7 Side Effects of Rose Quartz: Is it a Dangerous Crystal?

Jorge Silva
7 Side Effects of Rose Quartz: Is it a Dangerous Crystal? 

Rose quartz is one of the most beautiful healing crystals in the world.

It is also one of the most popular, as it is affordable, and provides many incredible healing benefits to millions all over the world.

This healing crystal looks as it sounds, and arrives in a lovely pale pink crystal package in a variety of settings. Some can be smooth settings, while others are just raw quartz

With this beautiful gem, it is said that you are promised to receive the many blessings of love, healing, forgiveness, and unconditional compassion.

Still, others say the rose quartz can have some negative effects.

Learn more about rose quartz and whether or not it is a dangerous crystal here. 

Does Rose Quartz work for everyone?

The spiritual powers of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz does not work for everyone, although many experts will say that it does, but you just might not know it.

The story of rose quartz in any life is that of unconditional and universal love. This can be a stone to attract romance or love, but this is not a flirting or lucky love.

This is a love that runs deep and is built on the principles of the true kindred spirit of love. 

People can use this stone to build on these principles for the people in their own lives, or, to attract more.

It may not work for everyone the same way.

However, experts will say that most people that use rose quartz will, if they are being honest, report being more at peace and calm with those they are in conflict with. They may not even know it is happening

Many that wear or use rose quartz regularly will say that it is this negative energy removal quality that makes rose quartz so popular.

When we remove negative imbalances from our lives, we will gradually begin to see change in our lives.

On the flip side, rose quartz will help you to understand the true energy of unconditional love, and be more willing to receive it into your life. 

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Does Rose Quartz have side effects?

About the side effects of Rose Quartz

If we were to compare rose quartz to other healing aids, say like prescription medication, we could say that rose quartz has negative side effects.

Just like you might experience a positive impact from say, an antibiotic, you might also have a stomach ache later.

This is the case for all healing crystals, and caution should be taken when using them, much like you would with other healing aids. 

Healing crystals are mined from rock formations and are genuine materials from the Earth.

These materials have a history of generations if not thousands or millions of years of energy stored around them and within them. Using them is expected to change energy balances.

Some will be positive, and some could be negative.

Not every person that uses rose quartz will experience negative imbalances, but it could happen. 

In the end, if you experience any energy change when you use rose quartz or other healing crystal, then you know it has an impact in some way.

We would always say to stop using the healing crystal if it is causing too many negative imbalances.

With healing crystals, you can still enjoy the benefits of the healing crystal without enjoying it directly.

For example, instead of wearing a piece of rose quartz jewellery, you could put the rose quartz in a pot in your garden and spread and attract healing love that way.

You may notice a change in the side effects. 

⚠️ Clean Rose Quartz Regularly ⚠️

Cleaning your Rose Quartz regularly is also important, as it can absorb negative energy.

You can cleanse your stone by placing it in a bowl of salt water overnight. Alternatively, you can hold it under running water for a few minutes.

Always cleanse your crystals before and after use, and be sure to store them in a safe place.

7 Possible Side effects of Rose Quartz 

Side effects of Rose Quartz: Headache

The most common side effects with rose quartz that could be negative include headaches.

Head ailments after using rose quartz or while wearing it could be caused by the titanium inside the crystal.

A lot of the negative side effects with rose quartz are a result of this titanium, which is a key component in rose quartz. Titanium jewelry of any kind is known to cause some numbness or tingling.

The amount of titanium in rose quartz is negligible, but there will be people that will react to it.

You could call the amount of titanium in rose quartz as an inclusion, or small speck or dot scattered sparsely throughout the stone.

Experiencing too much energy in a state considered to be overstimulation is also a common side effect of rose quartz.

Let’s now see 7 possible side effects of using rose quartz:

1) Headache

The most common side effect of rose quartz is a headache.

Migraine headaches can be common for those that experience side effects, but any kind of headache is possible.

Those that work with rose quartz side effects will attribute this particular side effect to titanium.

Titanium can cause other reactions as well, however, headaches can occur when using rose quartz.

2) Lightheadedness 

Lightheadedness is another common side effect for those that report side effects after using rose quartz.

This could be because rose quartz is known to expand internal energies positively, however, there could be some scientific basis for this.

Rose quartz does have a number of metals in it that may cause allergic reactions such as lightheadedness or dizziness.  

3) Skin problems

It is possible that you may experience skin problems when using rose quartz. This is going to be most prevalent in people that wear rose quartz jewelry.

It is not possible to determine what precisely can cause the skin problems, as it could also be a result of the jewelry that the stone is made in.

An element of the jewelry may be the cause, but it could be one of the microscopic inclusions in the rose quartz that causes skin reactions. 

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4) Overstimulation

Overstimulation occurs when you have an excess of energy in your system and you don’t know what to do with it.

With rose quartz, this could be negative or positive energy.

A key benefit of rose quartz is that it expands the heart and compassion in our soul energy, and even too  much of this could be overwhelming.

This side effect is indicated when you feel like you have too much energy. You don’t have to wear or use rose quartz all of the time to experience its benefits. 

5) Mood Swings

Mood swings can be a side effect of rose quartz because its primary benefit is to cause emotional changes.

Some people do report having excess moods that may result in crying bouts. You may also experience laughing bouts with rose quartz.

Again, rose quartz does work to improve the mood, but it can become an excess in some situations.

At the same time, it heals trauma with love. But, that may mean that some trauma comes up when using it. 

6) Diarrhea

Diarrhea or some stomach problems may be the result of using rose quartz.

This is not one of the more common side effects with rose quartz, but it could happen. This could be the result of having too much energy and being sensitive to that.

If you are using rose quartz with a number of other stones in combination, that could also cause excess energy that cause disturbances.

Using smaller stones or fewer stones may alleviate this rare negative side effect. 

7) Tingles and Sensations

It is possible to experience energy changes in the body when you use rose quartz, it is why many people want to use it.

This is much like the pins and needles you might experience when your foot falls asleep.

This is a sign that different energy balances are happening around your body when you wear rose quartz. 

I’m having side effects! Should I stop using Rose Quartz? 

Don't use Rose Quartz anymore

Whenever your body is telling you something, you should listen to it. You never know when rose quartz is creating shifts that are meant to happen.

You are not meant to suffer or have a headache because of love. There is some suffering in love, because everything has a yin and a yang to it.

However, if you are very ill from using rose quartz and this is overtaking your joy of using it, then stop using it.

Negative side effects can have a disastrous consequence on life. 

4 Rose Quartz alternatives you should try

Amethyst: A great alternative to Rose Quartz
Amethyst: A great alternative to Rose Quartz

There are many rose quartz alternatives to try if you find that the emotions inspired by rose quartz get too much. Try any of these, or all of these, and see for yourself. 

1) Amethyst

Amethyst is a healing crystal that helps with developing intuition and enhancing dreams. It can help with unconditional love as well.

If rose quartz is not working but you want similar effects, try amethyst.

This is a true balancing stone that you will love to wear and use

2) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a healing crystal that is said to enhance one’s psychic gifts.

All psychic gifts work on the premise of unconditional love.

If you want a healing crystal that can help you to bring out your gifts of unconditional love, lapis lazuli will be a winner every time.

3) Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a healing crystal that is the ultimate balancer of all quartz healing crystals.

This is a neutral crystal that offers a homeostatic effect on all of your inner emotions.

If you don’t want something as powerful as rose quartz but want something that will balance you emotionally, clear quartz is an ideal alternative.

You can even combine clear and rose quartz so you won’t feel so many side effects.

4) Emerald

Emeralds are a beautiful stone that can help with unconditional love in a much softer way than rose quartz can.

This is the stone of soul mates and is a popular wedding or engagement stone.

If you want a healing crystal for love but want something a little less powerful than rose quartz, or one without the side effects, an emerald will always make you smile.

There is hope found in this healing crystal. 

Final Words

Although rose quartz is said to balance unconditional love, it can also get too much sometimes.

Like children at Christmas, we can get beside ourselves and even feel slightly ill when there is so much love in a room.

You’ve heard about the dizzy stomachaches and headaches of falling in love. There is something to that.

Adding rose quartz to the occasion can increase a lot of feelings and sensations. Do not allow your body to become physically overtaxed by healing crystals.

Use rose quartz for balance and love, and you will see the difference for yourself. 

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