was my companion all through my depression moments.

All I did was rub the hematite crystal all over my body, and hold it in my hands whenever I am emotionally down.

Miraculously, I always become active, happy, and positive afterward.

Therefore, if you need emotional healing, try using the hematite crystal. Its healing properties positively affect your emotions. It eliminates and releases negative emotional energy, and fills you with positivity. 

In addition to this, the hematite crystal will stabilize your emotional energy vibrations.

7. Good luck

The hematite crystal is a good luck charm.

Throwing it around your home heals you of bad energy.

Because of its divine power to absorb negativity, you can be assured of positive energy in the presence of this crystal.

Wherever positive energy is, good luck follows. This is one of the spiritual benefits of using the hematite crystal.

How can I use Hematite in my Life?

Hematite crystal
Hematite crystal

You can use hematite for good luck, health, direction, encouragement, protection, and healing.

This precious stone is unique for its multi-dimensional spiritual abilities.

Therefore, use it for your needs with an assurance of quality spiritual delivery.

Final Words

With the energy from the hematite crystal, you will enjoy spiritual benefits and its healing properties. Using hematite crystals is a spiritual activity. Therefore, be open to receiving from its powers.

The 14 hematite spiritual meanings and healing properties in this article have provided enough guidance. Make use of them as you transform yourself by the power of the hematite crystal.

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