9 Kyanite Side Effects You Should Know (Dangerous)

Rita Smith
9 Kyanite Side Effects You Should Know (Dangerous)

Have you ever wondered if some crystals or stones have side effects at all? What are they exactly? Etc. 

Kyanite, also spelt cyanite, is a silicate mineral, a powerful stone with helpful applications.

It has a calming, grounding energy, it’s useful for balancing emotions and accessing meditative states. It also helps you connect to your intuitive abilities and recall dreams.

Also, if your body is at variance with the crystal on you, your body might begin to send you seemingly uncomfortable signals, so you’d know you’re with a crystal that your body doesn’t agree with.

You will find in the proceeding article the side effects of Kyanite and what you can do when experiencing those side effects. 

Does Kyanite Really Work? 

kyanite stone

Kyanite is one of the most effective gemstones you’d see around. Which means it has various uses and it is very effective.

Kyanite helps with communication and self-expression, it attracts good luck and you don’t need to bother about the negative energy that the stone might have trapped in.

Because it not only wards off the bad energy but also helps in transforming negative energy into positive ones. 

Placing it in your house or better still, wearing it as jewelry might just be all you need for better communication, critical thinking and also to attract good luck that will move your life and business forward. 

Kyanite is very useful in balancing your emotions, and meditation helps in connecting your intuitive abilities and also helps in transforming negative energy into positive energy.

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Does Kyanite Have Side Effects?

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As I have said earlier, when our body is not in connection with the stone we are using, it tends to send some signals so we can correct or adjust the situation. 

And also if you combine conflicting stones or stones whose energy is not on the same level, it can lead to you experiencing certain side effects, so you can know what you’re doing wrong. 

However, some people can have some negative reactions to this particular stone or some other stone or crystal, as the case may be. And several things could be the cause of this. 

All crystals and gemstones, no matter how small it is, emit vibrations.

At times these vibrations don’t sync with each other, this is in a case whereby you’re using two or more stones together at a time. You might experience some side effects in this case

Also, you can have side effects when the energy of the stone you’re using is stronger than what your body can control.

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9 Kyanite Side Effects You Should Really Know

9 Kyanite Side Effects You Should Really Know

The side effects of using kyanite can either be physical or emotional

You can experience certain side effects when the stone you’re using is too strong for your body to handle.

Different bodies possess different amounts of energy, and our bodies also differ from each other meaning that the energy is of different levels. 

So when a crystal’s energy is remarkably higher than the body’s energy, the body is bound to react by giving some signals which make you feel certain things. 

Below are the nine side effects you can experience as a result of using Kyanite:

1) Sleep Disturbances

Kyanite stone is popular for highly intense vibrations.

Even though it will help you work and complete tasks, it is not okay to carry Kyanite with you during sleep because it will disturb your sleep. 

While you’re sleeping, it keeps your mind active.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dreaming over and over again about things that have happened in the past.

You’d most likely wake up from such sleep with a nagging headache. 

Your mind will keep telling you to get up and work. It’s almost as if you didn’t sleep at all. Sleeplessness would then, in turn, disturb your effectiveness throughout the day.

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2) Lightheadedness and Nausea

Kyanite stone stops blockage in your throat and your sixth sense. Opening your sixth sense is not an easy task. Kyanite will give you the energy to open your sixth sense.

This has to do with the third eye chakra, right around your forehead. Not using this energy frequently and efficiently can cause headaches.

If you want to open your sixth sense, thereby sharpening your intuition, you may not get headaches because you will use the energy.

It’s the energy accumulation that causes nausea and discomfort.

3) Uncontrollable Emotions

Kyanite is a stone that’s associated with strength. It wants to make you strong and prevent harm in the future.

It will give you strength by giving you a glimpse of bad experiences from the past, it expects that you draw strength from those experiences.

But if you have several suppressed emotions, you may end up suffering more. 

Some people have testified that they cannot control their emotions when they keep Kyanite stone with them all day.

They just break down into tears easily and little things easily touch their heart. 

4) Avoiding Important Things

This avoidance isn’t a result of negligence, but a result of focusing on too many things at the same time

Kyanite is a stone that speaks of remembrance, it helps you remember things even to the tiniest of details.

Kyanite stone will force you to focus on all the situations in your life. It is hard to forget a negative experience when you have Kyanite.

Even though this stone will give you the strength to deal with emotions. Those emotions will become a part of you because your body will store these emotions without releasing them.

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5) Hearing loss 

Do not expose yourself to kyanite dust and noise for an extended period. This could prove more dangerous than you might have thought

If inhaled, Kyanite dust can be hazardous to the ears, as prolonged exposure can lead to temporary hearing loss due to damage to the auditory nerve and eardrum. 

This is particularly true when exposed to kyanite dust and loud noise, as the two can compound each other’s effects and increase the likelihood of temporary hearing loss.

6) Allergic reactions 

This refers to physical allergic reactions particularly referring to your skin.

Skin irritation, low swelling, and mild rashes have been reported as side effects experienced as kyanite was being used in some extreme cases. 

Not everyone would react this way. Very few people will react this way, it’s only in extreme cases.

It is important to note that not all individuals are allergic to kyanite and not all will have the same reaction. The extent of the symptoms may also vary. 

7) Respiratory issues  

Just like being exposed to any kind of dust, kyanite dust can also lead to respiratory issues, such as coughing and congestion 

People exposed to dust containing kyanite may experience respiratory issues such as coughing and congestion. These symptoms can be uncomfortable and may cause difficulty in breathing. 

This symptom should be treated as soon as it is noticed. If left untreated, these symptoms can worsen and may even lead to more discomfort.

8) Headaches and dizziness

If you’re not on the same level, energy speaking now. It can look as though something is weighing down on you.

The kyanite dust can also lead to headaches, so you want to be careful when using one. 

Also, as a precaution, you shouldn’t keep your kyanite stone where it can easily accumulate dust, as this is exposing you to potential negative consequences. 

This weight on your head can lead to headaches and consequently dizziness. My suggestion is to make sure the stone is cleaned of dust before and after use to avoid this side effect.

9) Loss of balance and coordination

Seeing that contact with kyanite is contact with its essence and energy. If you don’t have enough reservoir energy to handle the ripple effect, it can affect your balance and coordination

Not just your physical balance but also your mental balance, you might find it hard to think critically and objectively about things.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, this particular side effect is usually for a while, and things will soon come back to normalcy

You don’t want to walk by the highway during this period. You’re advised to just stay indoors if you’re still trying to figure out if your body will scale through that phase before you rid yourself of the kyanite stone.

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Can Kyanite Be Too Strong For Me? 

kyanite necklace

As I have said earlier in the preceding paragraphs, until you come in contact with the stone or crystal, you cannot know if it is too strong for you to use, since the level of energy may differ from one stone to the other or from one crystal to the other. 

Kyanite has a calming effect thereby helping you to balance your emotions and bringing tranquility to all that concerns you.

It also encourages psychic abilities and communication on all levels

But if you notice that you’re experiencing the opposite of what I have mentioned above, then it is too strong for you to use, which might mean that your energy does not match with the kyanite

Also, using more than one stone that has conflicting vibrations makes it stronger than what your core of energy can control.

I Am Feeling Side Effects! Should I Use other stone?

kyanite raw stone

Well, to the above question, you can use other stones and in a way, you cannot.

You can use other stones after finding out if such a stone can relieve you of the side effects that kyanite might have caused. 

And on the other hand, instead of complicating the whole issue, since each stone and body have a different level of energy, just use a stone at a time and if you noticed you’re having side effects as a result of kyanite, stop the usage and try to use another stone and see if the stone works for you without showing any side effects of its own. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about, testing it to see and experience it for yourself. You cannot tell how cold a stream is until you dip your feet in it.

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Final Thoughts

Kyanite is a good gemstone that is also powerful with various positive properties. However, due to its intense nature, some people tend to have negative reactions to it, as a result of their body not connecting to the stone due to the difference in energy level. 

If this happens to you, try to limit the time you spend with kyanite, or better still stop the usage altogether and try another crystal. 

But know that, kyanite is very effective in balancing your emotions and it also attracts good luck to you.

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