14 Obsidian Crystal Spiritual Meaning and Healing Properties

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There are 14 obsidian crystal spiritual meaning and healing properties you should know.

This spiritual information about the obsidian crystal is important because it helps you to properly channel its energy for your needs.

Just in case you are wondering if the obsidian crystal is a special stone or not, read this article to get the best answer to that question.

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Spiritual Properties of Obsidian Crystal


The obsidian crystal possesses the ability to heal:

This is called spiritual healing properties. Anytime you use the obsidian crystal, expect to enjoy divine healing.

This supernatural element causes your body, soul, and spirit to be geared towards enjoying healing.

It has the energy that gives your body the necessary vibrational frequency for rejuvenation and restoration.

This stone will make you successful:

Obsidian Crystals possess metaphysical properties like fulfillment, self-growth, and successful meditation practices.

Once you use the obsidian crystal, expect your mind to enjoy a sense of fulfillment.

Furthermore, you will enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere, which is conducive to meditation.

Spiritually, keeping an obsidian crystal around you helps your mind. It keeps you in a positive and calm state.

The spiritual properties of the obsidian crystal make it important and beneficial to everyone.

Therefore, always keep an obsidian crystal around you.

What does Obsidian do for your Body Spiritually?

Obsidian healing power
3 Obsidians

The obsidian crystal helps your body to heal.

If you are sick, using the obsidian crystal can restore your health. It rejuvenates your body. When you feel sick in your body, the obsidian crystal will help your body organs to feel energized.

In addition to this, it prevents sickness.

Using the obsidian crystal (even when you are not sick) protects you from falling sick. It is believed that the obsidian crystal possesses the energy to strengthen your body’s immune system. 

Apart from healing the body, an obsidian crystal keeps the body glowing and beautiful.

While carrying out research concerning the numerous spiritual benefits of using the obsidian crystal on the body, I discovered that some people believe that rubbing the obsidian crystal on the face keeps the face smooth.

Furthermore, it is said that rubbing the obsidian crystal on the body enhances natural beauty.

Black Obsidian Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian

The obsidian crystal comes in many colors.

The reason for this is tied to other additional elements.

Now, whenever you see a pure black obsidian crystal, it is a glorious stone that provides protection. The energy that comes from a black obsidian crystal assures you of protection.

If you dream of receiving a black obsidian crystal as a gift, it spiritually talks about enjoying protection.

That dream means that your private space is protected from harm.

In addition to this, the black obsidian crystal spiritually helps your mind to be firm on your decision.

Whenever you are not sure of the decision to make, the black obsidian crystal provides clarity of mind, and a strong determination to stick with your decision. 

The black obsidian crystal is a powerful gemstone. Having it in your home provides numerous uncountable benefits.

7 Obsidian Crystal Spiritual Meanings

Obsidian Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Before we discuss the spiritual benefits of an obsidian crystal, let us talk about the 7 obsidian crystal spiritual meanings. This will also serve as a spiritual guide toward enjoying a life of purpose and fulfillment.

1) You are precious

Anytime you dream of receiving an obsidian crystal, the first spiritual meaning that comes through this sign is for inner healing and self-love.

It reminds you that there is something special about you.

Sometimes, this message comes at the lowest point of your life. It is sent to heal your mind. The obsidian crystal is a spiritual reminder that you are precious.

2) Your heart is pure

When you see an obsidian crystal, let it remind you of the state of your heart.

It is a spiritual sign that your heart is pure.

This message will be sent to you when you begin to doubt your intentions. This doubt comes due to a mistake, or the wrong conclusions of people about you.

The spiritual world will open your mind to see how special your heart is.

Through the obsidian crystal, you will realize that even if you made a mistake, your heart was pure.

Therefore, there is no need to continuously beat yourself up for the mistake.

3) It is time for change

The obsidian crystal is a symbol of change.

Anytime you hold an obsidian crystal in your hands, remind yourself of the inevitability of change. That is, no matter how hard you contest this reality, it will happen.

Whether you flow well with changing situations or not, let your mind embrace the fact that change is inevitable.

In the spiritual world, getting an obsidian crystal as a message prepares you for change. In most cases, it is given when something new is about to happen to you.

4) Protection from negative energies

Anytime you feel vulnerable, the universe might send an obsidian crystal as a spiritual sign of protection.

Once you dream of seeing an obsidian crystal during your moment of vulnerability, take it as a sign of protection.

Seeing the obsidian crystal at that point indicates that you are under the protection of the universe.

It spiritually indicates that there is nothing to fear.

Holding a black obsidian crystal in your hands keeps negative energies away from you. It rids your mind of negative emotions.

This is one of the prominent spiritual meanings and benefits of the obsidian crystal.

5) It is time to grow

One of the purposes of an obsidian crystal is how it encourages growth.

Using an obsidian crystal motivates you to never be satisfied with your current level of development.

Dreaming of an obsidian crystal is an inspiration to keep developing yourself.

With an obsidian crystal, you will appreciate the power of self-development much more. The obsidian crystal is an omen of growth.

It comes into your life to tell you that the time to grow has come. It challenges you to continuously develop yourself till you attain mastery.

6) The obsidian crystal means inner strength

With the obsidian crystal, your mind will become stronger than ever before.

Anytime you discover that the obsidian crystal appears to you at the point of emotional pressure, it is a sign of inner strength.

The obsidian crystal can supply strength to your heart to withstand the pressure that comes your way.

Additionally, it can prepare you for rough times ahead.

Either you dream of an obsidian crystal or hold it in your hands, meditate on the power of inner strength.

This channels its energy toward you and immediately supplies you with the strength you need for your journey. 

7) There is no need to feel inadequate

This is another message from the obsidian crystal.

It is a precious stone that fills your heart with confidence. Whenever you begin to feel inadequate or unworthy, the obsidian crystal will help.

It possesses the power to fuel your mind with confidence

If you want to feel confident in yourself and the abilities you have, try using the obsidian crystal.

The spiritual world can also give you an obsidian crystal as a motivation to stay confident in yourself and the abilities you have

Feeling inadequate stops you from achieving your desires and living to the full extent of your potential. 

7 Obsidian Crystal Healing Properties and Benefits

Obsidian Crystal Healing Properties

When you use the obsidian crystal, never doubt its potency. In this section, we will talk about the healing properties and benefits of the obsidian crystal. You stand to enjoy one or more of these benefits.

Also, if you need healing, you can bank on the power of the obsidian crystal to grant your desire.

What are the 7 obsidian crystal healing properties and benefits?

1. It heals the physical body

For sick people, using an obsidian crystal is one of the ways to be healed.

It is said that the obsidian crystal absorbs your sickness into its container, and releases an energy of health, life, and vitality. If you are sick, make use of an obsidian crystal for yourself.

It possesses the ability to speed up your recovery process.

2. The obsidian crystal maintains your health

  • Do you want to remain in good health?
  • Do you never want to fall sick for a long time?
  • And do you desire strong bones?

Make use of the obsidian crystal today. One of the healing properties and spiritual benefits of this crystal maintains health.

Sickness is bad energy. The obsidian crystal protects you from becoming influenced by this negative energy.

Once this is accomplished, you will not fall sick.

Keeping an obsidian crystal around you keeps you safe from sickness. It maintains your health and strengthens your body much more.

Spiritually, the obsidian crystal is sent as an omen of health to people. That is, the universe uses the obsidian crystal as a promise of good health to people that pray for it.

3. The obsidian crystal heals you of doubt and fear

When you are about to try something new, expect to doubt at one point or the other.

This is not necessarily evil. However, when it gets to the extreme, it might become dangerous.

Using the obsidian crystal ensures that your mind is rid of doubt and fear.

Whenever you are about to start a project, keep an obsidian crystal around you.

With the energy from this powerful crystal, you will find it hard to doubt the success of your new project. This leads to the next spiritual benefit of an obsidian crystal.

4. Positivity

With an obsidian crystal, you will find it hard to be negative.

The obsidian crystal is a spiritual element that keeps you on the positive side. It ensures that your mind is not influenced by negativity.

Even when things are turning out bad for you, the obsidian crystal reminds you that bad times are for a moment

If you desire to remain optimistic and full of faith, try using the obsidian crystal for yourself.

5. Protection from spiritual attacks

This precious stone protects you from spiritual attacks.

The black obsidian crystal is majorly known for this.

It guards you against the negative effect of spiritual attacks. Keeping a black obsidian crystal around your house, or workplace protects you from spiritual attacks. 

Therefore, expect to enjoy this benefit by using the black obsidian crystal.

The universe also sends the black obsidian crystal to calm your mind.

Because of the energy that comes from the black obsidian crystal, you will be confident in the ability of the universe to protect you from spiritual attacks.

6. Your mind will be rid of depression and anxiety

The therapeutic properties of the obsidian crystal heal you of depression and anxiety.

Because of the energy that comes from this crystal, your mind will be calm. You will not feel anxious about something. Whatever you might have suffered in the past will have no emotional effect on you anymore.

The obsidian crystal solidifies your mind. It rids your mind of every negative feeling that will disturb your peace and mental stability.

7. It cures nightmares

If you are suffering from nightmares, using an obsidian crystal in your room cures this.

Before you sleep, keep 2 black obsidian crystals on your bed.

Leave it there for 1 hour. Before removing the crystal from your room, hold them in both hands, and cast your intention on it.

This charges the energy of the obsidian crystal and gets it to work.

Black Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

Black Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

When you use the black obsidian, it has the following metaphysical properties:

  1. It can calm your mind. That is, it relieves you of mental stress.
  2. With the metaphysical properties of the black obsidian, you will become spiritually grounded.
  3. Furthermore, the black obsidian will block all forms of negative energies and spiritual attacks.
  4. This precious stone also attracts good luck to you.

How can I use the Obsidian in my Life?

Using crystals

You can use the obsidian for protection and good luck.

In addition to this, you can use the obsidian crystal for direction and clarity of purpose.

Final Words

The obsidian crystal is your best shot at enjoying protection, clarity of mind, good luck, and a calm mind. In addition to this, the obsidian crystal helps your mind heal from past hurts. Make use of this spiritual element for your needs, and see how powerful it works.

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