11 Crystals For Drinking Water: List Of Water Safe Stones

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11 Crystals For Drinking Water: List Of Water Safe Stones 

Even though most people enjoy the benefits of crystals by placing them near themselves or wearing them in their body, there are many more ways to enjoy them!

One of those ways is by drinking crystal water. Whaaat? Yes! You read that right! Basically, you put your crystal into a cup and drink that water.

But, be careful! You can’t do this with every crystal or you might end up harming yourself. Remember that these are natural stones that can contain toxic elements.

So, to help you out, we created a list of water safe stones and crystals for drinking water. However, it doesn’t mean you should research a little more about each crystal before using this method.

Why You Should Drink Crystal Water?

Water with crystals

Crystals have extremely powerful healing abilities and capabilities when it comes to our physical, spiritual and emotional health.

These effects and powers can be experienced by infusing them with drinking water (this is known as a crystal elixir) and consuming the crystal water.

By combining the energy of the stone with that of the water, the water will absorb and amplify the crystals’ healing properties creating a wonderful elixir.

Here are more amazing reasons as to why you should drink crystal water

These elixirs are known to have wonderful health benefits such as healing ailments, boosting your immune system and introducing boosts of positive energy into the drinker’s life.
It is a powerful and wonderful manifestation tool, as you create and drink the water use the time to visualize and manifest what you want out of life.
Different crystals have different healing properties, there are so many different healing benefits. For example: Rose Quartz will help uplift you to the love vibration. While Clear Quartz will assist in healing health-related issues.
It will help reduce your stress and anxiety charge it. 
Will help improve the quality of your sleep
Water in general is great for hydration, crystal water will help you stay motivated and excited while hydrating you at the same time. 

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Is Drinking Water With Crystals Safe?

Drinking water with crystals

Mostly, yes.

Even though there are so many wonderful benefits to these elixirs you have to be extremely careful about the crystal you choose to use for your drinking water.

Some crystals can have negative side effects and can even be toxic or harmful when placed in water and especially when consumed!

It is also important to use the right method! Let me help you with that

How to drink crystal water
You can’t just submerge the crystal in the water and drink it! Here is a step-by-step of what I do I need to drink a crystal elixir.
Cleanse The Crystal
As always, begin by cleansing the crystal and clearing it of any negative energy that may influence and harm its purpose.
Use Only One Crystal
Don’t just put all of your crystals into a cup. I would suggest working with one crystal at a time. If you want, you can do one crystal today and another one tomorrow.
Run Under Water
Once it has been cleansed using your favorite method, be sure to run it under some cool water — which also is in itself a cleansing tool.
Put In A Glass Cup
Place your chosen crystal in a glass or container with your preferred type of drinking water in it.
Set Your Intentions
Focus your intentions on the crystal. For example: love, abundance, healing…
Let It Sit Overnight
Cover the container and let it sit overnight. You are more than welcome to place it under the moonlight. That’s when I usually do this process.
Drink The Water
When you wake up the next day, drink the water. But, carefully, don’t swallow the crystal. If you want to you can take it off the water before.

Also, if you have concerns about crystal water and how it may affect and interact with certain medications or conditions, then you should consult a healthcare professional. 

11 Best Crystals For Drinking Water (Safe Stones)

Healing Crystals to put in drinking water

As you can see so far, making a crystal elixir is not that hard! The most important step is to pick the right crystals so that you don’t end up in the hospital!

If you’re interested in learning more about adding healing crystals to your drinking water, take a look at these 11 safe crystals for drinking water with.

But, if you have any allergies, make sure to do proper research on the crystal you want to use so you’ll be sure that it doesn’t contain anything harmful to your body.

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1) Clear Quartz

Known as ‘The Master Healer’ it is a powerful crystal with ability to amplify and channel positive energy.

Because of this it is a perfect crystal for elixirs because it promotes and helps with overall health, healing and well-being.

If you are looking to make big changes in your life or elevate your consciousness and connect with and communicate to the spiritual realm then this is the crystal elixir for you.

As you drink the water allow it to focus your mind, promote health, channel energy and focus your meditations and intentions. 

2) Black Tourmaline 

As one of the most protective and grounding crystals, a black tourmaline elixir would be extremely powerful.

Tourmaline provides strong physical and psychic protection drinking this infused water will help shield you from negative energy spiritual attacks and physical harm.

It will also promote stability and help you clear your mind by balancing your emotions, helping to connect with and understand yourself.

Also, it helps to release any tension or fog that may be blocking your thoughts. 

3) Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a wonderful rejuvenation, uplifting stone and will protect you from people and energies looking to drain you mentally, emotionally and physically.

It is a powerful stone of abundance and harmony and will help you heal your heart and bring comfort into your life. As an elixir, it will also be beneficial for your well-being and overall emotional state

Physically, its healing vibration will help you heal conditions and disorders related to one’s mental state

4) Labradorite

As a great crystal for mental sharpness, this kind of elixir will help calm those with overactive and wandering minds and help inspire new ideas.

Labradorite is a great crystal for deflecting unwanted energies, as well as stabilizing and protecting your aura.

It is a wonderful, spiritual stone that will raise your consciousness and as an elixir will allow positive spiritual energies and abilities to enter your physical body. 

Physically, it is known to help heal issues and disorders related to the eyes and is known to be a great stone for increasing your metabolism and improving digestion. 

5) Topaz

Topaz is a very soothing and mellow stone known to channel and direct energy where it is most necessary and needed.

It is said to help with communication, problem-solving and will help you with creativity and expressing yourself.

As an elixir, allow it to bring healing and vibrant energy into your life and into your physical body.

As you drink it envision being filled with confidence, communicating with truth and honesty and with an open heart. Physically, Topaz will help you reduce inflammation, reduce your stress and anxiety and help you sleep better at night. 

6) Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz is a beautiful yet power crystal of peace and healing.

As a crystal, it will help you heal emotionally as well as get to the root of all your emotional distress.

If you are looking for an uplifting crystal that will attract the love vibration into your life then this is the perfect one.

Allow it to also facilitate and renew feelings of self-love, trust and harmony. Its high vibration will give you the energy boost you deserve. 

7) Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a very interesting crystal because it is very grounding, great for stress and anxiety as well as literally grounding energy within your body.

But it is also very uplifting when used in meditations. As an elixir, you will benefit from all of this as well as its ability to neutralize and deflect negative energy.

Therefore protecting you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Emotionally, it will help you release any negative energy and physically it is a great pain reliever and will promote healing in your lower body: hips, legs and abdomen.

8) Blue Lace Agate 

Known for its extremely soothing, cooling and calming energy, Blue Lace Agate is the perfect crystal for an elixir.

It will help bring you peace, peace of mind and emotional healing. If you are struggling with trusting your intuition then this stone is a great supportive and nurturing aid.

As a stone associated with the throat chakra, Blue Lace Agate has the ability to heal and throat related issues and conditions and will remove any spiritual and physical blockages from your nervous system. 

9) Amethyst

Amethyst is a very powerful spiritual, protective and healing stone. It is the perfect stone for an elixir because it promotes and encompasses so many healing properties.

Emotionally, it will help you stay calm and release stress.

Physically, Amethyst will help you boost the production of hormones throughout your body as well as is a great tool to help those fighting addiction and addictive behaviors — while healing the side effects of those dependencies.

Spiritually, it will help you grow as well as connect you to divine and powerful energy. 

10) Aquamarine

Is the perfect stone to use in an elixir for those looking to better their relationships with themselves and others.

It is a stone of courage and is perfect for people who are feeling overwhelmed and need to break self-destructive patterns.

It is also a very protective stone (according to history) and will you reach higher states of consciousness and awareness spiritually and during meditation.

Allow it to purify your drinking water and encourage better communication while healing your throat. 

11) Carnelian

Using Carnelian for your drinking water will create a great elixir because it is said to boost energy levels, restore vitality and motivate you greatly.

This stone will help you trust yourself and provide support through physical, emotional and spiritual journeys.

If you are looking to heal any ailments related to the female reproductive organs then this is the stone for you. It has powerful healing properties and will help you protect yourself against negative energy and emotions. 

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How Often Should I Drink Crystal Water? 

Safe crystals to "drink"

In truth, the answer to how often you should drink crystal water is entirely subjective and up to you.

Crystal water is a natural healing therapy and with the right crystals can be used and consumed daily, weekly, ritualistically and so much more.

There are a number of factors to consider for example: your intentionsthink about what you want the elixir to do for you and then determine how often you think it should be consumed

It is however advised for beginners to avoid consuming large amounts at once and drink elixirs in moderation.

Just listen to your body and your intuition and pay attention to how you feel at first, you will know what to do. 

Can I Also Try Other Crystals? 


There are a few things to consider when beginning to drink and experiment with crystal water for healing and drinking: 

Of course! It’s important to not use the wrong crystals that could harm you or have harsh negative side effects. Be sure to do your research before you consume any kind of crystal water.
If you are a beginner: start with one crystal at a time. As you do not know how all the healing effects will combine and affect you. So, you may feel overwhelmed. 
Because of their properties be careful not to consume the healing abilities from the wrong crystal. It’s important that you know the type of energy you are looking for and the type of healing you require. Remember it is possible to overstimulate yourself and throw yourself out of balance. 

Before you leave, also learn how to use a Rose Quartz face roller.

Final Words

Crystal water is a wonderful and powerful spiritual healing therapy that can be used to promote health and well-being.

There are many wonderful crystals that can be used to make crystal water, each with their own unique benefits and healing capabilities.

Elixirs are a wonderful way of allowing and welcoming the healing nature of crystals into your body and will naturally introduce positive energy and vibrations into your water.

When choosing crystals for crystal water, it is important to consider your individual needs and goals as well as do your research on the safest crystal to use.

Be warned that some have risks and side effects and will harm you and even the safe ones may still cause a reaction. If you have found a “safe” crystal to use, perhaps try testing a small bit of it on your body first before consumption.

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