7 Side Effects of Magnetic Bracelets: Should I Avoid It?

Jorge Silva
7 Side Effects of Magnetic Bracelets: Should I Avoid It?

Magnetic bracelets have been around for quite a while now. They’re typically made of a mix of metals and minerals.

Usually, it’s very safe to wear a magnetic bracelet, either spiritually or physically. Even though many people only associate them with fashion, they also carry strong properties.

A friend of mine always carries one around because it helps with blood flow. But, personally, I can’t wear one.

So, let’s see if you should avoid magnetic bracelets and the side effects you may experience.

What Are Magnetic Bracelets? 

Titanium Bracelet

Magnetic bracelets are bracelets typically made up of metals and minerals such as copper, steel, titanium or iron. Here are some benefits of the magnetic bracelet:

  • Helps you strengthen, regulate and protect energy around and throughout your body;
  • Helps contain and soothe excessive displays of emotions such as outbursts;
  • Encourages meditation and manifestations;
  • Helps to promote healing qualities by increasing blood flow;
  • Creates a magnetic energy field.

Magnetized bracelets are also popularly known for their grounding and balancing abilities.

They create a magnetic energy field that – for its wearer – could be likened to jumper cables jolting to life a drained battery.

Magnetic bracelets are also greatly beneficial in protecting their wearer from electromagnetic radiation.

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Are Magnetic Bracelets Dangerous? (Spiritually)

Titanium Bracelet

Ultimately, no. Magnetic bracelets are generally not dangerous spiritually nor will they harm you spiritually.

There is a small, odd, subjective chance that they may interfere with and affect your body’s natural ability to navigate and manage the flow of energy.

Which may lead to an imbalance of your spiritual energy.

Pay very close attention to your own connection to the spirit, your intuitive feelings and how your life and world may change having the bracelet on your arm and in your life.

As with any spiritual practice and aid, the effects and impact are and can be highly subjective depending on many different factors.

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7 Side Effects of Using A Magnetic Bracelet 

checking silver bracelet

Before moving on to the side effects of using this bracelet, it’s important to note that just your energy might just resonate with this type of bracelet.

If it happens, don’t force it. There are so many options available nowadays similar to the magnetic bracelet.

Unfortanelty, I can’t wear one. Not because of the energy of the bracelet, but because I always develop a rash.

So, if you have any of the following side effects while using a magnetic bracelet, don’t worry! Later in this article, I will provide 4 safe alternatives for you to try.

1) Dizziness And Tingling

Some people may experience dizziness or tingling sensations in and throughout their bodies, especially if they are highly sensitive to magnetic fields.

The magnetic field of the bracelets disrupts the electrical energy and signals within their body if you wear the bracelet for extended periods.

Magnetic bracelets are known to increase and promote blood circulation throughout their user’s body, this increase in blood flow can lead to dizziness and tingling.

The tingling could be caused by the increase in electrical flow and activity being channeled directly into the wearer’s nerves.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by these sensations, take the bracelet off and keep it off until they disappear and you feel like your normal self. 

2) Skin Irritation

Although it is highly unlikely, we can never rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction to a magnetized bracelet.

These reactions can present themselves in the form of redness, swelling, irritation, rashes, scratchiness and itchiness.

You should take note of any allergic reactions you have to different types of minerals or metals.

If it happens, thoroughly research whatever it is that you are wearing and its contents.

If you are a person with sensitive skin, then test your reaction to these bracelets and their quality first before feeling comfortable enough to commit to them full-time.

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3) Interference with Medical Devices

If you are someone with a reliance on medical devices such as pacemakers or insulin pumps then you should most definitely avoid any form of magnetic bracelet.

The electromagnetic fields and energy of some bracelets may have sensors that negatively respond to and interfere with certain medical treatments.

It’s important to note that there may be no impact on you depending on the type of bracelet and treatment.

Meaning it is extremely subjective and you should first seek some form of medical advice

4) Emotional Sensitivity

Magnetic bracelets are said to increase and introduce the type of energy that may lead to an overload of emotions, heightened awareness, sensitivity and overstimulation.

Magnetized bracelets can lead to anxiety, stress, irritability and loss of emotional control.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the energy and sensory input of a magnetic bracelet, try cleansing the bracelet

Take the time to meditate with it and pour your intention and energy into the bracelet.

This will help you to connect with it and decrease the possibility of interference with your emotional state and ability to regulate your own emotions. 

5) Dehydration

Magnetic bracelets are highly absorbent and can interfere with our body’s ability to regulate fluids and pull moisture from our bodies.

Drink plenty of water, and stay healthy and hydrated when wearing a magnetized bracelet.

This bracelet may absorb sweat or moisture directly from your skin.

Take extra special care if you choose to wear your bracelet in extreme weather and when engaging in strenuous activities that may cause over exertion.

If you are worried about this, remove the bracelet temporarily during these types of activities and then put it back on.

Remember, water is a powerful healing and cleansing tool too! Stay hydrated. 

6) Hormonal Imbalance

It is believed that the energy and properties of these types of bracelets affect and interact with our own body’s system and ability to regulate hormones. Including:

  • Weight gain or loss;
  • Effects on your intimacy urges;
  • Emotional responses, such as mood swings.

If you are pregnant or suspect you may be or are trying to become pregnant then you should avoid magnetized bracelets.

Due to the uncertainty around their effect on hormonal regulation and whether it remains positive or negative. 

7) Health Issues

They are widely known for their ability to help and benefit people both physically and spiritually.

But, some people have reported experiencing negative side effects from wearing magnetic bracelets, these include (but are not limited to):

  • Headaches, nausea, increased blood pressure and increased body heat (fevers).

When we acknowledge the same energy and ability of these bracelets that benefit their wearers, it is important to acknowledge their ability to impact and change our internal feelings and sensations

And also, the possibility of their effect being subjectively negative.

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4 Alternatives to Magnetic Bracelets 

Using a red string bracelet in right hand

When looking for alternatives to magnetic bracelets, it’s important to take into account the different properties and benefits that we may receive from these types of bracelets.

Each one (including those made of crystals) holds its own spiritual, physical and emotional benefits.

In order to find the right alternative here are four suggestions with powerful similarities as well as their own unique abilities and what they too can do for you: 

Evil Eye Bracelet:

It is a powerful symbol of protection against both karmic and general negative energies.

This talisman will ward off evil spirits and prevent bad energy and intentions from harming you. It is also a stone of abundance and good luck. 

Is said to have healing and protective energies, it will aid those in danger of and in the protection of illness and physical injury.

The evil eye carries powerful, positive energies and will promote happy and joyous energy. It is also said to be a stone of happiness and joy and will bring you comfort in times of distress. 

Red String Bracelet:

Worn by believers in many faiths such as Hinduism, Kabbalah, Buddhism and Christianity, a red string bracelet has a lot of benefits:

It has powerful symbolic associations with luck, protection and the ability to ward off negative energy.

The red string bracelet also holds powerful healing properties and abilities that can better, increase and promote your mental and emotional well-being.

Will help you increase feelings of protection and positivity. But, it will also help you feel connected to the universe around you and the spiritual realm. 

Amethyst Bracelet:

The amethyst bracelet is a great calming and relaxing stone when used to aid meditations, it is highly protective and will help you open and stimulate your third eye and crown chakra.

It is a highly protective stone that will help you counteract external negative energies and those within you (such as addictions and dependencies).

They also aid in the balance of certain systems within your body and help with the regulation and oxygenation of blood throughout your body.

Emotionally, ir will help you connect with yourself and the people and energies around you. It will also encourage you to recognize and utilize your spiritual abilities as well as your divine purpose.

Rose Quartz Bracelet:

The rose quartz bracelet is also a great alternative. It promotes and injects powerful healing and positive energy into your spirit, mind, body and soul.

It aids in the assistance and production of healing energies in order to correct and heal imbalances within the body.

Also, it will help you tap into higher frequencies while aiding in the promotion of the production of positive hormones as a result of a stronger heart vessel.

It is a great soothing crystal that will help you calm your mind.

The rose quartz bracelet will also help you facilitate the ability and need to dive deeper into yourself. Uncover your heart’s true wants and desires.

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Final Words

In conclusion, while it is and can be safe to wear magnetic bracelets, unlike other bracelets that hold energy, there are many things to consider and many potential side effects of wearing a magnetic bracelet.

When choosing to work with this energy, I suggest taking your time to do extensive research and being sure that you can handle it. 

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