9 Side Effects of Moonstone: Who Should Not Wear?

Rita Smith
9 side effects of Moonstone: Who should not wear?

Have you ever wondered if some stones or crystals have side effects at all? What would be the cause? Are those effects life-threatening? Are there certain people that shouldn’t wear certain stones? 

The moonstone is a stone with mild energy that releases gentle and feminine vibes around you, and it’s by all means a great addition to your collection of stones. 

However, some people can have some negative reactions to this particular stone or some other stones as the case may be. And several things could be responsible for this

Continue reading to find out the side effects of moonstone and what you have to do when you are experiencing those side effects.

Is Moonstone dangerous?

blue Moonstone

No, it’s not

As I said earlier, a stone might be too strong for you, but that doesn’t classify the stone as dangerous. It’s just not fit for your use. It’s exactly what some other people are looking for. 

If your inner being is at variance with the stone on you.

Your body might begin to send you some uncomfortable signals so you’d know that you’re with a stone that your body doesn’t agree with. 

Our bodies possess different amounts of energy, our bodies differ from each other in that it’s different energy levels.

So when a stone’s energy is remarkably higher than the body’s energy, the body is bound to react and you’d feel certain things. 

The moonstone is a powerful stone with very imposing energy. The vibrations it emits are quite stronger than that of an average gemstone. 

Hence, a moonstone isn’t dangerous, it might just be too strong for the person using it.

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Who should not wear Moonstone?

Woman worried

Before you choose to wear any stone or stone, you should check your astrology

Those that are Gemini as related to their zodiac sign shouldn’t wear the moonstone. This is because they already have a truckload of feminine energy in their lives.

Imagine the feminine energy from the moonstone combined with feminine energy already inherent in the Geminis, that’d have more negative results than positive

Women are also counseled not to use moonstones. However, there are exceptions to this, seeing that we now have females with plenty of masculine energy.

Women with dominant feminine energy as is the case with most females, will often drag and be slow in thoughts when they use moonstone. 

This doesn’t mean that there are severe side effects that result from using moonstone.

Once you’re certain that you’re not compatible with moonstone, you can use other stones instead of moonstone.

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9 Side effects of moonstone you should know


As we’ve seen earlier, when our bodies are not in sync with the stone we’re using, it tends to send us signals so we can correct the situation.  

We also saw that when you combine conflicting stones, stones that their vibrations are not complementing each other, which can lead to you experiencing certain side effects, so you can know what you’re doing wrong

Also, you can have side effects when the energy of the stone you’re using is way stronger than your energy core. 

Below are nine side effects of using Moonstone:

1) Overly introverted 

Seeing that one of the benefits of moonstone is that it helps you to stay grounded. The moonstone imposes this greatly on the mind and spirit.

If you don’t have enough inner strength to channel the energy of the moonstone properly, you might find yourself keeping to yourself, and not talking to people you’d normally talk to. 

So, if you’re using a moonstone and you just notice that suddenly you started preferring your company over being with people.

If you notice that you’d rather chat with folks than meet with them in real time, then it might be a signal that the moonstone is taking its toll on you. 

You can balance this by combining it with another stone that fuels your inner strength or you could just change the stone.

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2) Anxiety

Moonstone is a powerful stone. And if you’re sensitive to its energy as a result of your energy core, then it might make you feel anxious.

Sometimes, certain stones can prove to be too strong for our bodies, and we feel their side effects in our bodies. 

Some have even claimed that their heart was pounding when they held the moonstone.

In certain scenarios, you don’t even have to have body contact with it before you feel weird about the stone.

Just being in its sphere of activity, maybe in the same room with a stone can make you feel uncomfortable. 

3) Irritation 

A few times, if the stone’s energy is very powerful or your core of energy is low, you can begin to feel so irritated as though you want to throw up. 

If it gets to this point, it’s proof that the stone is affecting you at your core of energy already. You might want to take the stone out of your space as soon as possible

Now, there’s nothing to be scared of, this is just a warning and a signal to let you know that your body isn’t compatible with the stone.

Hence, you’ll just have to learn to use other stones in their place. 

4) Drowsiness and dizziness  

These are prolonged side effects of number three above.

If you don’t quickly change the stone or you’re still in the same space with the stone. 

You might begin to find that you’re just feeling sleepy and weak all of a sudden. You’d most likely give in to this, thinking that when you wake up, you’d be better, which is a good decision. 

But upon waking up, if you’re still weak and drowsy, then you should send the moonstone away from you. Your body is in total objection to its presence in your life.

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5) Overly emotional  

In staying grounded that moonstone ensures. There could be some extremes to it if your energy level cannot balance it up.

While one of those extremes is being overly introverted, another is being overly emotional. 

If you find out that you suddenly become overly emotional, feeling things you don’t usually feel, then you might want to stop using moonstone and change your stone. 

6) Excessive mental activity  

When your body is not in sync with moonstone, you might find out that you’re more in your head than in your actions

You just can’t stop thinking of the next hundred steps. You’re so engrossed thinking about the next 20 years.

Whereas life is meant to be lived forward; from the point, you are to the point you want to get to

You can’t just neglect the point you are all because of where you want to get to. Chances are, you won’t get there.

It’s when you know where you’re at, that you can safely navigate through to where you want to be. 

7) Frequent mood swings  

While some people experience mood swings quite naturally. However, the focus here is the frequency. 

When you can’t maintain a particular feeling for long, and your mood is just changing faster than even you can keep track.

This could be a result of other external factors.

But when you can’t point to any external factors and you have the moonstone around you, then you might want to separate yourself from the stone for a while to ensure a closer observation. 

8) Indecisiveness 

This particular side effect is seen in those whose zodiac sign is Gemini

When the feminine energy that seeps out from the moonstone combines with the feminine energy innate in those with Gemini as their zodiac sign, it leads to a certain level of indecision in things they’d formerly be resolute and firm about. 

9) Tardiness

One of the side effects that some have claimed to have is unnecessary tardiness

Where you’re just slow and ineffectual in the things you’re usually sharp and effective with. Once you rule out other potential causes, the moonstone is all that’s left to be ruled out. You should do away with the moonstone.

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Moonstone is too strong for me. What should I use?

holding gemstones

Just as it has been pointed out earlier, when you notice that the moonstone is too strong for you, the best thing to do is to get another stone or crystal that is compatible with your body. 

Here are a few you can use:

  • Amethyst;
  • Hematite;
  • Rose Quartz;
  • Carnelian stone .

I am feeling some side effects. Should I stop using moonstone?

holding clear crystal

Yes, you should stop using moonstone

However, that you’re feeling some negative effects doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s caused by moonstone.

So, I advise that you first cancel out any potential external factor that can cause that negative effect. 

Once you’ve done that and you’re still feeling the negative effects, then you should stop using moonstone. 

Final Thoughts 

Moonstone is a powerful crystal with numerous good properties. However, few people have testified to feeling some side effects due to the energy of the stone being distinctly greater than the energy in their core. 

If this happens to you, try to limit the time you spend with the moonstone, or better still, you can just replace it with another stone or crystal.

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