Who Should NOT Wear Peridot? 5 Side Effects

Jorge Silva
Who Should NOT Wear Peridot? 5 Side Effects

This beautiful crystal is infused with metaphysical properties. Using peridot can calm your nerves, attract good luck, and help you to manifest abundance. 

However, because of its chemical composition and energetic frequency, some people might react negatively to this stone.

This explains the side effects that come with using a stone like a peridot. 

Before you make use of Peridot, read this article to find out if you are eligible to use it or not. This will save you the stress of suffering side effects that can be health-hazardous.

In this article, we will also discuss the alternative crystals you can use rather than peridot

Is Peridot safe to wear?


Yes, peridot is safe to wear

You don’t have to bother about the quality and durability of this gemstone. On a Mohs hardness scale, it measures between 6.5 – 7, which makes it strong enough to bear pressure

Peridot also has an aesthetic quality, which makes it fashionable to wear.

In addition to its strong structure, which gives you value for your money, you can also enjoy praise from people because of how it adorns your hands or neck.

Spiritually, this stone also comes with metaphysical properties. Using peridot can attract good luck to you. Also, it is instrumental in helping you manifest your intentions and desires.

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Can everyone use Peridot?


Not everyone can use Peridot.  This explains why people suffer certain side effects while using this precious gemstone. 

Gemstones differ and can blend with people based on several yardsticks. This is why you should research your crystal before using it

If you are not compatible enough to use Peridot, then, stay away from it.

Later on, we will discuss other stones you should use. 

Now, you may be wondering about the categories of people who should stay away from using Peridot. 

Read what comes next to find out about these categories.

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Who should NOT wear Peridot?

Green Chrysoberyl

Wearing a peridot is a great fashion idea. Also, for spiritual reasons, you should use peridot. 

However, not everyone should wear this stone. In this section, we will discuss the different categories of people that should stay away from peridot.

1) Combining crystals

If you love combining crystals for fashion or spiritual purposes, then, you should stay away from peridot.

Unlike some crystals, peridot is not friendlywhen it comes to crystal combination.

Combining it with other crystals can disrupt a spiritual exercise and negatively impacts your mental self.

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2) Allergic or sensitive to olivine

Those who are allergic or sensitive to olivine should NOT wear peridot on their body. Peridot is made of the mineral olivine.

If you are allergic to this mineral, then don’t place peridot on your body. This prevents inflammations, skin irritations, or headaches.

If you have never used olivine before, try placing peridot on a part of your skin. Watch out for any reaction before deciding to use it constantly or not. 

3) Energy incompatibility

Energy incompatibility can also cause side effects. Gemstones have different frequencies.

Not everyone resonates on the same frequency as certain gemstones. Therefore, if you have an energetic incompatibility with peridot, you should NOT wear it. 

4) if you are on medication

If you are on medications, you should stay away from peridot, until you are done with them.

We’ve received reports of how peridot affects certain medications.

If you are taking medications that have blood thinning effects or are metabolized by the liver, you should stay away from this crystal.

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5) if you are hyperactive

Hyperactive people should NOT wear peridot. The energy that comes from peridot is hyperactive and stimulating.

As a hyperactive person, wearing this stone exposes you to too much energy than you can harness. 

5 Possible side effects of Peridot

sad woman

Using this stone comes with benefits and also side effects – especially for those who react to the crystal. 

Below are possible side effects of wearing Peridot:

1) Emotional Upsurges

One of the spiritual benefits you stand to enjoy in using Peridot is emotional healing. When you go through this healing process, suppressed emotions will come to the surface. 

Now, if you are going through emotional wreckage at that moment, you will most likely begin to overreact to issues.

If you are temperamental, wearing a peridot is not a good idea. It makes you nasty, and can also make you violent in extreme cases. 

Therefore, use other alternatives rather than peridot to prevent emotional upsurges that are not pleasant. 

2) Sunlight damage

This side effect does not affect YOU. 

Rather, it affects your peridot jewelry. If you work outdoors most of the time, this stone is not a good choice for you. 

It reacts negatively to prolonged sunlight. This is why in spirituality, it is not advisable to charge/cleanse your peridot using sunlight. 

Whenever you expose your peridot to sunlight, the quality dwindles. Firstly, you will notice a change in color and appearance. Afterwards, there will be scratches on its surface.

Save your money by buying other stones that are durable when exposed to sunlight. 

3) Negativity Absorption

You need to understand that peridot absorbs and transmits negative energies. This is one of its auto-functions. You don’t need to stimulate it to absorb energy

Now, if you are an empath, you are at risk of absorbing this negative energy into yourself, which is harmful to your mental state. 

Also, even if you are not an empath, using Peridot for a long time can expose you to the negative energy it absorbs

Therefore, wear a crystal with no absorbing properties. It keeps you safe from channeling negative energy into yourself. 

4) Allergies

If you are allergic to the composition of peridot, then, don’t wear this stone or bring it close to your body. 

How can you know if you are allergic to peridot? Place the stone on a tiny surface of your body. Watch this for a few hours.

If you notice any inflammation, body itch, rash, or any form of negative reaction, it means that you are allergic and sensitive to its energy. 

5) Restlessness

Peridot is charged with energizing properties

If you are hyperactive, stay away from this stone. Go for stones with soothing energy like lapis lazuli, ruby, and so on. 

Don’t wear Peridot at night to prevent headaches, restlessness, and sleep problems.

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I can’t use Peridot. Are there other similar crystals?

Wearing a Jade bracelet

If you suffer side effects from using peridot, then, you should find other similar crystals to use. 

Luckily, I have discovered 5 alternative crystals with similar colors, spiritual benefits, and metaphysical properties. 

With these alternative gemstones, you don’t have to worry about suffering from the side effects of using them. 

Below are the other similar crystals you should use instead of peridot:


Green Chrysoprase

It comes in a similar green color as Peridot. But, it is milder in energy vibration compared to peridot. 

Chrysoprase is a powerful gemstone used for emotional healing. While going through the healing process, this gemstone also provides stability for you.

With this, you won’t experience any emotional upsurge even when suppressed emotions are coming to the surface.

Even if you react, it will be mild and less offensive. Furthermore, chrysoprase is compatible with temperamental people. It helps them to keep their emotions in check

Rather than using peridot for healing, go for chrysoprase. Enjoy all the benefits without any side effects. 

Green Jade:

Green Jade
Green Jade

For fashion purposes, you should try wearing green jade instead of peridot. 

Both crystals are similar in color and aesthetic quality. It’s almost impossible to spot the difference between both stones. 

Unlike peridot, which declines in quality due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, green jade is durable. When it is exposed to sunlight, it becomes more vibrant.

Therefore, if you are getting peridot for fashion purposes, I will recommend going for green jade. This saves you money and gives you a durable jewel.

Also, with green jade on your body, your confidence level will shoot up. 

Green Tourmaline:

Green Tourmaline

Are you allergic to peridotGreen tourmaline is an alternative you should consider. It comes in similar colors, and properties, and with spiritual benefits. 

Wearing green tourmaline soothes your skin and prevents irritation. With its healing properties, inflammation and irritations on your skin will dissipate. 

Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine Bracelet
Green Aventurine Bracelet

This stone is a perfect alternative because of its therapeutic properties. Keeping this stone around you/on your body puts your mind in a calm state. 

If you are hyperactive, wearing green aventurine on your body helps you to remain mentally balanced even while working. 

With this stone, you can be assured of good sleep, zero headaches, and relaxation. 

Green Moss Agate:

Green Moss Agate
Green Moss Agate

Its grounding properties help people to achieve stability.

Beyond that, green moss agate protects you from negative energy. Rather than absorb negative energy, it repels and expels them from your surroundings

By wearing green moss agate, you will enjoy all the benefits of peridot without absorbing negative energy

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Final Words

Is it safe to wear a peridot? Yes, it is safe. However, you should be sure that it is compatible with you.

If not, make use of the other similar crystals as mentioned in this article. I am sure you learned from this article! Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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