Who Should NOT Wear Emerald? 7 Side Effects

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Who Should NOT Wear Emerald? 7 Side Effects

Emerald is a beautiful green gemstone. It is widely known for its alluring outlook, which empowers it to beautify anyone who wears it for fashion purposes. 

This stone is also widely known for its metaphysical properties, which allow people to enjoy spiritual benefits as well. 

However, as important and valuable as this stone is, not everyone can/should use it

In this article, we will discuss the 7 side effects of wearing emeralds. Read on to find out more. 

Is Emerald dangerous?

Emerald green earrings

No, an emerald is not a dangerous crystalIt poses no threat to life.

Every crystal or gemstone has its chemical or mineral component. However, this does not make them extremely dangerous to human life. 

Now, does this mean you should be careless in your approach towards an emerald stone? Obviously not!

Extreme caution is required in your interaction with the stone.

The reason is that there are wrong ways to use emeralds. Even if this stone is not as dangerous as we think, improper usage could expose us to unplanned risks and hazards.

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Can everyone use Emerald stone?


Not everyone can use emerald stone

It is important to understand that gemstones are unique in their metaphysical properties. This is why it is best to know which stone is suitable for you

If the spiritual properties of this stone do match your intention, then, you won’t be able to enjoy its powers.

This means you wasted the money spent purchasing the stone for spiritual reasons. 

Another important reason why emerald stone is not for everyone is that we all have our unique body chemistry. We all react to different crystals.

Therefore, if your body’s sensitivity to emeralds is high, then, you should stop using it to suffer certain side effects.

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Who should NOT wear Emerald stone? Zodiac signs

Emerald stone

When it comes to deciding if the emerald stone is for you or not, the first and most important factor to put into consideration is your zodiac sign compatibility

If your zodiac sign is not compatible with the energy frequency of emerald stone, you won’t enjoy the spiritual benefits embedded in this stone. 

Furthermore, you might suffer from side effects (as we will discuss later).

This is why it is important to investigate the zodiac signs that are not compatible with the emerald crystal. 

Emerald is considered the birthstone of Gemini.

Does this mean other zodiac signs cannot use emerald stone? Not necessarily!

However, here are 3 zodiac signs that should stay away from this crystal:

  • Aries: For those whose birth date falls between March 21 – April 19, it is important to keep this stone far from you. Its soothing energy contradicts your fiery and domineering personality, and this can lead to emotional conflicts and inner turmoils. For Aries, ruby seems more suitable than emeralds;
  • Cancer: One of the common traits of cancer is jealousy. This negative energy is not suitable for emerald stone. Beyond this, the energy of emerald might become too stimulating for the cancer zodiac sign, and this might cause frequent headaches and other health-related problems;
  • Scorpio: The soothing and balancing energy of emerald is not the perfect gemstone for Scorpio. If your birth date falls between October 23 – November 21, don’t use emerald stone for any reason. As a Scorpio, you are introspective enough. Using emeralds makes you more dense and calm, which could lead to a loss of self-confidence and self-expression.

So, if you are a Taurus, Libra, Virgo or Aquarius, you can also benefit from the stone too.

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7 Possible side effects of wearing Emerald stone

emerald necklace

There are side effects of wearing the emerald stone. You need to know this because it will guide you on how to effectively enjoy the power of crystals. 

Have you observed one or more of the following side effects? If yes, then, emerald stone is not for you. 

1) Skin sensitivity

This must always be the first thing to look out for. Especially if you wear emeralds for fashion purposes. 

The moment you notice a skin rash on your skin or inflammation, it is a side effect of using the emerald stone. 

Also, whenever you notice skin discoloration, it indicates that your skin’s sensitivity is negative towards the chemical components of this unique crystal. 

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2) Depression

One of the side effects of using emerald is depression. 

The moment you observe a negative change in mood after wearing a piece of emerald jewelry, it indicates that this stone is not meant for you

At this point, you need to stop wearing it to prevent yourself from falling deep into the trenches of depression.

This could mess up your mental and emotional self.

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3) Stuttering

If you have a calm personality, the emerald stone is not the best stone for you. Already, you possess a soothing energetic vibration, which is similar to emerald’s energy

Using emerald intensifies your calm personality, and stretches it to the extreme. This might lead to stuttering, which is a sign of improper communication abilities. 

The side effect of using this stone could build fear of self-expression in people’s hearts. 

As a calm person, I try my best to stay away from emeralds as much as I can. This has kept my communication skills intact. 

4) Oversleeping

One of the common sicknesses I recommend Emerald for is insomnia. When someone finds it difficult to sleep, emerald serves as the best crystal for sleep healing

The stone calms the mind and brings about a peaceful state of sleep. 

Now, if you don’t have any problem with sleep, then wearing an emerald might cause oversleepingespecially if you wear it at night

Therefore, if you have issues with sleeping, don’t wear an emerald on your body, or keep it close to you at night. It leads to drowsiness and oversleeping.

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5) Headaches

If your personality contradicts the energy flowing from emerald, there will be a clash in your mind, and this puts pressure on your brain. 

For example, if you have a stimulating personality, it is best to use crystals with almost the same energy frequency.

Using emerald, which has a soothing energy will lead to inner turmoils, which might cause frequent headaches during the day. 

To avoid this, ensure you investigate your personality to be sure it aligns with the energy vibration from the emerald crystal. 

The moment you observe frequent headaches from the use of emeralds, it might be an indication of incompatibility with the crystal. 

6) Unproductivity

For those who have a calm personality, wearing emerald stones might lead to unproductivity.

Such people might experience dizziness during the day. This will reduce their effectiveness at work, and cause loss of work motivation

This is why you should avoid using emeralds to work as a calm individual. 

7) Fatigue

Through emerald stone, you could experience mental and physical fatigue. 

Due to overstimulation of the mind, you will have headaches, dizziness, and a lot of inner turmoils. 

When all of these begin to happen, it indicates that you should stop using the emerald stone

5 Excellent alternatives to Emerald stone

emerald ring 

There are other alternatives to emerald stone. 

If emeralds are not suitable for your zodiac sign or personality, these alternatives are better and less adverse. 

Read on to discover the 5 excellent alternatives to the emerald gemstone:

1) Chrysoprase


For emotional healing, this stone is the perfect alternative to the emerald.

Its soothing energy encourages the mind to heal up from emotional traumas caused by heartbreaks and betrayals from trusted allies. 

If emerald is not suitable for you, chrysoprase is one of the best options for you. Try it out today!

2) Green Aventurine

green aventurine

This stone is widely known for its ability to attract good luck and abundance. Even if you have stimulating energy, it has no adverse effect on your mind. 

Furthermore, its alluring outlook gives you an exotic look

Green Aventurine is one of the perfect alternatives to emerald stone. Use it for good luck and positivity.

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3) Jade

green jade

This stone comes in numerous shades of green color. It looks a bit similar to the green hue of emerald stone

The energy from jade is stimulating. It can also be soothing because jade crystal gives good sleep. 

Furthermore, people suffering from anxiety problems can find inner peace through the use of this stone. 

4) Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

Jasper is a crystal known for emotional and mental healing. Its vibrant green color is known to attract positive energy and spiritual grounding benefits. 

Additionally, it offers protection, balancing, and enhanced intuitive abilities. 

Using green jasper is safe – especially for those who suffer from the side effects of emerald stone

5) Prehnite


This soft green gemstone is not as alluring as emerald. However, its spiritual properties make it suitable enough for spiritual purposes

Therefore, if you use emeralds for metaphysical purposes, prehnite is the perfect crystal alternative for you.

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Final Words

I am sure you learned from this article. Henceforth, use emeralds with better knowledge and consciousness

The moment you observe any side effects, switch to the 5 excellent alternatives as stated in this article. 

What’s your experience with emerald stone? Share them with us in the comment section. 

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