17 Light Green Crystal Names: Gemstone Images

Jorge Silva
17 Light Green Crystal Names: Gemstone Images

Light green crystals are a category of stones that are adored and celebrated for their unique sublimity and metaphysical potential.

Ranging from paler tones to more ravishing and intense ones, these stones are not just limited to their visual charm. They are also linked to various benefits such as renewal, growth and healing.

In this article, we are going to analyze and scrutinize together what, in my opinion, are the 17 most enigmatic light green crystals ever.

Thus journeying from their name to their unique traits and potential characteristic benefits.

Join me in this enchanting discovery for all tastes and curiosities and discover the universe of light green crystals.

17 powerful light green crystal names and properties

Charging a green crystal

The universe of crystals, in itself, is kabbalistic and holds within itself the most hidden gems. Among them, we come across the splendor of light green crystals that dazzles anyone with their grace.

There are those who believe that these 17 stones that I chose today have a rare collection of properties that influence our emotional, physical and spiritual state and well-being. Despite their delicate and engaging appearance.

From sheltering balance and harmony to enabling growth and improvement, each of the crystals that I bring you today tells us, with their energy, the most beautiful tales of healing and prosperity that I will share with you today.

Sit down and read our immeasurable adventure through the universe of light green crystals while we unveil the magic of these wonderful stones.

1) vesuvianite


Vesuvianite is not the most popular crystal on this list, but it doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.

This crystal is generally indicated for people with anger issues and negativity who are looking for a spiritual tool to start their healing journey.

Vesuvianite helps to bring us closer to the higher realms and also creates and easy link with our sense of higher self.

Its energy keeps us grounded. This gem is also famous for its protective and comforting qualities.

2) Aventurine


In addition to being named “The Stone of Opportunities” and some people firmly believe that this stone plants luck, prosperity and abundance in the lives of those who carry it.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, it is said to relieve skin eruptions, skin rashes, allergies, among others.

In addition to these physical benefits, aventurine is also advantageous for the thymus gland and the nervous system.

Check here what are the possible side effects of wearing green Aventurine.

3) Moss Agate

Moss Agate

This semi-precious stone is excellent for those looking to enhance their connection to the Earth and Mother Nature.

As well as inciting stability, this stone breeds confidence and hope in the lives of those who wear it — two crucial elements for the growth, prosperity and healing.

4) Amazonite


The calmness of this stone is enough to alleviate stress and promote harmony and balanced communication. Amazonite raises the honor, truth and integrity of its users.

For this reason, when talking about communication and self-expression, we immediately talk about this beauty also known as Amazonstone.

It also heals fatigue, trauma and everything that consumes our energy.

5) Tree Agate

Tree Agate not

For those looking for bravery and a boost to their immune system, this Agate is the perfect stone.

Linked to growth, abundance and nature, this crystal enables emotional stability and inner peace.

Associated with the heart chakra, some also say that Tree Agate has very serene energy.

6) Prehnite


There are several ways in which prehnite is beneficial, among strengthening bones, nails and teeth, this crystal also reduces individuals’ high levels of stress.

Also, it is associated with unconditional love and healing.

It is believed that this stone-shaped marvel helps to sharpen our intuition, our inner peace and consequently our personal growth.

7) Emerald

Emerald stone

A stone adored in the jewelry sphere and by some dubbed the “Stone of successful love” and by others “The jewel of kings”.

The Emerald is as much associated with love, loyalty and transformation as with eloquence and royalty. For this reason, this stone is believed to enhance our spiritual insight.

8) Green Calcite

charge Green Calcite

Let’s look to Green Calcite as a friendly healer who supports us through emotional healing and out of the bondage of pent-up stress.

Therefore, this stone sensitizes and fortifies our hearts so that we can feel free and empowered.

Great to offer to a close friend, this stone enables friendly personal growth and encourages us to embrace positive change.

9) Chrysocolla

green Chrysocolla

Communication and inner wisdom are what crackles in my mind when I think of this crystal. Chrysocolla is a stone with the ability to empower us to heal us emotionally, multiply our wisdom, and enable us to express ourselves.

Also, it guide us through the most challenging moments of our lives.

10) Malachite


The benefits and properties of this stone, famous as the “Stone of transformation”, are vast.

Therefore, it is said that Malachite helps us to remove negative energies, providing us with protection.

Furthermore, in addition to the abundance it is associated with and the spiritual growth it enables us to achieve, in terms of physical benefits, in general, this stone promotes our well-being.

But, if we want to be more specific this stone is a strong ally of our immune and respiratory systems, our energy and our liver levels.

11) Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

One of the rudimentary and primary stones in the history of crystal healing practices, Green Tourmaline promotes vitality, bravery and abundance.

Therefore and consequently, this crystal ignites our creativity and is a success magnet.

Physically, this tourmaline is mainly used to cure problems of the physical heart and is recommended for cancer patients, as it is famous for stimulating cellular health.

12) Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite

Rooted in Anahata, the Heart Chakra, but able to clean and install balance and harmony between the seven chakras.

Green Fluorite sharpens our mental clarity, improves our focus and assists us in the best way in decision making.

As we have already mentioned, they bring a certain balance and harmony to the mind, body and soul taking into account this link with the central energy of the heart.

It helps to dissolve emotional traumas and energies that make it impossible for us to receive and offer love.

13) Peridot


Like her other companions, Peridot was also named, however, “stone of compassion”.

This stone is said to ease stress, anger and negative emotions. Yet this stone is known to be intertwined with physical and metaphysical healing and renewal.

But in what way? Well, in general, people familiar with crystal healing practices say that this stone contributes to good health, relaxed sleep and peace in relationships in general by aligning the body and mind.

Before you use this stone, read here its possible side effects.

14) Chrysoprase


Steeped in the heart’s core energy and emotional healing, this stone promotes love, indulgence and acceptance.

Through this disclosure, chrysoprase helps us when the time comes to overcome and cross impulsive and compulsive thoughts of anger, redirecting our mind towards more positive events and thoughts.

Generally speaking, this crystal gives us a sense of security and confidence that proves useful in healing.

15) Green Jade

Green Jade

Distinctive of purity and serenity, Green Jade is associated with luck, prosperity and emotional balance.

Lovers and users of this stone claim that it carries with it a sense of peace, calm and serenity that aligns with our core.

Exhaling what it rightly represents, Green Jade is a great stone to shield us from negative attacks that we may encounter in our day-to-day life and to reduce our own irritability.

16) Seraphinite


Mainly called “Angel stone” or “Angel wing stone“, Seraphinite acquires its baptism precisely because it is a bridge of connection and communication with higher realms.

Which consequently, and advancing one of its benefits, enables spiritual growth.

In addition, this stone also helps us in detoxes, both physical and spiritual. Some even say that it routinely prevents snake bites.

17) Hiddenite


And last on our list but not least because it is the fourth rarest crystal in the world, Hiddenite, it goes hand in hand with emotional healing, indulgence and self-discovery.

There are those who believe that this stone helps us to undress existing emotional blocks and obstacles and that it helps us to embrace peace and love in all its levels and variants.

This stone is allied with the central energy of the heart and is the ideal crystal for anyone who wants to recover or is recovering from an abusive relationship.

Whether it is loving or not or from some kind of addiction, this rarity really is very powerful in terms of emotional healing and even helps us to balance our own hearts.

In conclusion, light green crystals, all of them, have a very unique and very wide range of energy and properties.

Which consequently offers us a palette of benefits with which we can play and from which we can benefit and which contribute tirelessly to holistic practices for healing, wellness and personal growth.

Are There other light green crystals?

emerald necklace

Of course, in such a vast universe, there are even more light green crystals than those listed.

For that reason and for those souls who are still not satisfied and need more options, here we are going to illustrate a few more crystals of this particular category.

Rainforest Jasper:

Rainforest Jasper

Although Rainforest Jasper or as some call it “Rhyolite” is green, it has an identifiable subtle hint of brown.

This stone is famous because it is believed that it makes our link with nature possible and makes the feeling of joy and gratitude flourish.

In addition, it is an excellent additional tool for the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Green apophyllite:


This crystal, on the other hand, is entirely dyed with light green and is associated with spiritual growth, intuition and connection with higher realms.

For this reason it is a great tool to be used in astral travel and remote visions. Green apophyllite gives us clearer thoughts and inner peace.

Green Kyanite:

Green quartz

Green Kyanite, in addition to being associated with the alignment and balance of the chakras, also balances Yin Yang energies.

Users of this crystal claim that it helps us to undress emotional blockages and negative energies, thus promoting our personal and spiritual development.



In the sphere of physical properties, it is believed that this stone is a great aid in functions related to the brain. Therefore sharpens our logic and our intellect.

In the spiritual branch, this crystal remains faithful to the field of brain functions, as it enhances self-expression and creativity and, outside of that, inner peace.

This is a stone of encouragement and positive energy.

Final words

In this universe of brilliant crystals, not only physically, the magnetism of light green stones is the trait that shines the most.

As we listed and studied these 17 superb light green crystals and their associated properties, we delved into universes where these stones are believed to influence, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

These gems with delicate palettes, exist for us to remember the harmony of nature and the potential we have to grow and change.

Whether used in meditation, in jewelry or merely as embellishments, light green crystals retain their magnetism and elegance both in our eyes and in our hearts. Thus inviting us to explore their mysteries and apply their energies to our lives.

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