Sleeping With Selenite Under the Pillow: 9 Benefits 

Rita Smith
Sleeping With Selenite Under the Pillow: 9 Benefits 

If you have ever gone a few days of sleepless nights, then you know the gravity and importance of getting a night of good sleep. 

Your daily life and thoughts are probably invading your mind when it’s time to sleep. All of that negative energy around you won’t let you rest.

What if there were some things that you can put under your pillow, that’d make 4 hours of sleep feel like a 7 hour of sleep in your body?

Well, this is where the crystals come in, you can be sure of a very deep sleep when you put certain crystals under your pillow. 

In this article, I’d be sharing with you, nine benefits that you can get by putting a selenite crystal under your pillow before you sleep

Can I sleep with Crystals under my pillow?


Yes, you can!

We have a lot of motivational speakers going around the world telling people to reduce their sleep if they want to achieve something for themselves in life. 

This puts pressure on the average person out there. I know you’re not totally exempted from the pressure too.

Hence, that short time you want to use to get a good sleep shouldn’t be plagued by nightmares and worries from the day. 

So yes, you can sleep with crystals under your pillow seeing it to facilitate you getting a night of good sleep.

You can sleep with Rose Quartz under your pillow and also with Amethyst.

Can I sleep with Selenite under my pillow?

sleeping well

While several crystals are known for their having effects on the emotional health of people. Some of them are also known to also affect your physical health. 

About sleeping, you can never be wrong keeping a few shiny rocks underneath your pillow. That might be just what you need to finally get to rest well and be recharged.

Selenite is one of such crystals that helps you rest and recharge well. So yes, you can sleep with selenite under your pillow. 

Why should I use Selenite?

selenite and salt

Selenite is a crystal that emits soothing light energy.

It’s not too intense, neither is it too light.

And because of that, some might not consider it a crystal for sleeping. True, it’s not a crystal for just sleeping, however, it’s the perfect crystal to help you sleep well

Because of the light energy it emits, it brings calmness over all your senses. It’s as though your entire body system was restored to the “factory setting“. 

9 Spiritual benefits of sleeping with Selenite under the pillow

selenite and candles

With all the ups and downs going on in the world. It’s not surprising that a lot of people that walks tẹ streets, drive the cars are mostly frustrated.

There’s a connection that getting a night of good sleep has with how you go about your day

Sleeping with selenite under your pillow not only ensures you get a good sleep, it also comes with other perks.

Below are nine benefits that come with sleeping with a selenite under the pillow

1) Restored focus

Sleeping with a selenite under your pillow realigns your focus even as you sleep.

Particularly if you’re wavering in some of your resolutions around that period, selenite would emit certain energy that restores your focus.

If you’ve also been getting distracted unknowingly, selenite is a way of ensuring you major on the major things

2) Wake up balanced

Sleeping with a crystal underneath your pillow releases energy that is balanced all around your upper body, particularly your head.

Thereby causing you to wake up balanced and steady in your thoughts. 

We sleep to get some rest and then importantly get refreshed. The moment you sleep, and then you wake up more tired than you actually slept.

That’s a horrible experience. Selenite crystal ensures that you never have to have such an experience. It ensures you don’t wake up the same way you slept. 

3) Mental clarity 

This talks about your ability to discern things. Many times in the world, we often go around with clogged mentalities about different things. 

This is at times due to the conflicting information that we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

However, putting selenite under the pillow as we sleep can help us with the different information we’re exposed to

Thereby bringing clarity to us

4) Deeper sleep 

The problem of insomnia is fast rising in our communities. More and more people are trading their sleep for more money on a daily basis

Sadly, we also have a different set of motivational speakers who have motivated people to spend less and less time in their beds.

The downside to this is that we forget how important a good night’s sleep is. We forget the things that a night of good sleep does for us that money cannot do

The importance of crystals like selenite cannot be over emphasized in a period like this. 

5) Fall asleep faster 

Alongside the problem of insomnia, is the problem of people finding it difficult to fall asleep

Some people literally have to take medications to fall asleep. Some start taking drugs and other harmful substances. This has left a negative aftertaste on our community at large

Some of the people having this problem just keep staring for hours till they’re eventually able to find sleep. 

This shows the importance of this particular crystal. And the gravity of the problem it could help solve.

6) Ease physical pain 

If you’re slightly injured, maybe a pain in the thigh, or a pain in the lower back. Selenite crystal does wonders in alleviating such pain.

It breathes healthy energy upon the pain even as you sleep. Don’t be surprised if you wake up feeling refreshed and new.  

Note that this doesn’t replace any form of first aid that can and should be taken when such injuries occur.

If the pain persists after putting selenite crystal under your pillow as you sleep, it’s not a bad idea to check it at the hospital.

If you need to improve your health, take a look at these crystals for good health.

7) Feel good vibes 

If only we could see the number of people who go to bed sad every day.

A lady once said: “Maybe I don’t go to bed feeling sad every day, but I can’t remember a day I went to bed feeling happy

That shows the reality of the world we live in. Selenite is a kind of good vibes and good vibes only.

One selenite or two under your pillow as you sleep, can fill you with good vibes and help you remember the positives in the so-called negative day, just before you fall asleep. 

If you’re in this category, then you might want to trust the selenite with filling you with good vibes.

8) Guides against nightmares 

Every average human being between the age of 5-40 has had a nightmare at least once in their life. There are some people that even have nightmares almost every day

And nightmares are a nightmare! You’d only argue that if you’ve never had one. The inside of some people’s heads is a gory place to be. 

The selenite crystal is more than instrumental in this aspect. Imagine you can sleep without waking up almost every night because of a nightmare. 

9) Calm emotional tension 

Most of us deal with heartbreak by crying ourselves to sleep. We keep it together till we get on our beds and then the seas let loose, we cry and cry.

I’m aware that there are those who deal with their heartbreaks in different manners, some go play sports, others just begin to eat anything in sight. 

However, selenite crystal does wonders in comforting and calming out tension.

True, we cry ourselves to bed, but we wake up not looking like the heartbreak we endured. We wake up looking like everything that heartbreak is not.

Are you sad? You should take a look at this list of crystals!

Can I use other crystals instead of Selenite?

selenite candle and lamp

Crystals aren’t only useful in your waking life. They actually do a lot too when we’re asleep at night.

This is true of most crystals if not all. Therefore, you can use other crystals instead of Selenite.

However, you must know that human beings are different from each other at the core. It means that I could react positively to a particular crystal and you find that crystal ineffective. 

So you need to pay attention to yourself in order to figure out the crystal that really helps with your sleep. 

Final Words 

Without sleep, you deprive the body of its self-healing processes. A night of bad sleep is just as bad.

Sometimes, not getting a night of good sleep is almost worse than not sleeping at all. Especially after a long day. 

Sleeping with crystals under your pillow can calm your mind and relax your body for enough rest and recovery. You now know what to do if you ever have trouble sleeping.

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