7 Purple And Green Crystals: Names And Images

Jorge Silva

Purple and green crystals have immense potential and capabilities making them potent enough to deliver spiritual benefits. 

Not only are they spiritually powerful, but can also be used for fashion purposes

However, it can be difficult to find these crystals especially because of their unique and rare blend of colors. 

But don’t worry! I have found 7 purple and green crystals for you

Therefore, if you’ve sought purple and green crystals with no success rate, then, you have come to the right place. 

Read this article till the end to find out about these amazing purple and green crystals. 

Are there purple and green crystals?

fluorite stone

Yes, there are purple and green crystals

And trust me, they are alluring to look at. This is why they seem to be desirable to a lot of people. You can use them for home decor, fashion, and even spiritual purposes. 

How did these crystals form? Well, the mineral components found in gemstones largely determine their colors. This explains why purple and green crystals exist.

Now, what are these purple and green crystals? We will discuss more about this below.

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7 Purple and Green Crystals with names, properties and images

fluorite in tree

In this section, we will discuss the 7 purple and green crystals you need to know. The properties and spiritual benefits of using each stone will also be outlined. 

Care to know more about this? Read on to find out. 

1) Fluorite


This can also be referred to as rainbow fluorite. Because of its unique blend of colors, it reflects almost 4 to five different colors. 

Made of calcium and fluorine, this sleeky and smooth crystal will make for an amazing fashion pick.

Flourite is one of the purple and green crystals you should consider having. 

Its metaphysical properties provide mental clarity to its wearer. It removes every emotional and mental blockage you might be experiencing at the moment. 

Additionally, the grounding properties of this stone make it easy to stay focused during meditation or while engaging in spiritual activities. 

During times of stress and uncertainty, the rainbow fluorite is a crystal to relieve you of stress. 

Do you know that this stone could attract love? Flourite attracts healthy relationships and promotes love between couples.

This purple-green stone fosters genuine forgiveness, which is the foundation for genuine love. 

2) Green Purple Opal


The elegance and lushness of this unique crystal make it extremely attractive to behold. You can use it for fashion purposes, interior decorative purposes, and crystal healing purposes as well. 

It comprises both green and purple colors and blends them in the perfect mix and pattern.

Wearing the green and purple opal fills you with excitement and energy to carry out your daily activities. This stone has both the metaphysical properties of green opal and that of purple opal. 

Therefore, you will enjoy double spiritual benefits by keeping this unique crystal around you. 

Green purple opal is also known as a stone of good luck. It wards off negative energy and brings positivity, which leads to good luck. 

Through the energy from this stone, your creativity will be stimulated, which brings about productivity in whatever you do.

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3) Purple Scapolite

It is quite rare to find this stone. But if you do, then, you are quite lucky to have it

Purple scapolite can be used as pendants and other pieces of jewelry. You can also use it for interior decorative purposes. 

Keeping this stone around you helps your emotional and mental stability. Its grounding properties help you to stay connected with the earth’s elements. 

Additionally, this stone is known to be associated with the crown chakra, which means it is good for spiritual activation.

Whenever your spiritual senses are down, keep this stone around you for a charge. It awakens your spiritual senses.

4) Mystic Topaz

mystic topaz

The name of this crystal explains its uniqueness. The mystic properties of this unique form of topaz make it a powerful purple and green crystal to us. 

For crystal healing purposes, mystic topaz is known as a crystal of emotional healing. If you are stressed, wearing this stone takes out the negative energy causing stress. 

In addition to this, the metaphysical properties of mystic topaz promote good sleep. Its transparent framework makes it an absorbing stone. Wearing it absorbs negative energy and leaves you lighter. 

How about its attractiveness? Trust me, this gemstone makes you more attractive. It adds class and elegance to your outlook.

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5) Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline Meaning

The watermelon tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone. Its rare design makes it look like a watermelon.

It’s usually pink and green colors, but, you can find it in purple and green too! This amazing gemstone can be used for a wide range of purposes. 

In the metaphysical world, this crystal is known as a stone of joy and hope. Its therapeutic properties are beneficial to its wearer. 

Are you going through an emotional downtime? Then, it is time to use watermelon tourmaline.

In addition to this, feng shui practitioners believe that watermelon tourmaline is a powerful crystal for abundance. This stone is placed in wealthy corners of people’s homes and offices for good luck.

Wearing this stone exposes you to joy and optimism. It also stimulates your mind and helps you to stay energetic all day long. 

6) Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite)

Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite)

From afar, you might feel this stone is predominantly green. However, by looking at it closely, you will discover its unique purple inclusions

Zoisite is most likely found in African countries like Tanzania, and so on. 

It is believed that this stone is beneficial for manifestation. Are you finding it hard to actualize your dreams and intentions? If yes, then get a zoisite.

Additionally, this unique gemstone helps with alignment. It ensures that your plans align with your purpose

Spiritually, this stone helps with the fulfillment of dreams. It is believed that using ruby zoisite supplies you with the strength and determination that you need on your path to growth and success.

Zoisite is compatible with the crown chakra, which is the most spiritual chakra.

The energy from Zoisite helps with the effective functioning of your crown chakra, which brings peace and harmony into your heart.

7) Bolivianite


Bolivianite is a powerful gemstone for calming and balancing energies. Wearing it restores emotional and mental balance

Its alluring framework also makes it desirable for interior decoration and art carvings

At night, keeping this stone close to you ensures you have a good sleep. Its positive energy is also beneficial for having good dreams. 

Its metaphysical properties are beneficial for memory enhancement. Because of its grounding properties, your mind will be open to new thoughts and ideas.

This awakens your creative power and helps you find expression.

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What is the best purple and green crystal for love?

Spiritual dangers of Fluorite

The best purple and green crystal for love is the green and purple fluorite. This stone is called the heart-centered stone. 

This crystal is seen as a stone of the wind element and is believed to help with the fluctuation of both the heart chakra and the third eye chakra

Because of this, you can expect the energy from this stone to promote your love life and foster genuine love and forgiveness. 

Furthermore, the purple and green fluorite crystal helps couples communicate their feelings to one another.

It also fosters openness, trust, sincerity, and positive energy for love and romance to thrive among couples. 

What is the best green and purple crystal for abundance?

watermelon tourmaline

The best green and purple crystal for abundance is the watermelon tourmaline

According to feng shui beliefs, this stone is connected with the earth, water, and wood elements. 

Because of this, it can be used to attract abundance into people’s lives

This stone comprises the energy from green color and purple colors. In the world of spirituality:

  • Green: prosperity, abundance, and fruitfulness;
  • Purple: a sign of foresight and positive opportunities. 

The combined energy of purple and green color makes abundance a reality in people’s lives. 

And what is the best crystal for peace?

Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite)

The ruby zoisite is the best green and purple crystal for peace of mind. 

This unique gemstone helps you to deal with stress and anxiety. 

Wearing this stone exposes you to its positive energy, which creates stability in your crown chakra.

When this is achieved, the energy will run through your body causing peace to flood your mind.

Should I really use green and purple gemstones?

Purple Fluorite Spiritual meaning 

Yes, it is good to use green and purple gemstones.

As long as these stones meet your needs and align with your intention, there are no side effects of wearing these green and purple gemstones. 

Select the stone that appeals to you and aligns with your intention

Final Words

As we have discussed in this article, green and purple crystals can be found anywhere in the world.

With their distinct qualities, it is easy to identify them and select the one(s) that suit(s) your intention and fashion taste. 

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