22 Crystals for Change, New Beginnings, and Transitions

Jorge Silva
22 Crystals for Change, New Beginnings, and Transitions (2023)

If you’re new to the world of crystals, it can take time to know where to start.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common questions people have about crystals and how they can help you through life changes, transitions, and new beginnings.

We’ll also go over some of our favorite picks for best crystals for these situations so that you’ll be ready when your next important moment comes around (or if it hasn’t come yet)!

Can I use Crystals for new Beginnings?

Start over with the power of crystals

It’s a new beginning! Whether it’s your first day at work or your first date with someone you’re interested in, the energy surrounding these events can be overwhelming.

If you want to make a good impression on your boss and impress that hot guy at the bar, here are some ways to take advantage of crystal magic:

  • Use crystals for new beginnings when starting any project, whether writing an article or starting up a business. The power of crystals is best used when we’re building something new or creating something new because they’re able to energize us in this area and give us confidence that everything will turn out well.

  • Use crystals for new beginnings when starting any job – whether it’s working on building houses or being a teacher/caretaker/nanny/etc. There are times when we need support from our inner universe just as much as external ones like friends/family members, etc.

Crystals help us stay grounded so that whatever happens doesn’t overwhelm us too much.

Can I use Crystals for Change and Transitions?

Facing changes with crystals

Yes! Crystals can help you change your mindset, habits, energy, and perspective.

  • Using crystals for change and transitions is a great way to start the new year!
  • You can use them as an energy tool to help shift your perspective on something that happened in the past or even something that is happening now.

11 Best Crystals for Change and New Beginnings

Best Crystals for Change and New Beginnings

The power of crystals is undeniable. They have been used for thousands of years for healing, transformation, and growth.

1) Aventurine

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

Aventurine is a crystal of change and new beginnings. It is a stone of prosperity and abundance, creativity and originality, good fortune and luck.

It can also help you to find courage when facing challenges in your life.

If you’re looking for something that will guide you through any changes that may come up during your lifetime (like a moving house), this crystal will work wonders!

2) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a great stone for purifying and cleansing the mind, body, and spirit.

It’s also an excellent tool for change because it helps you to see things.

Many people use this crystal as a powerful amplifier of thought patterns to increase their ability to manifest what they desire into reality!

3) Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate (Image from: https://www.jami.pt)

It is a stone of change and new beginnings.

It’s also an excellent stone to use when deciding, as it will help you stay focused on your goals.

It helps bring clarity into any situation, including relationships and finances.

4) Pyrite


Pyrite is a stone for change and new beginnings.

It helps you to see things as they are rather than how you wish them to be or what might have happened if only this or that had been different.

Pyrite can help you let go of the past so that it doesn’t haunt your present or future decisions.

This stone encourages optimism in your life by allowing you to look at things from a positive perspective; by giving off an air of confidence (or even arrogance), this crystal will encourage people around us who need encouragement themselves!

5) Moonstone

Black and White Moonstone
Black and White Moonstone

Moonstone is a crystal women have used for centuries to bring about change and new beginnings. It can help you to make better decisions, feel more confident in your abilities, and have stronger intuition.

Moonstone has been called “the stone of wisdom” because it helps you learn from past experiences to move forward with grace and ease.

The many shades of moonstone evoke serenity and peace – a perfect choice for someone who needs some time away from their usual routine to recharge their batteries!

  • Use moonstone during meditation or yoga practice; place it near windows where light enters the room (this will allow the energies within the stone to flow freely);

  • Carry around one to remind yourself what matters most during stressful times;

  • Wear one around your neck as a reminder not only how beautiful everything is but also how much love surrounds us all at any given moment.

6) Sunstone


Sunstone is a stone of the heart, and it’s also known as the “love stone“.

It helps you feel connected to your loved ones and yourself. You can use sunstone if you’re looking for love or want to get out of an uncomfortable relationship.

Sunstone also works well in healing rituals and spells because it helps people feel closer together during these times.

7) Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a crystal for change, new beginnings, and prosperity.

It can help with creativity and self-expression, as well as decision-making.

The stone has been said to be good for the throat chakra, which may explain why it’s often used to increase confidence.

8) Malachite


Malachite is a stone of transformation and change.

It’s used to aid with the process of change and as a protective stone that helps you see the truth in all things.

This can be helpful when dealing with difficult situations or people who may not give you their full attention.

9) Agate

Yellow Agate Crystal
Yellow Agate Crystal

Agate is a good stone for change and new beginnings.

It’s also useful for meditation, helping you release negative emotions and helping deal with insomnia.

Agate can be used to help with digestive problems, as well as reduce stress or anxiety.

10) Citrine

Citrine stone
Citrine stone

Citrine is a crystal that has the power to help you find your way in life and make changes.

It can help you focus on your goals, making them happen.

Citrine also has a positive energy that allows you to attract abundance.

The color citrine represents success, prosperity, love, and kindness, so it’s no wonder we’ve used citrine as an alternative gemstone since ancient times!

11) Amethyst

Amethyst quartz

Amethyst is a calming stone, so it has the added benefit of helping you sleep.

It’s also associated with the crown chakra and can help you to feel centered during meditation or when performing any type of focused work.

Amethyst is often used in crystal healing because it helps regulate body temperature, which regulates blood pressure and heart rate.

This makes amethyst a good stone for anyone suffering from headaches or migraines due to anxiety or stress levels that may be causing these conditions.

6 Best Crystals for Life Transitions and Transformation

Crystals for Life Transitions and Transformation

Life transitions and changes are difficult, even at the best of times. When you’re in the midst of one yourself, it can feel like your life is falling apart – and that’s exactly what you need to do something about!

12) Celestine


Celestine is a powerful stone that helps you to connect with your higher self, angels, and guides.

It is also a crystal for life transitions and transformation, as well as protection against radiation.

The energy of this crystal helps shift unwanted patterns in your life so that they can be replaced by more positive ones – allowing you to move forward into new areas of opportunity for yourself or others around you (such as relationships).

13) Hematite


Hematite has been used by many cultures throughout history as an important symbol of growth and transformation, especially during times of change (such as birth).

It’s no wonder this crystal was placed under our feet during childbirth; its ability to provide stability during turbulent times makes it perfect for pregnant women looking for peace within themselves and their baby’s development into adulthood!

14) Carnelian


Carnelian is a stone of courage and will.

It helps you to be strong, positive, and confident in facing life changes.

Carnelian can also help you make the right decisions – even if they seem like a risk or unconventional choice at first glance.

Carnelian is an excellent stone for manifesting abundance because it represents your power and the power of nature itself (which has no limit).

This makes Carnelian an ideal choice if you need direction or clarity about what goals you want to set yourself moving forward in any area of life.

15) Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate
Botswana Agate (Image from: https://trulyexperiences.com/)

Botswana Agate is a stone of protection and grounding, making it a great choice for those going through life transitions or seeking emotional healing.

Agate is known to help you stay grounded in the moment, allowing you to maintain your focus on what matters.

The smooth surface of this crystal will also support your physical health and promote clear thinking during stressful situations in your life.

16) Malachite


Malachite is a stone of transformation and change.

It helps reduce stress and anxiety while protecting during times of change.

Malachite is known as the “stone of abundance,” but it can also help you find new opportunities in life, such as starting your own business or getting married for the first time.

17) Citrine


Citrine is a crystal that helps you to make positive changes in your life and bring more abundance into your life.

It can be used to attract prosperity, wealth, love, and happiness into your life when you are feeling down or stressed out by some issues that are happening around you at this time in your life.

5 Best Crystals for Moving Forward

Crystals for Moving Forward

Moving forward is a tough concept, especially when stuck in a rut.

This can happen to anyone anytime, but it gets especially hard when dealing with negative energy.

Sometimes it seems like life isn’t making sense, and it’s easy to feel hopeless and trapped by your circumstances.

If you want to get out of this funk, try some crystals!

They help us find our way through tough situations and get us back on track so we can move forward toward our goals again, one step at a time.

Here are my top five picks for best crystals for moving forward:

18) Carnelian


Carnelian is a crystal that can help to bring in positive energy.

It’s often used for healing, and it’s also known as the ‘stone of leadership because it strengthens the will.

If you’re feeling stuck or need guidance on what to do next, carnelian is one of the best crystals to choose when moving forward.

19) Citrine


Citrine is a crystal that brings happiness, good luck, and wealth.

It can also be used to help you move forward in life.

This stone allows you to see the future clearly while still allowing you to enjoy the present moment.

20) Lodestone

It is a good choice for moving forward because it can help you focus on your goals.

You can use lodestones to attract love, luck, and prosperity.

If you want something that will work for all aspects of your life, this might be what you’re looking for!

21) Pyrite


Pyrite is a stone of good fortune and can help you to find your place in the world.

It brings strength and courage, as well as self-confidence. You will likely have many opportunities open up for you now – but only if you take advantage of them!

It will help slow down your thinking process so that everything falls into place more smoothly once everything has been decided upon (and only after those decisions were made).

22) Bloodstone


Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone.

It helps move forward, as it can help you find your way through the darkness and see what lies ahead of you.

Being able to make decisions in life is important, but sometimes it’s hard for us as we are unsure of what direction we should take next.

If things aren’t going as they should be, then this crystal may guide what needs doing next or how best to approach certain situations in life.

Can I Use More Than 1 Crystal?

A lot of crystals with energy to release

Yes, you can use more than 1 crystal. It’s best to use a combination of crystals to get the desired effect. You can also use any number of crystals in the same or different ways. For example:

  • One crystal might be used for grounding and protection, while another is used for manifesting your desires;
  • They could be placed in other areas around your home, such as under pillows or furniture;
  • You could even have them on display like an altar where they’ll be visible at all times!

Final Words

But that’s not all you can do with crystals. You can use them for anything from making yourself feel better to change your life, and the endless possibilities are endless!

Remember, there’s no one crystal or set of stones that will work for everyone.

Each person is unique, and their needs are different from others.

We can offer some general guidelines based on our experience as crystal healers and spiritual guides.

It’s up to you to decide what works best for you as an individual; this may mean trying out new things, experimenting with different types of stones, or combining several different kinds into one piece. We wish you luck on whatever path leads toward clarity and success!

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