9 White Turquoise Spiritual Meanings & Properties

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9 White Turquoise Spiritual Meanings & Properties

The white turquoise is a popular gemstone. Amongst several cultures, it is known to be an omen of peace, protection, and prosperity.

But is that all that it means? No, there is more to the white turquoise than we know. This is why I have written this article. 

We will discuss the 9 different spiritual meanings of the white turquoise with its 4 healing properties.

Through this article, you will have access to a broader understanding of this spiritual gemstone.

What does the White Turquoise Represent?

White Turquoise
White Turquoise

White turquoise represents creativity. It inspires us to become creative in our attempts to accomplice a given task.

When you look at the white turquoise stone, you will observe that it is not purely white. It has a tint of green and blue color, and this makes it special.

The white turquoise stone encompasses all of the spiritual properties of blue color and green colors (which we will discuss later).

It helps us to become creative and approach issues from different perspectives. Whenever you see the white turquoise, it helps to proffer solutions to problems.

In addition to this, the white turquoise represents spirituality. It helps us to accept the fact that spiritual life is as important as the physical.

The white turquoise stone is pure and sacred.

This is why a lot of people keep it around them. It keeps them focused on spirituality. In addition to this, the white turquoise helps people attain a high level of spiritual sensitivity.

White Turquoise Symbolism

White Turquoise Symbolism

The white turquoise symbolism is protection. This is also one of the spiritual powers of the white turquoise.

People have kept the white turquoise around them to ward off spiritual power, and the negative energy from evil people.

In addition to this, the universe will give you the white turquoise as a gift of protection.

This creates an assurance that nothing evil will happen to you. Now, if you dream of throwing a white turquoise into the ocean, this is a sign of an inner bonding with your spiritual self. It signifies that you are united with your spiritual self.

Another symbolism of the white turquoise is a strong conviction. White turquoise is a hard object that cannot be easily broken.

Therefore, it symbolizes a strong conviction. Anytime you hold a white turquoise, meditate on its energy to build a strong conviction.

People that are strong-willed and stubborn are believed to be associated with a white turquoise. It ensures that you are not manipulated by people.

White Turquoise Stone Meaning


The white turquoise stone encourages you to embrace personal development.

It opens your eyes to see the importance of embracing personal development.

The white turquoise stone helps you to work on yourself much more. It is also called an upgrade stone. It has inherent abilities for growth and development.

Therefore, dreaming of a white turquoise stone inspires the mind to seek more knowledge.

Furthermore, the white turquoise stone is a symbol of strength. Its hard quality makes it a reference for strength and endurance.

Keeping the white turquoise stone in your home will help you to attain a level of mental strength and endurance.

People with the white turquoise stone don’t give in to pressure. No matter how hard things get, they will always stand with their shoulders high.

This confidence is given by the white turquoise stone.

The white turquoise stone is an emblem of purity and innocence.

It speaks about maintaining the sacredness of the heart irrespective of the pollution around.

Just as the white turquoise stone is pure, you must ensure that every desire of your heart comes from a standpoint of pure motives and simplicity.

The White Turquoise Stone Spiritual Meaning: 9 Messages

White Turquoise Stone Spiritual Meaning

1) Spiritual realms

The white turquoise opens us up to spiritual realms and dimensions. It opens our eyes to see the possibilities that exist in the spiritual world.

Anytime you see a white turquoise, it should create a spiritual consciousness.

This should bring about a spiritual awakening. In addition to this, it will awaken your spiritual senses to perceive and discern signs. 

The energy of the white turquoise is great for spiritual exercises. Therefore, if you are finding it hard to be spiritually sensitive, the white turquoise is your best chance.

2) Attaining unity of soul and spirit

Anytime you see the white turquoise, it speaks about a deeper bond between the soul and spirit.

There must be an equilibrium between both entities.

This is how to become balanced emotionally and spiritually. Whenever we find it hard to accomplish this task, the white turquoise can help. 

The spiritual world will give us this stone as a gift because it helps us attain that unity. It creates harmony between our soul and spirit, which makes it easy for us to stay in charge of our emotions.

3) Trust in your intuitive power

The white turquoise helps our intuition.

It also encourages us to embrace our intuitive power, and trust it to make wise decisions for us.

Because of this message, people have tried to keep the white turquoise in their homes, while others have gone too extreme to try to grind it and bathe with it.

However, all of these are not necessary.

All that is needed is a dream or a glance at the white turquoise. Meditating on how powerful you are is one of the ways to make your intuition active. 

4) Protection

The hard substance of the white turquoise makes it impossible to be broken or penetrated.

Therefore, if you ever dream of holding a white turquoise in your hands, it is a good omen.

This is an assurance from the universe that you will enjoy protection.

The white turquoise is a strong spiritual object that can be placed around you.

Keeping a white turquoise in front of your house is similar to chanting a boundary spell.

This wards off evil spirits and prevents spiritual attacks.

5) Be open-minded

One of the ways to understand what the white turquoise means is by paying attention to its rigid nature.

Doing this helps you to understand that you need to become flexible.

Being rigid might make you look strong, but it has its side defects like taking wrong decisions or losing the right company of friends. 

Therefore, don’t be hard-headed like the white turquoise.

Embrace other people’s opinions, and be open-minded to learn new things. This is how to foster quality relationships and genuinely grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Through an open mind, you will also become creative because of the numerous ideas you will get from people.

6) Independence

Another spiritual message from the white turquoise is about independence.

This is a mindset that chooses to not rely on people, their help, and their promises.

The universe has sent the white turquoise to encourage you to embrace this mindset.

The reason for this is that the people around you cannot be trusted. Therefore, don’t bank on their words. 

By becoming independent, you will be able to take full responsibility for your life and decisions.

In addition to this, you will become wiser and mature in your thoughts. The white turquoise is an omen of independence. 

7) Be observant

If you dream of passing by a white turquoise without knowing it, this is a spiritual sign of lack of attention.

This is saying that you are not paying enough attention as you should.

Spiritually, the universe has brought this dream to make you more observant. You need to be on the lookout for signs, and images, which can communicate several messages to you.

Furthermore, your observation will help you to discover opportunities, and take advantage of them early.

Being observant gives you an edge over others, and it also helps you to avoid mistakes and traps.

8) Deep ancient wisdom

The white turquoise reflects deep ancient wisdom.

The spiritual world blesses people with the white turquoise to make them wise.

As you meditate on the white turquoise, you will discover that several mysteries are enshrouded in this object.

This will lure you to delve deeper into your meditation until you hit the wells of ancient wisdom and intuition.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to this point. This is why only a few access this wisdom. The white turquoise lures you to take a spiritual journey as you seek ancient wisdom and power.

It is also believed that the message goes to people with psychic abilities.

9) Confidence

Anytime you feel low, depressed, and unconfident, hold a white turquoise in your left hand and speak positive words to yourself.

This is known to generate supernatural results beyond our widest dreams.

People have suddenly become confident due to this stone.

Therefore, if you dream of holding a white turquoise in your left hand, the universe is encouraging you to be confident. 

Furthermore, it reveals that you are on the journey towards finding yourself. You are about to break out of the mold that people have set for you by their words and incorrect judgment.

4 White Turquoise Healing Properties

Healing Properties of this Crystal

Do you know that the white turquoise has healing properties? If you don’t, then you should know this right now.

You can use white turquoise for healing. It can be used personally, or on behalf of others.

The healing properties of the white turquoise can be used in 4 different ways. Let us look into them.

1. Physical Healing

Over the ages, it is believed that the white turquoise brings physical healing to people. This stone has been used in several ways:

  • People have placed the white turquoise in fire and inhaled its smoke. They believed that it will flow into their bloodstream, and purge them of every sickness.
  • Some people keep the white turquoise stone by their bedside for healing purposes as well.

Spiritually, the white turquoise will bring healing to your body if you desire one. Follow these steps:

  1. Hold the white turquoise in your right hand.
  2. Speak words of positive affirmation as regards your healing.
  3. Take the white turquoise to your room, and keep it by the right side of your bed. 

These processes will bring healing, and foster quick recovery.

2. Emotional Healing

Anytime you battle with emotional distress, the white turquoise is known to heal and relieve you of such. The healing properties of the white turquoise make it possible to put together the broken pieces of your emotion.

All you have to do is:

  1. Hold the white turquoise in your left hand.
  2. Absorb its energy while releasing your emotions (this might come through tears or an outburst of anger by screaming).
  3. See yourself in control of your emotion.
  4. Breathe in and Breathe out.
  5. Repeat the process till you feel relaxed.

It can take up to 7 days to get the result, but you will gain control of your emotion with the white turquoise.

3. Spiritual healing

If your spiritual senses are not picking signals as they should, having a white turquoise will help.

As you meditate on the white color of this stone, your soul will become knit with your spirit, and this triggers your spiritual senses to work properly.

Furthermore, you can use the white turquoise for spiritual healing by holding it everywhere you go.

Whenever you want to connect with the spiritual realm, simply rub your hands around it and meditate on its white color.

4. Restoring balance to the chakra

The healing properties of white turquoise restore balance to chakras.

It connects all your chakras and allows them to function properly.

This will be made possible through the knitting of the soul and spirit.

Final Words

With the white turquoise, you will become spiritually sensitive, enjoy healing, and also attract good luck into your life. Therefore, always be on the lookout for the white turquoise. Whenever it shows up, use the information in this article as your spiritual guide.

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