8 Terahertz Stone Side Effects You Should Know

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8 Terahertz Stone Side Effects You Should Know

Terahertz stone is one of the rare stones you will find in the market. I have set my eyes on this stone twice.

This makes it probably the most expensive of all stones. It is a beautiful stone with bright silver color.

This stone is responsible for enhancing the inner body’s energy flow. Because of its high radiation and vibration frequency, it has been known for its unique healing properties.

Now, there are side effects to this stone you should know. This will guide you on how to use terahertz stone safely without suffering any adverse effects.

In this article, we will discuss the 8 side effects of terahertz you should know. Read till the end to find out. 

About Terahertz Stone and the radiation from this stone

Terahertz Stone

This stone is made of silicon and produces a high oscillating frequency, which is good for regulating the body’s energy flow. It also has thermal conductivity

Also, it emits infrared and negative ion energy. This is also believed to increase the energy vibrational frequency in your body.

However, it can also be very dangerous because of the risk of being exposed to harmful chemical and electromagnetic compounds. 

One of the things you also need to know is that terahertz stone is a man-made stone. It is not naturally made from the earth. This explains its high radiation and vibrational frequency. 

According to research, its numerical vibration runs into 1 trillion vibrations per second.

This is crazy, right? Imagine exposing yourself to this stone for a long time! Trust me, the effect will be adverse. 

Now, this does not mean you cannot leverage the extraordinary qualities of this stone. However, extra caution needs to be taken

The terahertz stone was first discovered by Japanese scientists and has been used for experiments and other scientific endeavors.

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Is Terahertz Stone dangerous?

Holding many crystals

No, terahertz stone is not dangerous if used properly and handled with care. So, if you’re a beginner in the crystal world, you should look for a similar but safe crystal.

This is why you can find pieces of jewelry made from this stone. It is safe to wear or hold in your hands.

But if I recommend using it? Not really. There are many stones available with the same spiritual properties.

Even though it emits high radiation and has a numerical vibration of 1 trillion vibrations per second, you can still make use of it safely without suffering adverse effects.

Now, because it is harmless does not mean you should not approach it with caution. You can still suffer adverse effects from this stone. 

When it comes to gemstones and crystals, there are several benefits to be gained from using them.

However, there is a need for extra caution. This applies to terahertz stone as well. 

Therefore, even though it is safe to use, there is a need for extra caution because of the components used in making it.

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8 Side Effects of Using Terahertz Stone

woman head hurting

Before using any stone, it is important to know about its side effects. In this section, we will discuss the 8 side effects of using terahertz stone. This should provide a bit of caution.

Do you want to use terahertz stone for any spiritual activity? Then, ensure you read through to know the possible side effects and what causes these side effects.

1) Exposure to negative energy

In the spiritual world, we suffer from negative energy due to many reasons.

When we use certain stones the wrong way, we might be exposed to negative energy rather than positive energy. 

In the case of the terahertz stone, using it when your heart is not connected will release negativity to you.

This is why you suddenly experience sadness and weight on your heart after using it for any spiritual exercise. 

Therefore, ensure your heart is opened to the energy radiation from this gemstone.

This is how to benefit from what it has to offer. If not, the adverse effect is an exposure to negative energy.

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2) Poisoning

When terahertz is exposed to water, the silicon compound and silver color might begin to scrape off the surface of the stone.

Touching this exposes your hands to the silicon compound. Now, imagine ingesting the same through drinking water or eating.

You stand at risk of suffering from food or water poisoning, which can be deadly – depending on the quantity of silicon you ingest.

3) Spiritual side effects

It is important to know where the stone originates from. I understand that this can be herculean.

However, if you plan to use terahertz for spiritual purposes, this is non-negotiable

Some of these stones were made in negative environments. Some of these stones belonged to dead people and were sold to pawn or jewelry shops. 

Imagine using this for spiritual purposes. You will be releasing the negative energy locked within the stone, and this will have negative spiritual side effects.

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4) Exposure to vibration

The negative ion that emits from this stone might not be harmful at first. However, exposing your body to it constantly might affect you in ways beyond imagining

Now, this is not deadly! However, it will affect your health and might also lead to chakra imbalances. 

This is why you should not overexpose yourself to the radiation from terahertz stone. 

5) Body reaction

If you naturally react to silver materials, then, you will also react to terahertz stone because of its silver color.

You might experience things like rashes, inflammations, or even headaches

This is one of the side effects. However, it mostly depends on your body structure and what it resonates with.

6) Agitation and Increased Energy Levels

Because of the high vibration from this stone, you might probably experience agitation or increased energy levels.

These side effects will make you restless, worried and unnecessarily active during the day and even at night. 

Using this stone at night might take away your sleep.

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7) Partial spiritual cleansing

Since this stone was not naturally made, it might not be as effective as other natural stones.

or example, if you want to use this stone for spiritual cleansing, you might not be able to achieve that and it might make you vulnerable to spiritual attacks.

8) Dizziness

If you wear this stone every day, you will experience dizziness. The reason is that you are exposing yourself to a lot of vibrational frequency. 

Should I use Terahertz Stone?

Terahertz Stone

No, don’t use terahertz stone.

There are a lot of complications that arise from using this natural gemstone. It is okay to use it for fashion purposes. 

However, when it comes to spirituality, I won’t recommend using terahertz stone for any reason. There are a lot of things yet to be understood about this stone. 

Do you want to know about alternative safe stones to use that are similar to terahertz? Then, read what comes next.

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Are there (safe) alternatives to Terahertz Stone?


Yes, there are safe alternatives to terahertz stone. I do have two recommendations for you.

They are naturally made, of higher spiritual energy levels, and with fewer complications and adverse effects. These are the stones I recommend:

  • Black tourmaline: This stone is the best alternative to terahertz.

It is made of spiritual components that regulate inner body energy, attract good luck, and provide chakra healing. 

  • Hematite: Most times, a lot of people try to compare terahertz to hematite. This is one of the best alternatives to terahertz.

It provides numerous spiritual benefits because of its metaphysical properties. Using hematite reduces blood pressure, relaxes the mind, and protects you from overexposure to negative energy. 

These are the 2 alternatives you should use. They are much safer than terahertz

Final Words

As we have discussed in this article, there are a lot of complications with terahertz stone. Therefore, if you wish to use it, exercise caution.

Take the necessary safety measures. You can also consult expert crystal professionals for advice on how to make use of it. 

Beyond doubt, it is a powerful stone with several spiritual benefits. But its side effects are reasons why it is not safe to use. Rather, hematite and black tourmaline should be your next best bet. 

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