What Happens When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Falls Off? 7 Reasons

Rita Smith
What Happens When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Falls Off? 7 Reasons

Are you a fan of fictional movies that are based on stretched reality? If you are, then you must have seen movies about witches and wizards.

And if not, I bet you’ve heard of witches and wizards. It’s too common a phenomenon for you to not have heard about it. 

My first intellectual contact with the evil eye bracelet came in one of such movies. It was a movie that built its plot around witches placing a curse on folks, it was a scary one.

I can still remember me trembling as I watched it then. 

So the use of totems, talismans, and the evil eye bracelet was employed in that movie, it warded off the evil spirits and protected the common folk from the witches and wizards. 

As I grew older, I figured that the evil eye bracelet isn’t just a fictional phenomenon. It is employed in real-time by different people across different walks of life, to keep them safe from different kinds of evil occurrences. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you the important things you need to know that I’ve come to learn intricately about the evil eye bracelet. Ensure you read till the end.

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My Evil Eye Bracelet keeps Falling Off! It’s Normal?

My Evil Eye Bracelet keeps Falling Off

It’s worn on the wrist, like all bracelets. Some argue that it should be worn on the left arm, while others believe it should be worn on the right arm.

Either way, the function and use of the evil eye bracelet are crystal clear. 

The evil eye bracelet has long been used for protection from:

  • Bad luck;
  • Evil spirits;
  • Bad occurrences;
  • Negative thoughts.

So what happens, if you have worn one and it keeps falling off?

You can agree with me that when you’re wearing something to ward off evil spirits and bad luck and that thing keeps falling off, then it’s not so good an omen

I wouldn’t say it’s abnormal seeing that some people have had such an experience. See it more as a sign trying to pass something across

Firstly, it could mean that your inner self is rejecting that particular evil eye bracelet. In this case, you should think of getting another bracelet that would be in sync with your inner self.

Because it takes your inner self and the evil eye bracelet working together to successfully ward off those negative energies that seek to hover around you. 

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What does it mean if your evil eye bracelet rips?

Ripped bracelet

This isn’t a common occurrence, if it happens to you, it’s important you take note of it. 

If your evil eye bracelet rips, it means that something evil is drawing close to you and trying to press down on you. 

However do not be afraid, the evil eye bracelet has been doing its job, and that’s the reason it ripped. It’s a sign that it has been overworked. 

If this happens, you should also get other means of protecting yourself alongside the evil eye bracelet, or you can just double it.

The bracelet ripping is a sign that if measures are not taken, then there’s an impending danger

At times, the evil eye bracelet rips to warn you about a negative aura and energy in a place. Maybe you’re visiting a distant friend and your evil eye bracelet rips just as you enter the house, you should be mindful of such a sign.

You might want to reduce the time spent there to the barest minimum. 

Or you’re meeting an online friend for a first date, and the bracelet rips, that’s a signal that you should tread softly and not rush things.

Why not try to know the person a little bit more, before you commit your emotions to that relationship

What does it mean when my evil eye bracelet keeps falling off? 7 Reasons 

What does it mean when my evil eye bracelet keeps falling off?

If your evil eye bracelet keeps falling off, it’s too significant a sign to ignore. And as we’ve seen earlier, there are certain meanings one can deduce from this happening.

Below are 7 reasons why your evil eye bracelet keeps falling off

1) Someone is jealous of you

Jealousy is a common human emotion. While jealousy on the surface looks like a harmless emotion, it easily leads to bitterness which can cause seemingly good people to do bad and ugly things.

Your evil eye bracelet falling off continuously is to warn you of that jealous energy around you.  It could be one of your friends or one of your coworkers.

Either way, it calls for introspection, you should check yourself if there’s anything you’re doing to fuel such emotions in other people.

Do not dwell so much on this though that it now begins to affect you, people are responsible for how they feel. 

2) You have negative energy in your body

Harboring negative energy in your body can cause your evil eye bracelet to keep falling off.

One of the things it’s designed to ward off is negative energy trying to get into you. But when your body now becomes home to negative energy, that body becomes repellant to the evil eye bracelet, so it keeps falling off. 

You should pay attention to yourself, and put out negative emotions like hatred, unforgiveness, and other things that can cause your body to be housing negative energies.

This will ensure the evil eye bracelet stops falling off, and do its work to the fullest. 

3) Your bracelet can’t take it anymore

Every human being has a breaking point. If you’re reading this, you do too. Awkwardly, this is true of the evil eye bracelet also.

If you’re consistently being exposed to evil spirits and negative energies over a lengthy period, you might find that your evil eye bracelet will keep falling off.

This is to let you know that you’re overworking it

You might want to change your location or change your group of friends. You can also decide to go on a solitary retreat. To reduce the weight on your evil eye bracelet. 

4) You are experiencing a spiritual attack

If you are wearing an evil eye bracelet, to begin with, it means you acknowledge that life is not all about what you can see, the physical things around us. 

When your evil eye bracelet keeps falling off, it’s a signal that you’re under a perpetual spiritual attack.

It’s the frequency and insistence of the attacks that are making the evil eye bracelet fall off.

As said in number three above, you might want to change some things about yourself or just cut down on certain things such as the places you visit, the people you visit, etc. 

5) A deceased is close to you

The evil eye bracelet is designed and meant for the living and not the dead.

So when the soul of a deceased person that’s hovering around is close to you or hovering around you, it’s not unusual for your evil eye bracelet to keep falling off as a protest or a sign to you, so you can leave that atmosphere. 

You shouldn’t take this with levity. The evil eye bracelet isn’t just a bracelet to ward off negative things, it also warns you about things so you can take necessary actions. 

6) There are bad vibes all around you

This is similar to number two above. However, this refers to bad vibes and negative energies around you, not on your body.

Several things can be responsible for having bad vibes around you, from a bad association to being in the wrong place.

But, you can be sure that having bad vibes around you isn’t a good thing. Your evil eye bracelet keeps falling off to tell you that. 

As the saying goes “whatever you keep around you long enough, would eventually get into you”. You should be mindful of this

7) You need to get a new bracelet 

Yes, you read that right! You might just need to get a new bracelet. And two things can cause this primarily. 

As I said earlier, if your inner self is not in sync with that particular evil eye bracelet and is rejecting it, one of the signs you’d see is that it’d keep falling off.

Also, your bracelet might just be old, and all the hooks are loose now. This will also cause it to keep falling off. You should just get a new bracelet to replace the old one. 

Does the bracelet still protect me?

About the spiritual powers of the bracelet

Continuous falling off of your bracelet, especially when it’s not as a result of anything physical like running into someone, not hooking it properly, and rubbing your wrist against something, is an indication of reduced strength and reduced potency

It’s like having a short with a waistband that is loose and no longer grips your waist. The short is still short.

You can still wear it and just sit still in a place and no one would notice a thing. However, you can no longer jog in that short, as it’d fall off. 

So it still protects you, probably not just as much as you want to be protected. Hence, when your evil eye bracelet keeps falling off, it’s just advisable you get a new one. 

Can I get a new bracelet?

Buying a new bracelet

Yes, you can

The evil eye bracelet isn’t like some talismans where you can’t readily get another one if something happens to the previous one or it gets lost.

It also doesn’t need any elaborate preparation to get another one

So, if your evil eye bracelet keeps falling off, feel free to get a new one. A new one also offers you more potency at its job, seeing it’s new.

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Final Words

Conclusively, when your evil eye bracelet keeps falling off, it’s a signal you must pay attention to. You shouldn’t treat it with nonchalance. Seeing you’re wearing one, to begin with, you then should know the importance of the evil eye bracelet. 

Now you have enough information on the things to look out for, the things to watch out for, and the right questions to ask yourself if your bracelet keeps falling off

There’s no need to be afraid unnecessarily because of that. I advise that you pay attention to the things you’ve read because having the right knowledge cripples fear. 

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