Who Should NOT Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 7 Side Effects

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Who Should NOT Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 7 Dangers

Hundreds of years ago, in present-day South Africa, the tiger’s eye stone sprouted, which would come to be venerated by the most ancient civilizations.

Not only because of its physical appearance but also because of its metaphysical properties. This stone was an amulet highly prized by African tribes and Egyptian elders, especially for its protective ability.

The name of this crystal arises because of its strong resemblance to the figure of a cat’s eye. It was believed that it attributed courage and strength to the warriors who wore it.

So, it’s a must-have crystal for anyone. But, can we all use it? Let’s see who should not wear a tiger’s eye stone.

Is Tiger Eye dangerous?

Tiger Eye Stones
Tiger Eye Stones

ystal of the quartz lineage and being known as a semi-precious stone, we can safely say that no, the tiger’s eye stone is not considered a dangerous stone.

That is, at least when cared for with respect, care and responsibility, like any other crystal.

However, despite the fact that people’s experiences with this stone are mostly positive, we cannot rule out the possibility that some people may have some type of skin sensitivity or even an allergy to the mineral in question.

In this case, you should contact your doctor.

But, if you can use it, there are many ways to carry it with you. You can wear a tiger’s eye bracelet, earrings, necklace…

Can everyone use Tiger Eye?

Tiger Eye Neckace
Tiger Eye Neckace

We know that, in principle, tiger’s eye is a safe stone for the overwhelming majority and that it should be avoided in case of an allergic reaction.

We also know that this crystal is renowned for its protective properties, for its healing traits and in general for its sufficient virtues, but can this gemstone be used by anyone?

In practice, we can say that yes, anyone. With the exception of the aforementioned condition, will be able to use this crystal, as it is a stone with a link to mental clarity, balance and stability.

Those who use it will be able to calm down or even nullify aspects such as fear and anxiety.

However, later in this article, we will learn about some additional cases or some individuals who may want to avoid this crystal.

Who should NOT wear the Tiger Eye stone?

Who should NOT wear the Tiger Eye stone?

Again, this stone is relatively safe, but in addition to the previously stated exception, there are at least four other exceptions that should be considered when considering offering or using tiger’s eye, let’s see what those exceptions are.

Well, to begin with, it is not advisable for a child to use a tiger’s eye.

Because of the risk and the shock associated with ingestion of the stone and also because some people believe that when used by very young children, the use of this stone leads to brain malformation.

Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should also not use this crystal for curative purposes, since there is no scientific evidence to prove these benefits.

Also because it may have negative effects on the fetus, and it is believed that it induces contractions and which may also have negative repercussions on the breastfed child.

Continuing, people with certain health conditions or who are benefiting from a medical device for some treatment, should consult their doctor about the use of this stone.

Once again, because there is no scientific evidence to support the metaphysical properties that in the future we will talk.

Continuing, people with mental health concerns should also contact their doctors before using tiger’s eye, because although it is believed that this stone optimizes certain emotions, we should never rule out medical help.

Finally, also some people of certain zodiac signs may want to avoid wearing this stone, but this will be a topic to be addressed later. Wait to read.

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7 Possible side effects of Tiger Eye stone

Definitively and in a general view, the use of tiger’s eye and jewelry that contain the stone in them is safe.

However, as we have tiredly mentioned in article after article, the effects of crystals vary from person to person.

Therefore, it is necessary to use these stones responsibly and not replace medical care and treatment with the use of stones with metaphysical properties.

However, let’s take a look at the 7 side effects of Tiger’s Eye.

1) Too Much Spiritual Grounding

While some people appreciate the properties of tiger’s eye, namely grounding.

Others, on the other hand, find them too influential and yet a bit restricting on a spiritual level.

Especially if we are looking to explore higher realms or have more extrinsic experiences to the body.

2) Allergy reflex

As mentioned before, some people may experience some sensitivity or even allergy to the mineral found in tiger’s eye, which in this particular case is quartz.

In view of this, these reactions may manifest themselves through redness of the skin, some itching, rashes or skin irritation when in contact with the crystal.

3) Overstimulation

If you don’t know, let me inform you right away that the immoderate use of crystals and certain crystals brings consequences.

In this particular case of the tiger’s eye, we have hyperstimulation as a repercussion of this exaggerated use. Which in turn , can lead us to highlight futile aspects of our lives, thus relegating those that really matter.

4) Risk of suffocation

Usually, this crystal is mainly used in small dimensions, namely in jewelry beads or even in individual pieces the size of chestnuts .

For this reason and for people with children or animals, there is the possibility that they accidentally swallow these small parts causing suffocation.

5) Mental stimulation

The tiger’s eye stone is very famous because it is believed that it sharpens mental intellection and our commitment and focus.

However, as we have already mentioned, experiences with crystals differ from individual to individual.

Therefore, for some, especially for those who suffer from anxiety or the most agitated minds may be even more stimulated, which makes it difficult for these people to rest and relax.

6) Heavy energy

Some reports from some people indicate that their experience with this stone revealed a very overloaded energy that ended up being a great weight for them.

Some people consider this a feeling of grounding, yet others consider this property an anchor that drowns their energies.

Especially for those who are particularly sensitive to the tiger’s eye traits.

7) Confrontation of energies

In the course of this article, we have been investigating some traits of the tiger’s eye and we have also detected a certain antagonism here.

For if for some this stone is associated with balance and willpower, for others the energy of this stone affronts their own individual energy, thus causing restlessness.

Which zodiac signs cannot wear Tiger Eye stone?

Tiger Eye's Side Effects: Headache

So let’s now make a brief introduction to astrology so that we can better understand and decipher the complexity of the tiger’s eye.

We know and have been talking about the various connections of the stones with the planets and in turn with the signs of the zodiac.

Therefore, we equally recognize that although this crystal is not dangerous, if it is used by the wrong people or in the wrong way, its use will have negative repercussions.

So let’s find out which signs should avoid using this stone.

Capricorn Can’t Wear Tiger Eye?

It is believed that the use of the tiger’s eye stone should be avoided by signs ruled by the contradictory planets to Mars and the Sun.

In view of this and being Capricorn ruled by Saturn, people of this sign should think twice before obtaining the stone.

As its use in this sign can cause drastic changes in these people’s lives, including problems sleeping and problems in their careers.

Aquarius Can’t Wear Tiger Eye?

Like the sign Capricorn, the sign Aquarius is also ruled by a planet which, in turn, is seen as an enemy of the sun or Mars in the zodiac, that is, Uranus.

Therefore, naturally, the energy field of this wonderful stone may or may not disrupt the energy of Aquarians.

Taurus Can’t Wear Tiger Eye?

As for the sign Taurus, it is also governed by the planet Venus.

However and if you are not aware, this planet is the enemy of Mars which means that, as a result of using this crystal, Taurus may feel hyperstimulated, anxious, restless and still too sensitive.

Side effects that have therefore been listed above and which must always be considered.

Libra Can’t wear tiger eye?

Libras are especially famous for their empathy, compassion and in general for their more fragile energy.

On the other hand, this crystal, the eye of the tiger, is reputed to hyperstimulate its users, so it is believed that this contrast results in the shaking of the energy of the Libra.

Who should NOT wear Tiger Eye stone bracelet?

About the side effects of TIger's Eye

The decision of whether or not to wear a bracelet with the tiger’s eye stone is a uniquely individual preference.

Therefore, it is up to us to take into account the secondary effects that we you experience, your zodiac sign or if astrology makes sense for you, etc.

But following the logic of what has been said so far, women who are pregnant should not wear the tiger’s eye bracelet, as it is believed that this stone can induce contractions.

Women who are breastfeeding should also avoid using this bracelet. As well as people:

  • With sensitivity or allergy to the stone mineral;
  • With certain illnesses or who are using certain medical devices;
  • Who may suffer from mental disorders;
  • Who suffer from insomnia or constant nightmares;
  • Certain signs.

People with a strong Ketu, should also consider very carefully the use of this accessory or else seek the help of a good astrologer who can guide them correctly.

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Who should NOT wear Tiger Eye necklace?

About the spiritual dangers of this stone

In the case of the necklace, we repeat the same dose.

That is, the people who should not wear the tiger’s eye necklace, in addition to the signs that are recommended to stay away from the stone, are pregnant women, women who are breast-feeding and children, giving more emphasis this time to the children, in addition to the risk of suffocation, there is now the risk of strangulation.

In addition to these individuals, this accessory should also be avoided by people with strong ketu, people with certain mental disorders and people with illnesses to be treated using medical devices.

And now, we will give special attention to this last statement because it is very important that people who are using pacemakers do not use tiger’s eye at all or that they first consult their doctors.

Because the magnetic field of this crystal could very well mess with the proper functioning of this device.

I can’t wear Tiger Eye stone! What stone can I Use?

Black tourmaline

Well, despite the fact that every crystal is unique in its own way, we can always find alternatives, shall we see some?

Well, to begin with, we can use the hawk’s eye crystal, which shares many similarities with the tiger’s eye, starting with its appearance, although more bluish.

Then, we can also resort to the bull’s eye which is a more yellowish and brownish variation of the tiger’s eye.

The golden quartz that ends up being from the same lineage as the crystal in use in the article.

You can put protective crystals such as Black Tourmaline or Malachite on your body or around your home to block any harmful energy from the stone.

Also, using grounding crystals such as Hematite or Smoky Quartz will help balance out any negative effects of Tiger Eye stone.

And finally, the cat’s eye that also has it a visual effect very similar to that of our crystal, although the Color Palette is different.

Before you leave, learn if you should wear a red string bracelet on the right or left wrist.

Final Words

We are all tired of knowing that spiritual experiences are occasional and differ a lot depending on the person.

Like everything, the energy of each one is something very unique and with needs that are also unique.

Therefore, there may be a probability that this stone resonates with a Taurus, for example, because it is a current need or because it has, for example, an ascendant in Gemini.

Therefore, there is no rule that prohibits these aforementioned signs from enjoying the tiger’s eye.

However, when used properly and with care, the benefits of this gemstone far outweigh any possible risks. In addition, most people do not experience these side effects at all.

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