Who Should NOT Wear Jade? Don’t Use If You Feel This

Rita Smith
Who Should NOT Wear Jade? Don’t Use If You Feel This

You don’t have to be a gemstone expert before understanding gemstones and the powers they possess.

At a young age, I started studying pearls and this was when I understood the power of these natural gemstones. When I began studying crystals, it became clear that the spiritual world is more vast than I thought

Over the past 3 years, I have studied hundreds of crystals. Every crystal in the world has side effects.

As much as it is sufficient to understand the spiritual benefits of crystals, you also need to understand the side effects of using them.

One of the crystals you need to exercise caution with is Jade. Not everyone should wear jade

This beautiful crystal is known all over the world for its metaphysical properties. However, only a handful of people talk about the side effects of using this stone. 

In this article, we will identify certain categories of people that should not wear jade. Before we do that, there are important questions to answer. Let us begin from there. 

About Jade

Jade rings

For thousands of years, jade has been revered for its deep metaphysical powers. Beyond that, it is valued for its beauty and aesthetic qualities. 

This gemstone has a bright green color that shines in the sun. It has a smooth texture and sometimes will slip off your hand while holding it. 

According to research, Jade is a combination of 2 minerals namely nephrite and jadeite. Both minerals represent shades of jade and mean the same in the spiritual world. 

Jade has spiritual significance across several cultures and regions.

For example, in Chinese culture, it is known as the imperial stone. In the East African territory, this stone is known for its power to restore balance and harmony

Beyond its spiritual essence, this gemstone can be used for pieces of jewelry, artifacts, figurines, evil eye bracelets and so on.

It exudes pure spiritual energy, which can vibrate at intense spiritual frequencies sometimes. 

One amazing fact about this stone is that it is connected to the heart chakra. This means that you can use this stone for anything that has to do with your emotions, intellect, and intuition.

Like other crystals, it possesses spiritual healing properties.

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Is jade suitable for everyone?

Green Jade
Green Jade

This question is relative. However, I will attempt to answer from two perspectives. 

Firstly, it is safe to say that jade is suitable for everyone. This is because some of the spiritual benefits of using this stone can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

Let us take them one after the other:

  • Healing Properties: At one point or the other, people will fall sick. Using jade will bring healing to them and speed up their recovery process. Also, it helps with the healing of the mind;
  • Metaphysical Properties: This stone prevents negative energy from affecting people. It also wards off bad luck and evil spirits. With this, you can also see that everyone can use jade. 

On the other hand, the answer can also be NO. This is based on peculiar situations and circumstances, which we will discuss later in this article.

If you fall into any of the categories we will discuss, jade might not be suitable for you to use at that moment

This crystal was made for humans. We are meant to enjoy it. However, there are a few things that can guide us on how to effectively harness its energy for our benefit.

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Does Jade have side effects?

Jade necklace
Jade Stone

Yes, jade has side effects just like every other crystal. Sadly, a lot of people have suffered the side effects of this stone without realizing the source of their predicaments.

The reason is that people don’t understand the side effects. They only know of the benefits. 

When you use jade the wrong way, you will suffer side effects. There are guidelines on how to use this stone.

Once you go against these guidelines, you might be affected by the energy discharge from it

Additionally, people with certain conditions are not meant to use this stone because of the side effects they are prone to suffer.

As you will soon realize, there are 7 categories of people who should stay away from jade for a while. Failure to do this will result in side effects that might be too heavy to bear. 

This is why I always emphasize having complete knowledge of the stone you are about to use. Don’t get carried away by the spiritual benefits and metaphysical properties.

Also, study the side effects to know if you are eligible to use it or not.

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Who should not wear jade?

Who should not wear jade?

This is the answer you’ve waited for. If you have read till this point, then, it means that you are interested in understanding your stone. 

Now, I am going to reveal the 7 categories of people who should not wear jade.

If you fall into one or more of these categories, you are advised to stay away from jade. This will prevent you from suffering side effects.

1) Calm people should not wear jade

Jade is known for its ability to calm people’s nerves. For example, if you are under pressure, wearing jade brings therapy to your heart.

You will suddenly feel calm. Now, if you are a calm person, stay away from jade

The reason why calm people should stay away from jade is that the side effect might lead to excessive lagging in action.

Once they use jade, they will become lazy, and inactive, and might eventually develop low self-esteem. 

Since you already have a relaxing energy in your mind, stay away from jade.

Having too many relaxing energy vibrations will result in negative effects that will affect your behavior and personality.

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2) People who feel dizzy when using Jade

If you feel dizzy, jade is not a stone you should use. The reason is that this stone emits energy that helps people to relax and sleep well

Therefore, using it will intensify the dizziness because of the energy it supplies. 

We received a report of someone collapsing after wearing a jade while feeling dizzy. This is why you should stay away from it when you feel the same way. 

3) Overly sensitive people should not wear jade

If you are overly sensitive, it is advisable to stay away from this stone. 

Jade is connected to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is responsible for our feelings. This helps us to learn how to express our emotions clearly and passionately. 

Now, if you are sensitive, it means that you are emotionally active.

Therefore, using jade will only intensify your sensitive side, which makes you more vulnerable to manipulation

4) People who don’t seek balance should not wear jade

One of the spiritual benefits of using jade is that you will attain emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. Therefore, if you are not seeking to be balanced or grounded, don’t wear jade. 

The side effect for this category of people is that they will mess up their minds

Also, they might become hardhearted and insensitive to whatever happens around them. Another ripple effect is that they might lose some friends.

5) Who is already satisfied with their relationship

If you are in love, and satisfied with your relationship, then, don’t use jade.

If you do, you might begin to attract the opposite gender, which will be disastrous for your relationship. 

6) Do you get headaches when you use Jade? Stop!

Whenever you begin to have headaches while using this stone, it means that your energy levels don’t vibrate at the same frequency as that of jade. 

Stop using the stone immediately to prevent health issues.

Sometimes, it is advisable to visit professional health practitioners. Also, the radiation from this stone might be affecting you.

This is another reason why you should stop immediately. 

7) Do you feel bad about this crystal?

The feelings we have release energies. The moment you feel bad about this crustal, don’t use it for any reason

If you do, you will hurt yourself. Additionally, you will be wasting your time because the stone will not be effective.

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Can I use another crystal instead of Jade?

Amazonite rose quartz others

Yes, you can use another crystal instead of jade

Other crystals can give you the spiritual benefits you are looking for – apart from jade.  Once you identify these crystals, begin to use them. 

If you are finding it hard to know which alternative crystals to use, read what comes next. 

What is the best Jade alternative?

Amazonite real stone

The best jade alternative is Amazonite

There are several other crystals you can use. However, amazonite is the best alternative.

Just like jade, it comes with a greenish hue and possesses spiritual healing and metaphysical properties. 

The energy it emits is milder than that of jade and it is suitable for everyone.

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Final Words

Conclusively, you should consult a health practitioner or a gemstone expert to further understand how to use certain crystals.

In addition to the knowledge you have gotten from this article, they will also help you to understand how to use stones effectively. 

As beautiful as jade looks, it has its limits. Therefore, understand what these limits are, and stay out of them. 

Are you looking for a better alternative to jade? Then, try Amazonite. 

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